Oral History Transcripts

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Badger, Michelle
Steering Committee Member, New Jersey Women & AIDS Network (NJWAN)
Abstract: The interview presents the point of view of a social services provider who works with HIV-infected women and spends her spare time as a volunteer for NJWAN (1994).
Banzhaf, Marion
Executive Director, New Jersey Women & AIDS Network (NJWAN)
Abstract: Discusses the organization's educational mission, problems unique to women, and ways in which the AIDS epidemic in New Jersey differs from other parts of the United States (1994).
Bergen, Stanley S., Jr., M.D. (1929- ) 
President UMDNJ (1971-1998)
Abstract: Establishing university status for UMDNJ (1982). A twelve part oral history interview conducted with Dr. Bergen between 1995 and 1997. The interview sessions reflect Dr. Bergen's tenure as president of UMDNJ. His tenure began on July 1, 1971; he retired on June 30, 1998 (1998).
Bernstein, Alison
Director of Buddy Services for the AIDS Coalition of Southern New Jersey (ACSNJ)
Abstract: Alison Berstein provides a unique perspective on buddy services. After being diagnosed HIV-positive, she was the only woman member of a buddy support group of gay men. Later she volunteered as a buddy; eventually, she joined the ACSNJ staff where she became responsible for Buddy Services. Ms. Bernstein describes the Teen AIDS Line, which she founded in 1993, a hotline by Teens for Teens (1995).
Bernstein, Arthur, M.D. (1909-2004) 
Abstract: Biographical interview - early education in the Newark Public Schools, internship at Newark Beth Israel Hospital, and career in cardiology (1984). Dr. Bernstein reflects on his sixty-year career in cardiology and the development of the specialty in New Jersey. He talks about a ten-year preceptorship at the Newark Beth Israel. Hospital training under Dr. Aaron Parsonnet. The interview also focuses on progress in cardiology and the impact of technology (1994).


Cadmus, Robert, M.D. (1914-1995) 
President, New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (NJCMD) (1966-1971)
Abstract: Experiences as President of NJCMD (1983).
Chinard, Francis P., M.D. (1918-_) 
UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School (MJMS), Distinguished Professor of Medicine, Chairman NJMS-Department of Medicine (1968-1975)
Abstract: Discusses UMDNJ's development from 1968 when he became Chairman of the NJMS-Department of Medicine (1968-1975) (1989). Collecting old and rare medical books (1991).
Cinotti, Alfonse A., M.D.
UMDNJ-NJMS, Professor and Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology (1974-1993) and Medical Director, Eye Institute of New Jersey (1970-1993)
Abstract: Jersey City Medical Center prior to the establishment of SHCMD in 1954; transition to NJCMD and the move to Newark; development of the Division of Ophthalmology, Department of Surgery, NJMS, and its establishment as a separate department; and, the establishment and history of the Eye Institute of New Jersey (1994).
Cohen, Benjamin L., D.O. 
Dean, UMDNJ-School of Osteopathic Medicine (SOM), (1977-1985)
Abstract: Dr. Cohen discusses the passage of Senate Bill 1540 which established the South Jersey Medical Education Program and its relationship to the origins of SOM. He also discusses his tenure as dean of SOM (1995).
Cohen, Edward
Asstistant Chancellor for Research, Planning and Health Professions, New Jersey Department of Higher Education
Abstract: History of UMDNJ and its antecedents (1983).
Cowen, David, L., M.A., Litt. D. (1909-2006)
Professor Emeritus of History, Rutgers University
Abstract: The health professions in New Jersey during the Great Depression (1929-1939) (1984).


David-Wilson, Michael J.
Program Director of the AIDS Center at Hope House in Dover
Abstract: Michael J. David-Wilson talks about his experiences as a Roman Catholic Chaplain leading to working with people with AIDS. David-Wilson discusses the role of Hope House, a multi-disciplinary social service agency of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Paterson, which covers Passaic, Morris, and Sussex Counties. The interview includes segments on changing community attitudes, an encounter with a hospitalized AIDS patient, training groups, buddies, and jails (1994).
Dunston, Frances, MD (1943-_)
Commissioner of Health for the State of New Jersey (1990-1992)
Abstract: During her tenure as Commissioner, the Department of Health published New Jersey's first plan for fighting the AIDS epidemic and the Governor created an Advisory Council on AIDS. Dr. Dunston discusses AIDS as a public health issue and her experiences trying to mobilize support to implement recommendations in the New Jersey State AIDS Plan (1995).


