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Seton Hall College of Medicine and Dentistry - Dental School, 1957-1965
New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry - Dental School, 1965-1970
CMDNJ - New Jersey Dental School, 1971-1983
UMDNJ - New Jersey Dental School, 1984-2013
A Guide to the Collection

March 1999

Record Group/E
Accession Numbers:
80-05, 82-09, 82-11, 84-02, 90-17, 91-09, 91-23, 91-24, 91-29, 91-32, 91-36, 91-38, 91-46,
91-47, 91-48, 91-48, 91-62, 92-07, 93-93, 94-29, 95-32, 95-62, 95-109, 96-15, 98-27, 99-03


The records of the New Jersey Dental School date from 1957. The bulk of material dates from 1970. The collection totals approximately 8 linear feet. They form Record Group E in the Bergen University Archives. The records are open for research without restrictions under the conditions of the Archive's access policy.

Organizational History

The New Jersey Dental School (NJDS) was established as New Jersey's College of Dentistry when Seton Hall University incorporated the Seton Hall College of Medicine and Dentistry (SHCMD) in 1954. NJDS was the first program for dental education established in the state. The original school was located at the Jersey City Medical Center. The charter class consisting of thirty-seven men and one woman began their studies in September 1956, and graduated in 1960.

NJDS Students' Dental Lab

The College of Dentistry became a public dental school when Governor Richard Hughes signed the New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry Act in 1964. The school became part of the College of Medicine and Dentistry in 1970. NJDS remained in Jersey City until 1975 when it began relocating to the Newark Campus, and completed its move in 1976. On June 5, the Class of 1965 was awarded the DDS degree; thereafter, the DMD program was replaced by an accelerated three year program. This change was maintained until 1977 when the decision was made to revert to a four-year program.

In April 1988, the Dental Research Center (DRC) was dedicated. It provided full-time faculty time to devote to research efforts. In addition to the DRC, NJDS maintains three other primary research areas: the Biomaterials Research Center, the Clinical Research Center, and the Bioengineering/Imaging Research Center. When Fairleigh Dickinson University's dental school closed in 1989, NJDS accepted students from that program. Two Special Services Dental Clinics, one in Newark and one in Camden, were established in 1987 and 1990, respectively. The clinics treat patients positive with HIV/AIDS, as well as other infectious diseases. NJDS received full accreditation for its postdoctoral program in 1990, one year after it began.

NJDS, in collaboration with the New Jersey Dental Association and the State Department of Health, signed an historic agreement in June 1992 with the US Department of Public Health. The agreement brings dental care to low-income residents throughout the state by creating an oral healthcare network; it is believed to be the first of its kind in the nation. Later that year the school, in collaboration with the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine, received a $1 million grant to form the Northeastern Minority Oral Health Research Center. The Center is one of six national centers created to study oral diseases in minority populations.

By 1994, NJDS had developed ten articulation agreements with New Jersey Colleges and universities to develop programs for students to receive BS and DMD degrees within a seven-year period. A DMD/PhD program was established in conjunction with the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. The Center for the Treatment of the Handicapped was also opened that year to treat patients with physical and mental disabilities. The Center is the first such facility to be established by the state. The first woman to chair a dental school department in the United States was appointed by NJDS in July 1994; she is Diane Rekow, DMD, Chair of the Department of Orthodontics.

Deans of NJDS:
Merritte M. Maxwell, DDS (1955-63)
Daniel F. Tobin, DDS (1963-69)
Ian C. Bennett, DDS (1969-76)
Allan Formicola, DDS (Acting, 1976-77)
Theodore E. Bolden, DDS, PhD (1977-78)
Charles Vevier, PhD (Acting, 1978-79)
Frank M. Lapeyrolerie, DDS (1979-86)
LeRoy A. Parker, Jr., DDS (Acting 1986-88)
Dominick De Paola, DDS (1988-90)
Richard Buchanan, DMD (Acting, 1990-91) Dean, 1991-1996)
Robert A. Saporito, DDS (Acting, 1996) Dean, 1997-1999)
Cecile A. Fedlman, DMD (Interim Dean, 1999-2000), Dean, 2001-


The records of the NJDS have been given to the UMDNJ University Archives since the 1960s. Materials are continually added as items are donated by faculty, staff, and students.

Scope and Content Note

The NJDS records span the years 1957 to the present. The bulk of the material dates from 1970 onward. The collection contains documents from the Seton Hall College of Medicine and Dentistry from 1957 to 1965, the New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry from 1965 to 1970, and the College/University of Medicine and Dentistry from 1971 to the present. The collection is strong in publications, such as catalogs, handbooks, yearbooks, and newsletters. The early development of faculty and curricula are represented by the minutes from the Executive and Clinical Faculty Council meetings.

