Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
(Formerly, Rutgers Medical School)
A Guide to the Collection
January 1981
Record Group RG/G


CMDNJCollege of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
CUHACollins, Uhl, Hosington, Anderson
ECEEEwing, Cole, Erdman and Eubank
NJCMDNew Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry
RVHRaritan Valley Hospital
RMSRutgers Medical School
Students in the Kessler Teaching Lab


Prior to 1961, New Jersey's ability to train and retain physicians was limited to those graduated by the New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry. In 1961, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation provided Rutgers University with a $1,072,200 grant for the planning and establishment of a two-year program of basic medical sciences, which would award a Masters of Medical Sciences. Students awarded this degree completed their clinical training at four-year medical schools. In October 1962, the University's Board of Governors appointed DeWitt Stetten, Jr., MD as dean of the Rutgers Medical School. Dr. Stetten undertook the task of planning the school and recruiting a faculty on November 1, 1962.

Despite the lack of a building, the Medical School became operational in an administrative and research capacity at an early stage. The Bureau of Biological Research in Nelson Biological Laboratories and the Psychopharmacology Laboratories, both at the University Heights campus, and the Colgate-Palmolive Research Center, adjacent to the Heights, provided Rutgers Medical School staff and faculty with office and laboratory space. The architectural firm of McDowell and Goldstein was retained early in 1964 to design the building for the Medical School. The Federal Government contributed $8 million, the state of New Jersey contributed $6 million, and private sources contributed $4 million to provide an $18 million building fund. Construction of the Medical Science Building on the University Heights campus began in 1966 and the Daniel I. Kessler Teaching Laboratories were dedicated in 1970.

The charter class of sixteen students matriculated in September 1966. In September 1967, Governor Hughes signed legislation that directed the Rutgers Board of Governors to request a minimum of $30 million from the state for the development of a four-year school by 1972.

On May 4, 1970 legislation was introduced in the NJ Assembly (Bill 1050)to combine the two state supported medical schools under a single Board of Trustees and administration. On June 16, 1970 Governor Cahill signed the legislation which created the College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey by combining into a single entity Rutgers Medical School and New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry. That same year the CMDNJ Board of Trustees acquired the Raritan Valley Hospital in Green Brook, established in 1966, as the CMDNJ-Rutgers Medical School's primary teaching hospital. The acquisition of Raritan Valley Hospital and affiliations with community hospitals provided the clinical and training facilities for third and fourth year students. Conversion to a four-year program began in the fall of 1972 and CMDNJ-Rutgers Medical School awarded its first M.D. degrees in 1974 to thirty-one candidates.

The CMDNJ-Institute of Mental Health Sciences which housed the CMDNJ Rutgers Medical School Community Mental Health Center and which provided the focal point for instruction in the behavioral sciences and psychiatry was dedicated in 1972.

Middlesex General Hospital (now Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital)became the core teaching hospital in 1977. In 1979, the Medical Education Building, a $65 million expansion, was inaugurated at Middlesex General Hospital.

RMS at Camden was founded in 1980 as a result of the passage of Senate Bill 1540. The bill established the South Jersey Medical Education Program to develop and operate allopathic and osteopathic divisions. The school was initially established as a "school without walls" as was the School of Osteopathic Medicine, a concept promulgated by Governor William Cahill. Cooper Hospital/University Medical Center in Camden became the core teaching hospital. The following year, ground breaking for the Education and Research Building in Camden was held, and it was dedicated in 1984. The charter class of forty-two students graduated in 1985.

On July 1, 1986, RMS and Middlesex General Hospital were renamed in honor of Robert Wood Johnson III. Two new facilities, the Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine and the Clinical Research Center, were opened in 1990. The Cancer Institute of New Jersey, established in 1991 as a partnership between RWJMS and the New Brunswick Affiliated Hospitals, held its ground breaking ceremony in New Brunswick in 1994.

