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The Global Financial Database is the most complete collection of historical and current financial and economic data available in the world. Covering more than 150 different countries, it provides over 30,000 different data series that are immediately downloadable from the website. Rutgers subscribes to the GFDatabase, but does not subscribe or have access to the US Stock Database, UK Stock Database, or the Real Estate Database.

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Guides to searching, downloading, and graphing data are available under the Help tab.

Dates covered

  • Fixed Income Data back to 1694
  • Exchange Rates back to 1590
  • Inflation Data back to 1271
  • Commodity Data back to 1257
  • Total Returns on Stocks, Bonds and Bills back to 1800

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Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual data, with excellent coverage of stock market indices, interest rates, exchange rates, inflation, and commodity prices for countries around the world. Historical data taken from a variety of sources described in the GFD Encyclopedia. A new feature is the ability to generate yield curves for bond markets.

Type of coverage

All data series are downloadable. Most series can also be viewed in graph format at the web site.

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Global Financial Data, Inc.

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Global Financial Data, Inc.

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