Access to Library Resources and Services

Access to Library Facilities

Rutgers University Libraries include libraries, centers, and collections at physical facilities distributed across the Rutgers campuses. There are also separate facilities for a management and labor relations library and two law school libraries that coordinate with but that are not administratively part of Rutgers University Libraries.

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Before individuals enter and as they leave library facilities, they may be asked to show the contents of their backpacks, bags, or briefcases. Individuals may be required to show a Rutgers identification card for admittance, and if they do not have Rutgers identification, will be required to produce other acceptable identification and sign in. Some library locations limit access to Rutgers students, faculty, and staff during late night and weekend hours. A video record is made of everyone who enters a library facility.

Where self-use of library facilities and/or services is difficult or impossible, the Libraries will make special provisions as needed to permit users with disabilities to examine sources, retrieve materials, and access services. For information about access for library users with disabilities, see the Accessibility at Rutgers University Libraries web page.

Access to Library Collections

Rutgers University Libraries’ collections are available to all individuals for use on site. Some materials are stored and need to be paged. Some rare, fragile, or gift materials may have restricted use.

Members of the public who are 18 years of age or older are welcome to use our electronic resources on site in any Rutgers library. These resources may be limited to members of the public by equipment, staffing, or funding limitations. Guests, alumni, and other members of the public who are 18 years of age or older may be required to present their current, government-issued photo identification card, including address and birth date, and register in order to use guest computers.

The Federal depository collections, and the services associated with those collections, are open to all regardless of age or affiliation. Members of the public who are unaffiliated with Rutgers and who wish to use depository materials during hours when a Rutgers identification card is required, may gain access by contacting the depository coordinator a minimum of one business day in advance. Please see the page for Federal Government Resources.

By contract, off-campus access to Rutgers University Libraries licensed electronic resources is available only to current Rutgers faculty, students, staff, and faculty emeriti, wherever they are located.

Access to Library Services

The Libraries' reference and information services are available to all individuals on site, by telephone, by correspondence, and electronically. Public scanners are located in each of the libraries and are available for use by all individuals on site. Some libraries also provide photocopiers.

The Libraries' online services are available to current faculty, students, staff, and faculty emeriti of the university wherever they are located.

Anyone may use Ask a Librarian, the electronic reference service, wherever they are located. Anyone with Rutgers borrowing privileges may use "My Account" to view their library record and renew their books online, wherever they are located. University affiliates may also qualify to request Rutgers materials, use Interlibrary Loan and Article Delivery, and use library instructional services. Other individuals are referred to their public library or other library at which they have privileges.

Borrowing Privileges

Primary borrowers are currently part of the university community by virtue of enrollment or employment, formal agreements with other institutions, and certain affiliated persons considered on a case-by-case basis. Primary borrowers who are current Rutgers students, faculty, staff, and faculty emeriti are eligible for off-campus access to licensed databases, e-journals, and electronic reserves through the Libraries' proxy server.

Certain categories of individuals by virtue of their association with the University may be extended guest borrower status at the Libraries. See our Borrow and Return Library Materials page for more information.

Additional Information

Rutgers University Libraries ascribe to the following documents developed by the Association of College and Research Libraries and American Library Assocation.

June 17, 2021