Deans of the RWJMS

DeWitt Stetten, Jr., MD, 1962-70
James W. Mackenzie, MD, 1971-75
David J. Gocke, MD, 1977-78
Richard C. Reynolds, MD, 1979-87
Norman H. Edelman, MD, 1988-95
Harold L. Paz, MD, 1995-


The College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey -- Rutgers Medical School collection spans the years 1956-1978, consisting of 21 series and occupying 26 linear feet.

Series G-2 consist of the official papers of Dean Stetten, Acting Dean Schlesinger and Dean Mackenzie. DeWitt Stetten, Jr., M.D., Ph.D., was the first Dean of Rutgers Medical School serving from 1962-1970, R. Walter Schlesinger, M.D., was acting Dean from July 1970 to June 1971 and James W. Mackenzie, M.D., served as Dean from July 1971 to January 1975. The series is arranged alphabetically by subject and includes correspondence, minutes of meetings, reports and newspaper clippings. The series documents various aspects of RMS's development including; fund raising, the development of an educational program, and policies and procedures regarding the operation of RMS. The material occupies 5.5 linear feet. Dr. Richard Reynolds transferred series G-1 and G-2 to the Archives from the Office of the Dean, CMDNJ-RMS on February 12, 1980.

Series G-3 consist of Board of Trustees Minutes of Meetings from July 1970 to December 1978. They were arranged chronologically, the provenance was not maintained due to the dislocation of certain folders and the offices use of inverted chronology. The collection was placed in chronological order; however, the researcher should check the folders on both sides of the one being used for additional documents of the same period. The series occupies 8.5 linear feet.

Series G-4 consist of the Dean's correspondence from 1966 to 1974. The provenance has been retained. The documents are arranged chronologically. The series occupies 4.5 linear feet.

Rutgers Medical School recognizing the need for a clinical teaching hospital, in order to expand the program from a two-year basic science curriculum to a four-year M.D. program planned for construction of such a facility. When it became apparent that the financial needs for construction would not be available, Rutgers Medical School entered into negotiations for the acquisition of Raritan Valley Hospital. Series G-5 to G-l9 contain material on the planning of University Hospital and the negotiations, acquisition and physical running of Raritan Valley Hospital. The researcher must note that at times it is difficult or impossible to distinguish between University Hospital as an idea and University Hospital as an alternate name for Raritan Valley Hospital in some documents. The combined series occupy 4 linear feet and were transferred to the Archives on October 10-14, 1980 by Dr. Reynolds' office.

Series G-20 contains material donated by the Rutgers Medical School's Department of Psychiatry. There exist some redundancy of material with that contributed by the Office of the Dean, please note that the majority of redundant material contains personal notations. The series occupies 1~2 linear feet and was transferred to the Archives on March 4, 1980 by Dr. H. Logan of the Department of Psychiatry.

The index is not intended to be an exhaustive one. Its addition to the register is an attempt to aid the researcher by cross-referencing certain key subjects and themes. Additional material on certain indexed subjects may be found in series, which are not listed in the index.



Series 1
RG/G-1-A/F Rutgers Medical School Publications:

Contains in-house publications from 1966 to 1978. There are six subseries arranged in alphabeticalorder and cover various aspects of the school.

A. Annual Report (1970-1971)
B. Bulletins - these are School Catalogs giving details on acceptance requirements, course offerings, etc. (1968-1972) arranged chronologically.
C. Catalogs - these are School Catalogs giving details on acceptance requirements, course offerings, etc. (1973-1978) arranged chronologically.
D. Newsletter of the Rutgers Medical School (1966-1968) arranged chronologically.
E. Student Handbook a listing in brief outline form of rules, regulations and services governing the students activities (1973-1974)
F. Misc.

Series 2
RG/G-2-A/W Rutgers Medical School Office of the Dean:

The Series is arranged alphabetically by subject and includes correspondence, minutes of meetings, reports, and newspaper clippings of Deans Stetten, Schlesinger and Mackenzie. The original file folder titles and order have been retained. The material documents the planning of the Rutgers Medical School, fund raising activities, the development of an educational program, and policies and procedures regarding the operation of the Medical School. Also included is material on affiliates with area hospitals and the expansion from a two-year basic science curriculum to a complete four year medical school. The material covered is from 1962-1972.

