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In order to use the web version of SciFinder you must:

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  • fill out the registration form to create an account using your Rutgers email
  • follow the instructions in the email sent to activate your registration
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Browser and System Recommendations and Requirements

  • Windows XP Professional, Vista: Firefox v3.5x or 3.6x, Internet Explorer v7.x, Internet Explorer 8.0
  • Windows 7: Firefox v3.5x or 3.6x, Internet Explorer v8.0
  • Mac OS 10.5: Firefox v3.5x, 3.6x, Safari v4.x (32-bit), Safari v5.x (requires Mac Os 10.5.8 or higher)
  • Mac OS 10.6: Firefox v3.5x, 3.6x, Safari v4.x, Safari v5.x (requires Mac OS 10.6.2 or higher)

JavaScriptTM, JavaTM, and cookies must be enabled.
Java runtime environment (JRE) is needed for structure drawing.