C19: The Nineteenth Century Index

C19: The Nineteenth Century Index
Nineteenth Century Index

C19: The Nineteenth Century Index is an index with more than 20 million records for books, periodical and newspaper articles, government publications, and archival collections. It is probably the most comprehensive resource for locating English language material printed in the 19th Century. C19 combines several established indexes, many of which were previously released in print. C19 allows cross-searching the entire body of indexes or searching within each index individually. Indexes within C19 include:


  • Nineteenth-Century Short Title Catalogue
  • Nineteenth Century Microfiche Project


  • American Periodicals
  • British Periodicals
  • Cotgreave’s Index
  • Index to Legal Periodical Literature
  • Niles’ Register Index
  • Periodicals Index Online
  • Poole’s Index to Periodical Literature
  • Stead’s Index to Periodical Literature
  • Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals

Other content:

  • Official Publications (House of Commons Parliamentary Papers, Proceedings of the Old Bailey, the U.S. Serial Set, and American State Papers)
  • Archives (Archive Finder)
  • Newspapers (Palmer’s Index to The Times)
  • Reference works (The “Bookman” Directory of Booksellers, Publishers and Authors; Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism)

C19 includes indexing only for each of these resources; it does not include any full-text content. Rutgers has other databases with full-text content for several of these resources, including:

Dates covered

The long 19th century.