Ethnic NewsWatch

Ethnic NewsWatch

Ethnic NewsWatch is a collection of newspapers, magazines, and journals published by ethnic, minority, and native presses. These titles offer a wide range of viewpoints not offered in the mainstream press. The collection includes over 2.5 million articles from more than 300 publications. The majority the articles in the collection in English, but around 25% are in Spanish.

Ethnic Newswatch combines two distinct resources: the current news source Ethnic NewsWatch and the historical file Ethnic NewsWatch: A History. The current news source, Ethnic NewsWatch, includes publications from a wide range of ethnic presses, including African, African American, Arab American, Asian American, Caribbean, Eastern European, Hispanic, Jewish, Middle Eastern, Native American, and Pacific Islander presses. The historical file, Ethnic NewsWatch: A History, is more limited in scope; it includes publications of Native American, African American, and Hispanic American presses.

Dates covered

Ethnic NewsWatch—1990 - present.

Ethnic NewsWatch: A History—1959 - 1989.

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