Quiet Spaces

We have designated certain areas in our Libraries as Quiet Spaces, a quiet environment for focus and study.  Signs have been posted in these areas to remind users of where quiet behavior is expected.

Please be courteous to your fellow library users in these areas.

When you are in these Quiet Spaces, please refrain from cell phone and other conversations.  Move to another area of the library if you need to talk.

Campus/Library Location
Camden Campus
   Robeson Library
Second Floor
College Avenue Campus
   Alexander Library
Floors 2A and 2B
Busch Campus
   Library of Science & Medicine
Third Floor
Douglass/Cook Campus
   Douglass Library
Basement Level (Stacks Collection Room)
Livingston Campus
   Carr Library
Second Floor
Rutgers University-Newark
   Dana Library
South Wing of the 1st Floor