ProQuest Congressional

ProQuest Congressional

ProQuest Congressional is a collection of historic and current U.S. Congressional information and publications on all aspects of legislation. The database indexes and provides some full text content for Congressional Committee Prints, House and Senate Documents and Reports (Congressional Serial Set), Hearings, and Legislative Histories. It also provides member and committee information, political news, and access to the Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Register, and the Congressional Record (1985-present). In addition, it includes Statutes at Large and Executive Orders and Presidential Proclamations.

A wide variety of topics are addressed in U.S. Congressional publications, including scientific undertakings, historic events, social welfare, economic conditions, communication policies, public policy, and many other subjects. Documents in this collection illuminate many aspects of United States history and culture.

ProQuest Congressional complements other collections of U.S. Congressional publications. For U.S. Congressional publications produced from 1789-1838, you may use the American State Papers collection. For House and Senate reports and documents dating from 1817-1980, you may use the U.S. Congressional Serial Set collection. For compilations of documents created by the United States Congress during the process leading up to the enactment of laws, use ProQuest Legislative Insight. For help finding Congressional documents online, in print, or in microfiche, please see the Research Guide for Congressional Research.

Dates covered

Indexing and abstracts only:

  • House and Senate Reports (Serial Set), 1789-1990
  • House and Senate Documents (Serial Set), 1789-1995
  • Committee Prints, 1830-1993

Full-text content:

  • House and Senate Reports (Serial Set), 1990-present
  • House and Senate Documents (Serial Set), 1995-present
  • Committee Prints (selected full-text), 1993-2004
  • Hearings, 1824-2003 (with selected transcripts for subsequent years)
  • Legislative Histories, 1969-present (abbreviated format 1969-1998)
  • Bills, 1989-present
  • Public Laws, 1988-present
  • Congressional Record (Daily edition), 1985-present
  • Washington Post, 1987-present
  • Congressional Roll Call, 1998-present
  • CQ Political News Transcripts, 1995-present
  • Code of Federal Regulations, 1981-present
  • Federal Register, 1980-present
  • Voting Records, 1988-present
  • Key Votes in Congress, 1987-present
  • Campaign Contributions, 1987-present
  • Campaign Finances, 1989-present
  • Member Financial Disclosures, 1991-present
  • Statutes at Large, 1789 - as available
  • Executive Orders and Presidential Proclamations, 1789 - present
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