Shared User Services: Digital Projects

SUS promotes and coordinates digital projects across a broad range of academic topics, in collaboration with librarians, teaching and research faculty, and the State of New Jersey. Projects range from online indexes and databases to electronic journals, digital libraries, and image archives. Many of our earlier projects led to the development of a repository architecture that is reflected in RUcore - Rutgers University Community Repository.

RUcore provides a robust data model, a friendly information architecture, and a digital library platform built upon Fedora.

Questions regarding this architecture may be directed to Ron Jantz.

Proposing a New Project

Embarking upon a new digital project requires careful consideration of various factors, including rights issues, available resources, the nature of the collection that will be the focus of the project, and how it will best serve the intended audience.  For information on proposing a new project, please contact Rhonda Marker, Director of Shared User Services.

Current Projects

Rutgers University Community Repository (RUcore) is our online digital library platform for scholarly works. It includes a sophisticated and flexible information architecture that can support archiving and long-term access to multiple types of digital resources, such as documents, still images, moving images and sound.

Scholarly Open Access at Rutgers is the libraries' ongoing initiative to support open access to scholarly works. Faculty can use this resource to deposit their journal articles and scholarly output, making these works publicly available and discoverable.

New Jersey Digital Highway is an online "one stop shop" for New Jersey history and culture, from the collections of libraries, museums, archives and historical societies throughout the state.  It contains over 15,000 documents, photographs, and media resources from partner institutions, and continues to grow as cultural heritage institutions contribute items from their collections.

New Jersey Environmental Digital Library (NJEDL) has worked collaboratively with members of the NJ Department of Environmental Protection for nearly two decades, with an aim to assist the agency in better serving the needs of New Jersey residents, and those interested in NJ environmental issues.  To meet this goal, NJEDL provides three key services:

  • An online, searchable database of documents, maps and environmental resource inventories from the DEP as well as environmental organizations past and present, throughout NJ and the surrounding area.
  • A preservation-grade digital archive of scanned documents from DEP archives and collections from past decades, as well as index and archive relevant current documents that appear from time to time on the DEP website.
  • A searchable directory of organizations concerned with NJ environmental issues, including contact information and websites.

New Jersey Digital Newspaper Project: Working in collaboration with Special Collections and University Archives, the New Jersey State Archives and the New Jersey State Library, this project will digitize at least 100,000 pages of archived newspapers published within the state, making them publicly accessible and searchable on the web./p>

Historical Digital Projects

Alcohol Studies Database contains citations of over 55,000 documents indexed by the Rutgers University Center of Alcohol Studies since 1987. The primary focus of the database is on research and professional materials dealing with beverage alcohol, its use and related consequences.

Eagleton Public Opinion Polls provides access to the Center for Public Interest Polling/Eagleton Poll (CPIP) public opinion polls dating back to 1971.

Medieval and Early Modern Data Bank is a project established at Rutgers University and originally cosponsored by the Research Libraries Group (RLG), Inc. Its aim is to provide scholars with an expanding library of information in electronic format on the medieval and early modern periods of European history, circa 800-1815 C.E. 

Rutgers EAD Pages Encoded Archival Description (EAD) is a standard maintained by the Library of Congress and the Society of American Archivists for the encoding of archival finding aids.

Serbian Digest (VREME) An archive comprising all issues VREME NDA, a weekly newsletter covering events in Yugoslavia during the 1990s.