NPR Features East Asian Librarian Tao Yang in Sino Monthly Article

East Asian Librarian Tao Yang reads Sino Monthly.

Librarian Tao Yang reads Sino Monthly in the East Asian Library. Dennis Mark/Rutgers University Libraries

Rutgers University Libraries' East Asian Librarian Tao Yang was recently featured in an NPR article about Sino Monthly, a New Jersey Chinese monthly magazine.

Yang, who maintains the Sino Monthly archives in the East Asian Library, discussed the magazine's significance as a historical record with reporter Mary Yang. Mary Yang published "'Like milk': How one magazine became a mainstay of New Jersey's Chinese community" on NPR's website and broadcast the corresponding story on NPR's evening news magazine, All Things Considered.

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Sino Monthly at the East Asian Library.
Current and past Sino Monthly issues are available in the East Asian Library.

Sino Monthly has provided an important cultural media voice to the New Jersey Chinese community since 1991. Click this link to learn more about this award-winning ethnic magazine.

The East Asian Library, located on the second floor of Alexander Library, hosts collections of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean vernaculars. With its extensive holdings in dynastic histories, collectanea, and local gazetteers, the Chinese collection offers rich resources in history (the Ming-Ching and Republican periods), classics, literature, religion, and philosophy. The Japanese and Korean collections focus on language and contemporary literature.

Librarian Tao Yang with a copy of Sino Monthly in the East Asian Library.
Yang in the East Asian Library with the February 2023 issue of Sino Monthly. Dennis Mark/Rutgers University Libraries

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