Edwards, Lena, M.D. (1900-1986) 
Abstract: Focus on Dr. Edwards' general and obstetrical practice during the 1920's and 1930's with the Afro-American, immigrant and working class populations in her private practice and an the staff of the Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital, Jersey City, NJ (1983).


Field, William Noe (1915-2000)
Monsignor, Associate and Assistant to Monsignor John L. McNulty, founder and first president of the Seton Hall College of Medicine and Dentistry (SHCMD) (1954-1959)
Abstract: The history of UMDNJ as it originated in SHCMD in Jersey City, NJ (1983).
Furness, Geoffrey, Ph.D. (1919-2006)
UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School, Professor of Microbiology and Chairman, UMDNJ Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (1967-1985)
Abstract: History of the NJMS-Department of Microbiology, UMDNJ- AAUP, and building the Newark Campus (1987).


Gambatese, Father Angelo
Abstract: Father Angelo Gambatese talks about his work at Straight & Narrow, a long-term drug treatment center in Paterson for men with HIV. Father Gambatese discusses guidelines for group living developed by the residents and his experiences with AIDS patients; he reflects on problems establishing housing for people with HIV. The discussion also covers the Chrysalis Ministry, an ecumenical group that sponsors retreats for people with HIV. In addition to talking about the Roman Catholic Churchs response to the AIDS epidemic, Father Angelo muses about theology and philosophy. He predicts the East Coast will pioneer different models of services for people in the drug-addicted community with HIV (1995).
Ginley, Francis R.
Administrative Assistant, Essex County Medical Examiner's Office, Newark (1923-1953)
Abstract: Harrison S. Martland, M.D., remembered by his secretary (1979).


Harney, Carol
Program Director for the South Jersey AIDS Alliance (SJAA) in Atlantic City
Abstract: An interview with Carol Harney during the New Jersey AIDS Oral History Project at UMDNJ funded by the New Jersey Historical Commission. From her vantage point as Program Director for the South Jersey AIDS Alliance (SJAA) in Atlantic City, Ms. Harney discusses SJAA activities, clients, and clients' needs. She also provides information on SJAA offices and services in Cumberland and Cape May Counties (1995).
Hill, George J., M.D. (1932- ) 
Professor of Surgery and Chief of the Division of Surgical Oncology, UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School
Abstract: Collecting old and rare medical books (1991).
Hillier, James, Ph.D. (1915-2007)
Physicist at the University of Toronto and RCA; Co-developer of the electron microscope.
Abstract: Dr. James Hillier discusses the educational pursuits that led to his becoming a physicist and eventually one of the pioneers of electron microscope design, creation, and utilization in the medical field. His early work at the University of Toronto with the electron microscope grew into a career at RCA where he was exposed to higher technologies that helped him develop more advanced engineering techniques for the electron microscope. Dr. Hillier later becomes part of the technical management team at RCA, which had more to do with early computers. He discusses his work with computers emphasizing their importance to modern science and business. He ends his conversation with a discussion of how he tries to understand the scientific problems he's faced with before using the computer, emphasizing the use of computers as tools that can help us, but that cannot replace good problem solving skills.


Jacobs, Riki (1958-2009)
Executive Director, Hyacinth Foundation; Co-founder & Director, New Jersey Women & AIDS Network (NJWAN)
Abstract: Riki Jacobs discusses education, politics, fundraising, buddies, needle exchange, legal services, and related areas for people with AIDS. The Hyacinth Foundation, incorporated in 1985, was the state's first AIDS service organization. By 1994, the Foundation had offices in the Bergen-Passaic area and Mercer, Hudson, Essex and Middlesex Counties. Prior to joining the Hyacinth Foundation, Ms. Jacobs was co-founder and director of the New Jersey Women and AIDS Network (NJWAN), which she discusses in the first interview transcript (1994). The second interview was conducted as part of the New Jersey AIDS Oral History Project funded by the New Jersey Historical Commission (1994).
Jeghers, Harold J., M.D. (1904-1990) 
Hon. D.Sc., Professor and Director Department of Medicine, Seton Hall College of Medicine (SHCM) and New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry (1956-1966)
Abstract: The first Professor and Director of the Department of Medicine discusses recruiting faculty, shaping medical education at the newly established SHCM in Jersey City, moving the campus to Newark, and continuing medical education (1988).


