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PhilPapers has four components: an index, an open access archive of books and articles, a structured bibliography, and an archive of discussions, announcements, and jobs.  The index has roughly 20 million citations to books and articles, collected by trawling and by contributions from over 5000 individuals.  The archive of books and articles consists of some 20,000 papers and dissertations submitted by their authors.  The structured bibliography lists a half million citations in over 5000 topics, coordinated by hundreds of scholars in their fields.  The more than 100,000 registered users participate in online discussions in several hundred categories.    


Explanatory texts and FAQs are available on the site.

For help using these indexes see: How do I find an article on my topic?

User tools and features

Registered users can receive content alerts, compile bibliographies, submit citations and content, and participate in discussions.  Citations can be exported to RefWorks, EndNote, and other citation managers.

Look for this line at the bottom of citations: Through your library: Find it @ Rutgers University

Dates covered

Content is mostly from recent decades, but includes citations as well.

Updating frequency

Updated by participants on an ongoing basis.


Content is gathered by internet trawling and user submissions.

Type of coverage

Comprehensive in the field of philosophy.

Print counterpart or
related resources

Philosopher’s Index has the same comprehensive ambition as PhilPapers as an index, with superior metadata but fewer entries and without the structured bibliography and discussion features.

Producer/content provider

Centre for Digital Philosophy, University of Western Ontario

Core Subject(s)