2 - A 2
2 - A/B 3
2 - B/C 4
2 - C/G 5
2 - H/L 6
2 - M/N 7
2 - N/P 8
2 - P/S 9
2 - S 10
2 - S/W 11

Series 3
RG/G-3 Rutgers Medical School Board of Trustees Minutes of Meetings:

The minutes contain both public sessions and executive session meetings from July 1970 to December 1978, the first 8.5 years of CMDNJ. Topics covered in the series include Raritan Valley Hospital, budgets, construction, personnel, expansion from a two-year to a four-year curriculum, etc. The provenance has been retained, being organized chronologically from the earliest date forward.

July 1970 - June 1971 12
July 1971 - March 1972 13
April 1972 - August 1972 14
September 1972 - January 1973 15
February 1973 - June 1973 16
July 1973 - November 1973 17
December 1973 - June 1974 18
July 1974 - December 1974 19
January 1975 - June 1975 20
September 1975 - February 1976 21
March 1976 - September 1976 22
October 1976 - April 1977 23
May 1977 - September 1977 24
October 1977 - February 1975 25
March 1978 - June 1978 26
July 1978 - November 1978 27
December 1978 28

Series 4
RG/G-4 Rutgers Medical School Dean's Correspondence:

The series contains the official Correspondence of Deans Stetten, Schlesinger and Mackenzie. A broad spectrum of topics concerning RMS are covered in the series, whose inclusive dates are 1966 - 1974 plus one document dated January 8, 1975. The original chronological order was not preserved. The documents were initially filed from most recent back; also numerous documents were out of place.

July 1966 - December 1966 29
January 1967 - December 1967 30
January 1968 - December 1968 31
Janaury 1969 - December 1969 32
January 1970 - December 1970 33
January 1971 - December 1971 34
January 1972 - December 1972 35
January 1973 - December 1973 36
Janaury 1974 - December 1974 and 1 document dated January 8, 1975. 37

Series 5
RG/G-5-A/L Rutgers Medical School Architects:

The series is composed of 12 subseries consisting of: documents, correspondence, specifications and photographs referring to dealings between RMS and various architectural firms, over remodeling and additions to Raritan Valley Hospital. The series is arranged alphabetically and covers approximately the early 1970's.

A. Cohen, Ed - document between Ed Cohen of the New Jersey State Department of Higher Education to John L. Whitlock, Director of Office Facilities Planning and Construction of DHE, concerning Raritan Valley Hospital's construction cost. The document is dated 1972. 38
B. Collins, Uhl, Hoisington, Aderson (C.U.H.A.) Princeton, correspondence including Schlesinger and Mackenzie from January to June of 1971. 38
C. Their architectural plans for additions and alterations to Raritan Valley Hospital, 1971. 38
D. Cresap, McCormick and Paset, Inc., a prospectus of the architectural firm January 1970. 38
E. Eckert and Gatarz, correspondence with the architectural firm including Mackenzie and Schlesinger, January 1970 to February 1971. 38
F. Ewing, Cole, Erdman and Euback (E.C.E.E.) Correspondence with the architectural firm including Mackenzie and Schlesinger early 1971. 38
G. E.C.E.E. - First Honor award from Pennsylvania Society of Architects, 1970. 38
H. E. C.E.E. Prospectus 1970 - 38
I. Fuller, George D. - Observation and comments relative to site visits and cost estimates,as prepared by George D. Fuller Co., December 10, 1949 - Raritan Valley Hospital. 38
J. Seltzer, Gilbert L. - One letter from Seltzer, an architect, to Dean Schlesinger, December 21, 1970. 38
K. Uniplan - One letter from Uniplan, a partnership of architects, engineers and planners to Dean Schlesinger August 3, 1970. 38
L. Undated index card with the names of suggested architects for Raritan Valley Hospital. 38

Series 6
RG/G-6 Rutgers Medical School Staff & Space Requirements:

The series is composed of correspondence and projected budget figures dealing with architectural space and staff requirements for Raritan Valley Hospital. The series is arranged chronologically from October 1969 to June 1971.