The records are divided into six series: Publications, Executive and Clinical Faculty Council, Subject Files, Omicron Kappa Upsilon - Omega Omega Chapter (National Dental Honor Society), the Dental Alumni Association, and Films.

For additional information on the NJDS SEE:

Seton Hall College of Medicine and Dentistry RG/A
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Oral History Interviews of: John H. Manhold, DMD, LeRoy Parker, DDS., and Daniel F. Tobin, DDS, FACD.

Series Description

SERIES I. PUBLICATIONS, 1957-Current. Arranged by subseries.
This series consists of various NJDS publications. Materials are arranged into four subseries: A) Catalogs, 1957-current; B) Student Handbooks, 1973-current; C/D) Newsletters and other publications, 1971-current; and E) Yearbooks (The Clinician), 1960-current, with duplicates.

SERIES II. Executive and Clinical Faculty Council. MINUTES, 1964-1976, incomplete. Arranged chronologically.
This series contains the minutes of the Executive and Clinical Faculty Council meetings. The minutes run from 1964 to 1976; 1976 is incomplete.

SERIES III. SUBJECT FILES, 1970-1990. Arranged alphabetically.
This series contains subject files for various NJDS departments. Topics include administrative reports, continuing education programs and curricula, the move to Newark, various programs, and accreditation self-studies.

SERIES IV. DENTAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, 1966-Current. Arranged by subject.
This series contains the records from the NJDS Alumni Association. It consists of the alumni newsletters, reunion materials, and miscellaneous documents including directories, dinner programs, and regalia.

SERIES V. OMICRON KAPPA UPSILON - OMEGA OMEGA CHAPTER, 1977--. Internal arrangement. [95-109]
Omicron Kappa Upsilon is the national dental honor society established in 1914. The Omega Omega Chapter is the NJDS chapter established at UMDNJ in 1957. The Bergen University Archives is the official repository for the chapter records. Records include minutes, correspondence, memoranda, financial records, and other material. The series documents membership, meetings, programs sponsored by the chapter, and annual award dinners. The records are useful for documenting the history of the chapter for the period 1977-1995.

The records came to the Archives in binders. Materials within binders were arranged alphabetically or chronologically by date, with overlapping dates between binders. Material was removed from binders, and placed in acid-free file folders. Alphabetical folders are filed first, followed by two series of chronological files. The unidentified alphabetical and first chronological files may have been created by past chapter presidents or secretary treasurers. The last series of chronological files were the records created by Dr. James Delahanty, secretary-treasurer, 1981-1992, and by Dr. Kim Fenesy, secretary-treasurer, 1992-1994.

SERIES VI. FILMS, 1971-1978, n. d. Arranged by title. [91-01]
This series contain 28 reels of 8mm film. The reels were transferred to the Archives on behalf of the Educational Communication Center (ECC), forerunner of the Academic Media Center. Some of the films are undated, but are circa 1973 to 1980. Many were filmed at the Jersey City Medical Center. The films were used as instructional aids in a classroom setting to train students in the latest techniques. Dr. George C. Willenborg was the director of Dental Communication Center/ECC. He founded the Center for the purpose of fabricating media for teaching, research and service. Dr. Willenborg was a dentist by training, and did all the filming and editing. Researchers should note that footage of the CMDNJ Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Newark Campus on July 6, 1971, was included with this accession but was placed in RG/C. The film was transferred to video. All films in the series are stored in the Bergen University Archives Office.

Box List

A/B-Catalogs & Student Handbooks
Box Folder Contents
1 1 SHCMD. Dental School Catalogs, 1957-1960.
  2 SHCMD Dental School Catalogs, 1960-1963.
  3 SHCMD Dental School Catalogs, 1963-1965.
  4 NJCMD Dental School Catalogs, 1965-1970.
  5 CMDNJ Dental School Catalogs, 1971-1974.
  6 CMDNJ Dental School Catalogs, 1974-1976.
  7 CMDNJ Dental School Catalogs, 1978-1980.
  8 UMDNJ Dental School Catalogs, 1981-1983.
  9 UMDNJ Dental School Catalogs, 1985-1986. [91-48]
  10 UMDNJ Dental School Catalogs, 1987-1988. [91-48]
  11 UMDNJ Dental School Catalogs, 1988-1990.
  11A UMDNJ Dental School Catalogs, 1991-1993.
  11B UMDNJ Dental School Catalogs. Interim Catalog, 1994-1995. [95-104]
  11C UMDNJ Dental School Catalogs, 1994-1996.
CMDNJ Dental School Student Handbooks, 1956-1972. (bound)
  12 CMDNJ Dental School Student Handbooks, 1973-1974. (missing from folder)
  13 CMDNJ Dental School Student Handbooks, ca. 1980.
  14 UMDNJ Dental School Student Handbooks, 1984-1985.
  15 UMDNJ Dental School Student Handbooks, 1987-1988.
  16 UMDNJ Dental School Student Handbooks, 1990-1992. [91-46]
  17 UMDNJ Dental School Student Handbooks, 1996-1999.


