ProQuest Legislative Insight

ProQuest Legislative Insight

ProQuest Legislative Insight brings together documents created by the United States Congress during the process leading up to the enactment of U.S. Public Laws. These compilations allow you to discover the legislative intent behind each law and understand the legislative process that produced it. Each history includes fully searchable PDFs of all of the publications generated in the course of the law making, including the full text of the public law itself, all versions of related bills, law-specific Congressional Record excerpts, House and Senate documents, and committee hearings, reports, and prints. They also include presidential signing statements, CRS reports, and miscellaneous congressional publications that provide background material to aid in the understanding of issues related to the making of the law.

Legislative Insight includes only documents related to the passage of laws, so U.S. Congressional documents not related to passage of laws are not included. For those other materials, please use ProQuest Congressional. For U.S. Congressional publications produced from 1789-1838, you may use the American State Papers collection. For House and Senate reports and documents dating from 1817-1980, you may use the U.S. Congressional Serial Set collection.

Rutgers has access to Legislative Insight content dating from 1789 – 2017. Rutgers does not have access to any other years of content on this platform.

Dates covered

1789 - 2017.

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