Series 7
RG/G-7/A/H Rutgers Medical School By-laws:

The series is composed of material in 8 subseries, dealing with the writing of the by-laws for Raritan Valley Hospital. Correspondence, reports, drafts and samples of other institutions by-laws are contained in the series which is arranged alphabetically, 1969-1971.

A. Bergen, Stanley - One document dated October 7, 1971. 38
B. Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals "Model Medical Staff By-Laws Rules and Regulations" issued January 1964 received RMS 1969. 38
C. Muhlenberg Hospital - By-Laws 1970 38
D. Raritan Valley Hospital - Correspondence,Memoranda draft proposals (including various personal notations) approved and revised By-laws, Rules and Regulations governing Raritan Valley Hospital Medical Staff, 1969-1972. 38-39
E. University of Maryland - University Hospital By-Laws 1960. 39
F. University of Michigan - University Hospital By-Laws 1961 and 1970. 39
G. University of Missouri - University Hospital By-Laws, 1968. 39
H. Misc. and undated material dealing with the drawing up of Raritan Valley Hospital Medical Staff By-Laws. 39

Series 8
RG/G-8-A/M Rutgers Medical School Committees:

The series composed of 13 subseries arranged in alphabetical order, each one pertaining to a different committee at Raritan Valley Hospital. They contain various types of documents including correspondence, memoranda, minutes of meetings, statistics, etc.

A. Central Jersey Regional Health Planning Council - correspondence and minutes of meetings, 1971 39
B. Disaster Committee - correspondence and minutes of meetings on the topics of disaster plan, a drill and problems arising between Raritan Valley Hospital and the volunteer first aid and rescue squads, 1971. 39
C. Hospital Executive Committee - correspondence and minute; of meetings topics include faculty, by-laws, the use of atropine in Coronary Care, etc., 1971. 39
D. Hospital Infection Committee - Minutes of meetings, 1971 39
E. Hospital Liaison Committee - Correspondence, memoranda, notes, budget figures, topics relating to Raritan Valley Hospital and RMS-CMDNJ, 1971. 39
F. Hospital Pharmacy Committee - Correspondence and minutes of meetings, 1971 39
G. Raritan Valley Hospital Board - a list of members, undated. 39
H. Raritan Valley Hospital Monthly Reports - Topics include personnel, equipment, statistical analysis (patients and procedures) and policies and procedures May to June 1971 39
I. Rutgers Hospital Board - A report to Doctor Schlesinger by the Board on aspects of the acquisition of Raritan Valley Hospital, October 27, 1970. 39
J. Surgical Department - minutes containing statistics on Morbidity and Mortality at Raritan Valley Hospital, April 1971. 39
K. Transfusion Committee - One document, minutes of meeting, February 4, 1971 39
L. Utilization Review Committee - Minutes of meeting topics discussed lengths of stay for patients in hospital January to April 1971. 39
M. Misc. 39

Series 9
RG/G-9-A/D Rutgers Medical School Financial:

The series is divided into four subseries. The material is largely statistical with correspondence and memoranda included. The subseries are arranged alphabetically and deal with organization of financial responsibility, statistics, budgets, etc., 1969-1972.

A. General Correspondence - 1969-1971 39
B. Daily Reports - the cash flow on a daily basis from April 19 to June 1, 1971, incomplete. 39
C. Rutgers Medical School Reports includes correspondence, memoranda, and the Raritan Valley Hospital of CMDNJ Financial Statements for April 30 and May 31, 1971. 39
D. Raritan Valley Hospital Financial Statements from December 31, 1970 to June 30, 1972. 39

Series 10
RG/G-10-A/D Rutgers Medical School. Operations and Surgical Procedures:

The series Contains 4 subseries, all pertaining to statistics on operations and surgical procedures performed at Raritan Valley Hospital. The reports differ in the amount of detail given, l970-1971.