Yearbooks (duplicates) - "Clinician"
*NOTE: A complete run of "Clinician" is located in the Bergen University Archives Office.
Box Contents
2 1965
3 1987


Newsletters & Other Publications
Box Folder Contents
4 1 Brochures and Booklets, 1976-current.
  2 Convocation Ceremony. Program, Sept. 12, 1994. [95-32]
  3 CODE Quarterly, The. Newsletter. Vol. 1 No. 1-3, Fall/Winter 1995 - Fall 1997.
  4 Crown Crier, The. Newsletter. Vol.. 1 No. 3, August 19, 1971.
  5 Link, The. Newsletter. Vol.. 1 Iss. 1, Iss. 3, Summer 1998, Winter 1998-1999 - current.
  6 Malocclusion. Newsletter. Vol.. 1 Iss. 1-2, Winter - Spring 1993.
  7 Mouth that Roared, The. Newsletter. Student Affairs. Vol.. 1 - Vol.. 3, Jan. 1989 - March 1990. [91-24]
  8 Mouth that Roared, The. Newsletter. Clinical Affairs. Vols. 1-2, Sept. - Dec. 1992.
  9 "Statewide Network for Community Oral Health Care." Brochure, ca. 1993. [94-29]
  10 Littman, Henry. Introduction to Preclinical Dentistry (Newark), 1976. 73 pp. [98-27]
  11 Commencement. Program, 1972.
  12 Convocation. Program, Sept. 11, 1995. [96-15]


Executive & Clinical Faculty Council 80-05
Box Folder Contents
5 1 Minutes, 1964-1965.
  2 Minutes, 1966.
  3 Minutes, 1967.
  4 Minutes, 1968.
  5 Minutes, 1969.
  6 Minutes, 1970.
  7 Minutes, 1971.
  8 Minutes, 1972.
  9 Minutes, Jan. - April 1973.
  10 Minutes, May - Dec. 1973.
  11 Minutes, 1975.
  12 Minutes, 1976, incomplete.


Box Folder Contents
6 1 Administrative Reorganization. Report, June 6, 1989. [91-38]
  2 Annual Report, 1970-1971. [82-09]
  3 Open
  4 Continuing Education Programs, 1976-.
  5 Continuing Education. "Etched Metal Resin-Bond Restrictions (Maryland C & B Technique)"  by Gus J. Livaditis, DDS. Maryland Seminars, Inc., ca. 1981. [82-11]
  6 Curriculum (3 yr.; 12 Trimester), 1970-1975.
  7 Dean's Search Committee, 1974-1977. [91-38]
  8 Open
  9 Dental Facilities. Report, ca. 1973.
  10 Dental Postgraduate & General Practice Residency Opportunities in NJ. (pamphlet) 2nd Ed., Fall 1975.
  11 Dr. Carmine LoMonaco, 1972-1974.
  12 Financial Aid (Including: Loans, NJDS, Army, Min./Disadv., Funds), 1972-1976.
  13 Move to Newark (Dental School), 1974-1975.
  14 Miscellaneous, 1973-1976.
  15 Progress Report (of Dean Ian Bennett), 1974.
  16 Radiation Safety Manual, rev., Dec. 1990, 39 pp. [92-07]
  17 South Jersey Dental Programs, 1989-1990. [91-47]
  18 Student Support Programs, 1972-1973.
  19 Report of Accreditation Self Study, 1982. [99-03]
  20 Report of Accreditation Self Study. Sections 1-5, 1981.
  21 Report of Accreditation Self Study. Section 6, Parts 1-5, 1981.
  22 Report of Accreditation Self Study. Section 6, Part 6, Sections 7-10, 1981.


Box Folder Contents
7 1 Beacon. Newsletter, 1st Issue Fall 1997 - current.
  2 Alumni Newsletter. Vol.. 1 No. 1 - Vol.. 2 No. 4, 1969-1971. [91-32]
  3 Alumnews. Vol. 1 No. 1 - Vol. 9 No. 1, 1983-1991. [91-36]
  4 Miscellaneous Publications, 1967-1991. [95-109]
Folder includes: alumni directories, anniversary and dinner programs, alumni bulletin (vol. 1, no. 1), and regalia.
  5 Reunions, 1985-1989. [91-23] [91-36]
  6 Reunion, Nov. 1-2, 1991. [91-62]
  7 Reunion Dinner Dance, Oct. 15, 1994. [95-62]
  8 Miscellaneous, 1966-1982.