Kaminetsky, Harold, M.D. 
Professor of Obstetrics/Gynecology and Chairman, Dean, UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) (1968-1985)
Abstract: History of UMDNJ, obstetric care in Newark, recruiting minority students for NJMS, nurse-midwifery program (c.1985).
Kesling, Jan
UMDNJ-Vice President for Government and Public Affairs (1973-1992)
Abstract: History of UMDNJ; the role of Government and Public Affairs in the campaign to achieve University status for CMDNJ (1982).
Kloser, Patricia C., M.D.
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, UMDNJ- New Jersey Medical School (1983 - ) and Medical Director of AIDS Services, UMDNJ-University Hospital
Abstract: Dr. Kloser was part of a team which treated the first female patient in New Jersey with HIV. She discusses her work with over 2,000 women with HIV disease and patients in the Newark Women's AIDS Clinic (NWAC) which she founded. The discussion includes manifestations of AIDS infection in women and Dr. Kloser's visits to Southeast Asia where the epidemic is increasing (1994).


Manhold, John H., D.M.D. (1919-_) 
Professor and Chairman of the department of General and Oral Pathology, UMDNJ-New Jersey Dental School (NJDS) (1956-1987)
Abstract: The first faculty member hired at NJDS talks about the history of the University from the early days in Jersey City (1989).
Marsico, Teresa, CNM, M.Ed., FACNM (1938-2005)
Former Director, Nurse Midwifery Education Program, UMDNJ-School of Health Related Professions (1974-1989)
Abstract: Ms. Marsico discusses the founding of the Nurse Midwifery Education Program at UMDNJ and the history of Nurse Midwifery in New Jersey (1998).
Morrison, Ashton B., M.D. (1922-2008) 
Professor and Chairman of the Department of Pathology, UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (formerly Rutgers Medical School) (1965-1980); Associate Dean, UMDNJ-RWJMS at Camden (1983-1993)
Abstract: Dr. Morrison discusses the history of Rutgers Medical School, its founding faculty, and the history of the Department of Pathology, as well as the history of RWJMS at Camden (1996).
Murphree, Henry, M.D.
Professor and Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry, UMDNJ-Rutgers Medical School (RMS) now Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS) (1968 - )
Abstract: One of the first faculty members at the former RMS discusses the history of the University (1983).


Oleske, James M., M.D., M.P.H. 
UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School, Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Professor; Director, Division of Allergy, Immunology, and Infectious Diseases; Medical Director, Children's Hospital AIDS Program (CHAP)
Abstract: Dr. Oleske was the first to describe pediatric AIDS in children. He discusses his early experiences as a pediatric specialist interested in infectious diseases and immunology. He describes the experiences of medical staff, families and children with AIDS in New Jersey. Dr. Oleske also describes programs with which he is involved including CHAPS, clinical trials, international training programs, and funding. The interview was conducted as part of the New Jersey AIDS Oral History Project funded by the New Jersey Historical Commission (1994).
Opdyke, David F., Ph.D. (1915-2001)
Chairman, Department of Physiology, UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School (1956-1981)
Abstract: The first member of the faculty of Seton Hall College of Medicine and Dentistry (SHCMD) discusses the history of UMDNJ (1981).


Parker, LeRoy, D.D.S. (_-2003)
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Acting Dean, UMDNJ-New Jersey Dental School (1956-199?)
Abstract: The history of dental education from Seton Hall College of Dentistry in Jersey City to UMDNJ's Newark Campus (1983).


Reynolds, Richard C., M.D. 
Dean of UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS) and Senior Vice-President for Academic Affairs (1978-1987)
Abstract: History of UMDNJ with emphasis on the Rutgers Medical School, now RWJMS (1990).
Rosenstein, Philip, MA, MS 
UMDNJ-University Librarian and University Librarian Emeritus (1966-1990)
Abstract: The origins of the statewide UMDNJ Library System as seen by the Director under whose leadership the system was conceived and developed (1982).
Rush, Benjamin, Jr., M.D. 
Distinguished Professor and Chairman, Department of Surgery, UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) (1969-1998)
Abstract: Reminiscences about the history of UMDNJ, the department of surgery, and hospitals (1982).


