Journal Citation Reports (InCites Journal Citation Reports)

Journal Citation Reports

Journal Citation Reports (JCR), produced by Clarivate Analytics as part of InCites, allows you to evaluate and compare journals using citation data from approximately 12,000 journals from publishers in over 80 countries. You can use JCR to find the best journal in which to publish your research. Each journal’s profile includes a wide variety of data points, including citation counts, Journal Impact Factor, subject category, number of articles published, citing journals, cited journals, contributor affiliations, contributor country/region, open access article counts, and more.

Journal Citation Reports data is sourced from Science Citation Index-Expanded and Social Sciences Citation Index in the Web of Science Core Collection. Each journal in JCR thus meets Web of Science’s impact and quality standards. For each journal in these collections, Clarivate captures the cited references for all content from the journals, and they link the cited references to the cited papers. This article-level citation data is aggregated at the journal level at the end of the year to create the indicators available in JCR. JCR is updated annually with the most recent year’s citation data.

Dates covered

1997- present.

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