Open and Affordable Educational Resources

Open and affordable educational resources are any learning or teaching resources that are available at little or no cost to students. These can include textbooks, course readings, course syllabi, multimedia, games, assessment tools, or any other material that can be used for educational purposes.

Open and affordable educational resources are transforming the educational landscape today:

  • They are free or low-cost to students 
  • All students have access to course materials on day one of classes. They allow customization, remixing, and the ability for instructors to be more involved with their course content 
  • They often include ancillary materials, such as multimedia, lecture slides, lab manuals, and more 
  • Students can be involved in the creation of ancillary materials, quiz banks, and other learning tools, which deepens their engagement with course content 
  • Because open and affordable materials are freely available online, students can return to it as much as they choose to, enabling the possibilities of life-long learning 
  • A University of Georgia study found that students using Open Educational Resources (OER) actually got better grades