Saffron, Morris H., M.D. (1905-1993) 
UMDNJ Professor Emeritus of Medical History; Founder, Medical History Society of New Jersey
Abstract: Biographical interview including histories of the Academy of Medicine of New Jersey and UNDNJ with a prominent dermatologist (1982).
Scudder, Roberta (Robin) C., M.S.N., R.N., C.P.N.P.
Coordinator of Outpatient Services and Clinical Research for the Central New Jersey Pediatric AIDS Program, UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.
Abstract: An overview of a Pediatric AIDS Program started in 1983 to provide comprehensive, coordinated, family-centered care for children within the Central New Jersey region and their families who have HIV infection. Support groups, volunteers, and participation in clinical trials are among the topics discussed (1993).
Seebode, Joseph J., M.D.
UMDNJ-NJMS, Harris L. Willits Professor of Urology (1987-1994) and Co-Medical Director, Stone Center of New Jersey (1986-1994)
Abstract: History of UMDNJ from its establishment as SHCMD in Jersey City, NJ, including the move to Newark and the transition to NJCMD; development of the Divison of Urology, NJMS-Department of Surgery; establishment of the Stone Center of NJ; and, the medical careers of Dr. Seebode and his wife, Anna Seebode, M.D. (1993).
Stetten, DeWitt, Jr., M.D. (1909-1990) 
Dean of the Rutgers Medical School (RMS) (1962- 1970)
Abstract: Personal memoirs and experiences as Dean of RMS (1983).


Tassoni, Joseph P., Ph.D. (1923-1999) 
Associate Dean, Director of Admissions, Professor of Anatomy, UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School (1956-1992)
Abstract: History of UMDNJ (1991).
Tice, Cheryl J.
UMDNJ-Associate Vice President for Strategic Development
Abstract: An examination of the role of women administrators in upper management at UMDNJ; a history of the office of Strategic Development from 1988 (1993).
Tobin, Daniel F., D.D.S., F.A.C.D.
Dean Emeritus, UMDNJ-New Jersey Dental School (NJDS) (1963-1969)
Abstract: History of UMDNJ with emphasis on the NJDS (1989).
Torres, Vivian
Advocate, New Jersey Women & AIDS Network (NJWAN); Founder, Vivian's Place
Abstract:After learning she was HIV-positive, Ms. Torres became an advocate for women with HIV through leadership training provided by NJWAN. Discusses Vivian's Place, HIV/AIDS support center, she founded in Newark.


Weinberg, C. Richard, M.D. (1915-2006) 
Radiological Staff, Newark Beth Israel Hospital (1949-1960), Director of department of Radiology, Newark City Hospital and Martland Medical Center, (1964-1968), Director of Hospital & Institutions, Newark City Hospital (1966-68), and Clinical Professor of Radiology, UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) (1966-68)
Abstract: A personal view of the development of Radiology in New Jersey, including education for radiologists, private versus hospital practice, and the Radiology Society of New Jersey (1993 A). Development of the Radiology Department at Newark City Hospital/Martland Medical Center, discusses role as Director of Hospitals and Institutions during the riots in Newark (July 1967), and the hospital's response to the crisis (1993 B).
Weinstein, Stephen ("Skippy"), S., Esq. 
Member of the UMDNJ Board of Trustees (1976-1983, 1991-)
Abstract: A discussion about the history of UMDNJ from the point of view of a university trustee (1996).
White, Thomas J., M.D.
Practicing physician in Jersey City, NJ, from 1925 through 1981.
Abstract: The Health Professions in New Jersey during the Great Depression, 1929 - 1939, and the history of UMDNJ (1982).
Wiley, Stephen, Esq.
Chairman of the Board of Trustees, UMDNJ. (1964-68)
Abstract: The chairman of the Board discusses the political process involved in the transition from CMDNJ to UMDNJ (1982).


Zealand, Terry, Ed.D.
Founder, Homes for Children with AIDS, AIDS Resource Foundation for Children
Abstract: Terry Zealand and his wife, Faye, founded the first home for children with AIDS in the United States: St. Clares House in Elizabeth, opened May 17, 1987. Dr. Zealand describes establishing the first and other homes for children with AIDS in Jersey City and Neptune as well as an office in Newark and the AIDS Resource Foundation for Children. Families, volunteers, and activities are discussed including the Foundations two summer camp programs - one in Ringwood, the other in Whipatunk. Dr. Zealand talks about visiting Blista in Russia with a medical team to care for children with AIDS; testifying in Washington as one of President Bush's points of light; addressing the United Nations; and providing support for pregnant Haitian refugees (1994).

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