Polling the Nations

Polling the Nations
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Polling the Nations is a compilation of the questions and responses from over 18,000 surveys, comprising over 750,000 questions, conducted since 1986 by more than 1,000 polling organizations in the United States and more than 100 other countries. Polling organizations represented include Gallup, Roper, CNN, ABC/USA Today, CBS/New York Times, Fox News, NBC/Wall Street Journal, Quinnipiac, Economist/YouGov, Marist, and Pew Research Center, as well as major universities, foundations, associations, and corporations.

The entire body of questions and answers is fully searchable, and it is also possible to browse by topic, location, or source (polling organization). There are over 3,000 topics, allowing you to readily find questions on your subject of interest. Every poll question in Polling the Nations includes the question’s source, date, sample size, location, and method. In addition, the poll question pages feature not just the individual poll question, but the entire poll from which the question was asked, allowing you to understand each poll question in context. The database is updated continually with new polls on current issues.

Dates covered

1986 – present.

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