Rutgers University Libraries Host Rutgers Global and Center for African Studies Meeting with Nigerian Delegation

Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway with Nigerian delegation.

From left: President Jonathan Holloway with Sarafa Oladele Ibraheem, His Royal Majesty Saka Adelola Matemilola, His Excellency Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Bola Ibraheem (Rutgers Global), and Queen Olori Adijat Matemilola at Alexander Library. Photo from Rutgers Global

Rutgers University Libraries were proud to host the Rutgers Global and Center for African Studies at Rutgers meeting with a delegation of Nigerian leaders to discuss potential collaborations. Held at Alexander Library in Rutgers University–New Brunswick, special guests included His Royal Majesty Saka Adelola Matemilola, Queen Olori Adijat Matemilola, His Excellency Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, President Jonathan HollowayRutgers–Camden Chancellor Antonio Tillis, Sarafa Oladele Ibraheem, and Bola Ibraheem (Rutgers Global). Rutgers students, faculty, and staff also attended the all-day event in the Teleconference Lecture Hall.

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