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Factiva is an archive of major global newspapers, magazines, reports, and other publications, focusing on business. Rutgers University Libraries has an academic subscription to Factiva, which includes the following features:

  • Search: Search the full text of 14,000 leading business newspapers, magazines, trade journals, newsletters, and television and radio transcripts. A small percentage of the titles on the Sources list are not available to academic libraries.
  • News Pages: Browse the headlines and text of major magazines and newspapers from around the world. Some newspapers and magazines on this page are not available to academic libraries; for these, it is possible to view the headlines but not the full articles.
  • Companies/Markets: Find company profiles, news articles and press releases, several years of corporate financials, and current and historical equity stock quotes and market indices

The Alerts feature is not available to academic libraries.


Detailed search help is available from the vendor. Quick Reference Cards are available for: Search Form [PDF] and Free Text Search [PDF].

Dates covered

Varies by publication.

Updating frequency



Newspapers, magazine articles, corporate financial reports, investment analyses, and historical financial market data.

Type of coverage

Index to full-text content from many sources.

Print counterpart or
related resources


Producer/content provider

Factiva, a Dow Jones company.

Vendor/electronic presentation provider