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InteLex Past Masters


Past Masters provides electronic access to the works of major writers in philosophy and other fields.  Current Rutgers offerings are ten Past Masters titles: the complete works of Aristotle and Hume, selected works of Davidson and Locke, Plato’s dialogues, Wittgenstein’s published works, the Oxford Classical Dictionary, and three compilations: British Philosophy: 1600-1900, The Continental Rationalists, and Political Philosophy: Macchiavelli to Mill.  Browse by title or search within the text across all titles or a subset of them.  In the case of multiple keywords, you can specify a proximity of up to fifty words between terms.


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Citations may be generated and imported into RefWorks or EndNote. 

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Ancient (Aristotle and Plato) to modern (Wittgenstein) times, with the bulk of the texts in the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries.

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All texts were previously published. 

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Text of selected published works.

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Printed source editions are identified for each text.

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