Roper iPoll

Roper iPoll

Roper iPoll, produced by the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at Cornell University, is a collection of public opinion data from polls conducted by major United States and international polling organizations, including major news organizations (such as CBS, ABC, and the Associated Press), public opinion research centers (such as Gallup, Harris, and Pew), and major academic and commercial pollsters. Polls cover a variety of topics, including social issues, public health, politics, pop culture, international affairs, science, the environment, and many more. Search results in Roper iPoll are divided into two categories:

  • Questions include 750,000+ questions and their results from public opinion surveys.
  • Studies/Datasets consist of indexing for 25,000+ public opinion surveys. Many datasets include links to their questions. Some datasets, results charts, and demographic crosstabs are available for download.
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