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New Jersey AIDS Education & Training Center, UMDNJ - Records, 1988-1992 - Inventory

New Jersey AIDS Education & Training Center, UMDNJ
Records, 1988-1992


Box Number Folder Number Contents
11Brochures, Flyers, etc. 1990-92.
2Manuals. Jersey City Health Behavior Project. Resource Manual. Sept 1991.
3Manuals. Newark Health Behavior Project. Resource Manual. Dec 1990.
4GRANTS: HRSA. Original Grant Application, July 21, 1989.
5HRSA. Continuation Application 1990-1991. Jan 17, 1990.
6HRSA. Six Month Performance Report, 9/1/89-2/28/90, Mar 31, 1990.
7HRSA. Cooperative Agreement 1991-94, Jan 24, 1991.
8HRSA. Six Month Performance Report, 9/1/91-2/21/91, Mar 31, 1991.
9HRSA. Cooperative Agreement 1991-94, Revised May 16, 1991.
10HRSA. Continuation Application 1992-1993, Feb 14, 1992.
11HRSA. Continuation Application 1992-1993, Revised May 15, 1992.
12HRSA. Continuation Application 1992-1993. Revised May 22, 1992.
13NIMH. Original Application, Apr 25, 1990.
14NIMH. Continuation Application 1992, Sept 1, 1991.
15DOH. 1988-89 Contract Application, Oct 28, 1988, Rev Dec 29, 1988.
16DOH. 1989-90 Contract Application, June 28, 1989.
17DOH. 1990-91 Contract Application, Aug 5, 1990.
18DOH. Extension Application, July 5, 1991.
19OH. 1991-92 Contract Application, July 15, 1991.
20DOH. 1992-93 Contract Application, Apr 27, 1992.
21Ryan White. Application Agreement, Sept 17, 1991.
22Positively Aware. Application, Mar 18, 1992.
23Positively Aware. Spring 1992- .

Process by:
Lois R. Densky-Wolff,
Sept. 14, 1992

Page Revised: 3/2/01

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