Dana Librarian Facilitates Digital Humanities at Rutgers-Newark


Krista White, Digital Scholarship & Pedagogies Librarian, and faculty member at the John Cotton Dana Library recently completed the 2021 Digital Humanities Research Institute. She was selected amongst 120 applicants to attend this year’s Institute. She partnered with Corey Clawson, Ph.D. candidate in American Studies at Rutgers-Newark to attend DHRI in July 2021 and offer their own Digital Humanities Institute at Rutgers-Newark in early 2022. The team used Clawson’s Archivepelago project during their time at the institute. This project models "the transmission of notions of sexuality and gender by mapping networks of 19th and 20th century queer writers and artists," which is available at https://archivepelago.org/  White’s vision for this work goes beyond the workshops she attended as part of the DHRI, "I trained in some of the skills offered at DHRI in the past, but I had little opportunity in my daily work to incorporate these skills, so they atrophied," White said. "The DHRI, plus the requirement to develop a Newark DHRI and the opportunity to work on a graduate student project pushed me from basic knowledge to cementing digital humanities computing skills in my own work processes." White and Clawson have recently begun this interesting work by hosting a digital projects progress group that meets on Tuesdays from 4-6:30 PM to offer a space where members can work on their own digital projects in an environment of peer support. Rutgers faculty, students, and staff are welcome to join at any time! Register here

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