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Rutgers University Libraries Toolbar

The Rutgers University Libraries Toolbar is a web browser extension or add-on that places a toolbar in your browser, and provides visual cues  Rutgers spirit in certain popular web pages to link directly to Rutgers Libraries' resources. It also adds additional functionality to the "right-click menu" of your mouse.



It's all right here and it's FREE.

download Firefox edition
Firefox edition
Rutgers Libraries toolbar does not work for Firefox 57+. Meanwhile, we recommend using Toolbar for Chrome.
Google Chrome icon  

To install on Chrome:

Go to If you're connecting from on campus, it should automatically show you the Rutgers University Libraries edition. If not, click "Search for an edition for my community,” and type “Rutgers”. Then click “Load this edition” to install Rutgers Libraries Toolbar for the Chrome browser.

Search QuickSearch for library resources

The search box provides one-step searching in QuickSearch. This searches across most, but not all, Rutgers Libraries resources from a single search box.
search quicksearch directly from toolbar

Links to Libraries Resources

Click on Rutgers spirit located on the top right corner of the web browser. Click "Links" to access library resources and services without having to start at the Libraries' website.
links to rutgers libraries in toolbar

Reload a page the page through Rutgers proxy server

In the toolbar, click Proxies and then Reload page with this proxy. You will be prompted to log in with your Rutgers NetID and password to access our library resources remotely. You can also right-click on any web page and select "Reload Page via Rutgers University Proxy."

reload page with proxy in toolbar

Access Google Scholar "Magic Search"

Highlight a citation, right-click, and select Search Google Scholar.

search google scholar with toolbar

Removing the Toolbar

  • To remove the Toolbar extension from Chrome, right-click on the Toolbar icon and select "Remove from Chrome."

In case you wanted to know more about the history of the Toolbar…

The toolbar makes use of an open source browser plug-in called LibX. LibX was created by Annette Bailey and Godmar Back at Virgina Tech. The Rutgers Libraries Toolbar edition was first developed by Mei Ling Lo and Choong Hoong Liew, and is now maintained by Sam McDonald at Rutgers Libraries.

Questions about the Rutgers Libraries Toolbar can be directed to