Omega Omega Chapter Records, 1977-1994 [95-109]
Box Folder Contents
8 1 Awards Dinner, 1982-1984.
  2 Awards Dinner Programs, 1985-1995, w/gaps.
  3 Correspondence, Misc., 1976-1980.
  4 Correspondence, Supreme Chapter, 1982-1984.
  5 Financial, 1977-1984.
  7 Jeffrey Bell, 1979.
  8 Membership, 1977-1981.
  9 Membership, 1982-1984.
  10 Membership Nomination, 1982-1984.
  11 Minutes, 1977-1981.
  12 OKU Meetings, 1982-1984.
  13 Swingle/Tyler, 1977-1979.
  14 Table Clinic, 1978-1981.
  15 Records, 1984-1985.
  16 Records, 1986-1988.
  17 Records, 1988-1989.
  18 Records, 1989-1990.
  19 Records, 1990-1991, 1992.
  20 Secretary-Treasurer Records, 1980-1983.
  21 Secretary-Treasurer Records, 1983-1984.
  22 Secretary-Treasurer Records, 1984-1985.
  23 Secretary-Treasurer Records, 1985-1986.
  24 Secretary-Treasurer Records, 1986-1987.
  25 Secretary-Treasurer Records, 1987-1988.
  26 Secretary-Treasurer Records, 1988-1989.
  27 Secretary-Treasurer Records, 1989-1990.
  28 Secretary-Treasurer Records, 1990-1991.
  29 Secretary-Treasurer Records, 1991-1992.
  30 Secretary-Treasurer Records, 1992-1993.
  31 Secretary-Treasurer Records, 1993-1994.
  32 Miscellaneous Records, 1955, 1967, 1971-1995.
Folder includes: minutes (1971-1992), correspondence, memos, miscellaneous financial documents, curriculum vitae, student profiles, Constitution & Bylaws, event programs, and bulletins.


RG/E-6 FILMS 91-09
Film Titles

  • [CMDNJ] Ground Breaking Ceremony, [July 6, 1971] - Removed to RG/C (video)
  • Art Show, April 1976 and Dedication Day, May 10, 1976.
  • Dr. Brauer's Animation
  • Rubber Base Impression Technique, Part I, Double Mix Technique.
    Clinicians: Schmidt, Franklin & Cox.
    Produced by Dental Communication Center, NJ Dental School.
  • Rubber Base Impression Technique, Part II, Copper Tube-Single Mix.
    Clinicians: Schmidt, Franklin & Cox.
    Produced by: The Biomedical Communication Center, G. C. Willenborg, DDS, MMS, Director.
  • Copper Band Impression. Clinician: Paul Rosen, DMD.
    Produced by Dental Communication Center, NJ Dental School.
  • Barry Kaufman Visit, April 1978, and Film Speed Test, April 1974
  • [1st 100 ft.] Dr. Schwartz - Live introduction to Program, June 14, 1978.
    [100-200 ft.] Dr. Gaston.
  • Test-7244 with Bellieau 1977.
  • Nomenclature, Classification and Instrumentation.
    Clinician: Mark Franklin, DDS. Produced by Dental Communications Center, NJ Dental School.
  • Casting Technique. Clinician: Donald L. DuVall, DMD.
    Produced by Produced by Dental Communication Center, NJ Dental School.
  • Impression Technique and Study Cast Procedure. Clinicians: Franklin & Cox.
    Produced by The Biomedical Communication Center, G. C. Willenborg, DDS, MMS, Director.
  • Dr. Sidney Brandt - Surgical Orthodontic Footage. 2 reels.
  • Custom Tray Fabrication and Impression Technique. Clinicians: Franklin & Cox.
    Produced by: The Biomedical Communication Center, G. C. Willenborg, DDS, MMS, Director.
  • Dr. Marquis (BW) Cine-Radiography
  • Is Your Instrument Sharp?
  • Dr. Gaston: Torris Mandibularis Resection, May 29, 1975.
  • Dr. Issacson: Group Carving
  • Dr. Gaston: Multiple Extractions and Alveoplasty, May 22, 1975.
  • Dr. Brauer: Free Gingival Graft, July 15, 1974.
  • T. M. Shumaker, Sherwood Medical Ind. Inc., 1831 Olive St., St. Louis, MO 63103.
  • Dr. Lazero: reel #2.
  • New Concepts and Instrumentation in Transurethral Prostatectomy. Clinician: Dr. Seebode.
  • Dr. Issacson: Impressions and Face Bow Registration on Patient.
  • Drs. Gaston and Servoss: Exposure of Max. Impacted Cuspid, June 19, 1975.
  • Dr. Issacson: Mounting with Face Bow on Articulator and Adjustments.
  • Drs. Miranti and Formicola: Periodontal Disease and Diagnosis.
  • Drs. Harris and Wechsler: General Anesthesia and Apiocoectomy, June 20, 1975 (aneshestist - Dr. Kakos).

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