Bulletin Board Policy

Rutgers University Libraries support the rich cultural and educational events that take place on our campuses and recognize that the university community is comprised of individuals who have a broad range of communication needs. As a good faith gesture, the Libraries provide in select locations bulletin boards, counter space, brochure racks, or other spaces for community members to post announcements of events, brochures, advertisements of personal items for sale, and the like. Postings must adhere to university policy 60.1.12: Policy Prohibiting Discrimination or Harassment.

Individual libraries establish local practices for managing these spaces. The University Libraries do not officially endorse or support these postings. Removal schedules and other local practices are posted near the relevant space. Items may not be posted nor brochures and flyers left elsewhere in any library building without permission of the local library administration. The electronic bulletin boards are primarily for library notices and may include other external announcements as approved by local libraries. Check with local campus units for additional information. 

June 29, 2021