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We are pleased to announce that Dr. Sean Lorre (Ph.D., Musicology, McGill University; M.A., Jazz History and Research, Rutgers-Newark) has been appointed as the new Managing Editor of the Journal of Jazz Studies effective March 7, 2022.

Dr. Lorre teaches graduate seminars and online courses on popular music and jazz history at Rutgers University-Newark and for Mason Gross’s Arts Online division. His research takes an interdisciplinary perspective on issues of genre formation, representation, and the racial and gender politics of transatlantic jazz and popular music networks. He has explored these subjects in his articles “Rhythm and Bluebeat: ‘Jamaican R&B’ Live and on Record in Early-1960s’ London” (Journal of Popular Music Studies, 2019) and “‘Mama, He Treats your Daughter Mean’: Reassessing the Narrative of British Rhythm & Blues with Ottilie Patterson” (Popular Music, 2020) and through presentations at numerous international academic conferences.

When asked about his vision of jazz studies and the JJS for the 21st century, Dr. Lorre said, “My passion for research, writing and the exchange of ideas was born at Rutgers-Newark and the Institute of Jazz Studies. I couldn’t be more thrilled to come home and help the Journal of Jazz Studies become a leader in the cultivation and dissemination of cutting-edge research and thinking about this artform we call jazz. As an online, open access journal, JJS is uniquely positioned to reach a broad audience and to bring fresh and needed voices into conversations about what jazz has been, what it is now, and what it can be. Through a combination of peer-reviewed scholarship and writings by active musicians, industry professionals, archivists as well as other formal and informal keepers of jazz knowledge, I believe we can do just that.” Dr. Lorre will be reconvening the Journal’s editorial board to pick up the Journal’s bi-annual publication schedule in late 2022. Welcome back, Dr. Lorre!

The Journal of Jazz Studies (JJS), formerly the Annual Review of Jazz Studies, has been published by the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey since 1973, making it the first peer-reviewed scholarly journal focused on jazz. Addressed to jazz scholars and enthusiasts alike, JJS provides a forum for the ever-expanding range and depth of jazz scholarship, drawing from a broad range of methodological approaches.

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