Audio/Video Equipment

picture of media services desk
Media Department

Media Center Equipment

  • Audio Cassette Player
  • Computer Room
    • Computer
    • Scanner
  • Headphones
  • Laptops
  • VGA Adapters

Laptops, headphones, CD-Rom Drives, Wireless cards, Remote Control devices, and microcomputer software can be checked out to University patrons for a four-hour period. These items do not circulate outside the Library. Patrons’ ID cards will be kept at the Media Desk and returned to them upon returning the items.

Viewing Room

One Viewing Room with scanner is located in the back of Media Center and the other two are located on the C level together with the Study Rooms.

The Viewing Rooms on the C level are equipped with big screen monitor, DVD, VHS and Video players. Patrons' NetID cards will be kept at the Media Desk while they use the viewing rooms and the cards will be returned to the patrons once they complete using the rooms.