SAGE Research Methods

SAGE Research Methods

SAGE Research Methods is a platform with information about research methodologies in a variety of disciplines. The whole platform is cross-searchable, and it may also be browsed by topic, discipline, or content type:

  • Books--Includes newly published titles, methods books (little green books and little blue books), handbooks, and collated volumes of major works in specific subfields.
  • Videos--Tutorials, interviews, case studies, and mini-documentaries focused on the research process.
  • Reference--Dictionaries and encyclopedias focused on research methods.
  • Little Green Books--SAGE's quantitative research methods series.
  • Little Blue Books--SAGE's qualitative research methods series.
  • Cases--Peer-reviewed case studies showing how methods are applied in real research projects. Learning objectives and discussion questions are included.
  • Datasets--Practice datasets indexed by method and data type. Instructional guides are included.
  • Project Planner--Step-by-step guide to designing and carrying out a research project.
  • Podcasts--Recordings of leading social scientists discussing methodological issues in research. Transcripts are included.

Additional project-planning features include a Methods Map and the Which Stats Test tool.

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