A. A list of surgeons with the number of surgical procedures in which they either performed or assisted in the operation from June 1 to December 11, 1970. 40
B. A list of surgical procedures which include date of operation, surgeon, anesthesia and procedure from June to December 1970. 40
C. A highly detailed list of surgical procedures stored in the oversize file case. There is difficulty in reading these documents due to poor photocopying. June to December 1970. 40
D. A letter listing emergency room statistics for 1970. 40

Series 11
RG/G-ll-A/J Rutgers Medical School Organizational:

The series contains material, which was compiled during the period when Rutgers Medical School was acquiring Raritan Valley Hospital. The series contains ten subseries arranged alphabetically. The inclusive dates of 1961 to 1972 are misleading; the bulk of the material actually concerns the time period between 1969 and 1972.

A. Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Department of Surgery Report for 1968-1969. 40
B. Charts and Function proposals for Raritan Valley Hospital, 1969-1971 40
C. Faculty, Resident and Intern requirements and organization for Raritan Valley Hospital, 1969-1970 40
D. Health Facilities Planning Council for New Jersey Includes a guide and two letters, 1965-1969 40
E. Muhlenberg Hospital organizational draft proposal undated. 40
F. National Institute of Health - Organizational and by-laws of the medical staff, 1961 40
G. Shands Teaching Hospital includes by-laws, general policies and operational procedures and charts of the hospital's organization 1961-1969. 40
H. University of Kansas - The status of Emergency Services in Metropolitan Area Hospitals 1966 - 1967 40
I. University of Missouri - Correspondence on the organizational structure of the U.M. Columbia Medical Center, 1969 40
J. University of Wisconsin - Organization of the Staff and University Hospital Board, 1969 40

Series 12
RG/G-12 Rutgers Medical School Personnel:

The series contains correspondence and memoranda pertaining to the formation of the faculty and staff at Rutgers Teaching Hospital/Raritan Valley Hospital. The series is arranged chronologically from 1969 - 1971 and undated.

Series 13
RG/G-13 Rutgers Medical School Proceedings:

A book containing the Proceedings of the House of Delegates of the American Medical Association's 24th Clinical Convention. November 29 to December 2, 1970.

Series 14
RG/G-14 Rutgers Medical School Purchase:

The series consist of correspondence, memoranda and studies conducted on the purchase of a hospital for Rutgers Medical School rather than affiliation or construction. The series is arranged chronologically from 1969 - 1970 and undated.

Series 15
RG/G-15-A/O Rutgers Medical School Dean's Raritan Valley Hospital File:

The series is divided into fifteen subseries consisting of correspondence, memoranda, grant proposals, statistics, and reports on and from various hospital committees and divisions. The provenance has been retained which appears to be a loose combination of alphabetical and chronological associations. The original folder titles have been retained; these titles are clear and succinct which aid in alleviating the difficulties produced by the lack of precise provenance. The bulk dates are 1956 to 1971.

A. Project Site Visits - Correspondence, statistics and memoranda dealing with the site visit in regard to the proposed construction of a university Hospital at Piscataway, 1969 - 1970 and undated. 41
B. Medical Correspondence A-P - the bulk of the correspondence deals with fund raising for the hospital, arranged alphabetically. 41
C. Medical School Source of Support - correspondence and statistics on funding, 1956 - 1963. 41
D. Safe Electric Environment - articles on the proper use of electricity in the hospital and, along with correspondence, cardiac care, 1968-1971. 41
E. Draft Grant Application for Surgery - correspondence proposals and memoranda on funding for surgical department, 1969-1970. 41
F. Draft Grant Application for other Departments - Departments of Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, 1969. 41
G. Psychiatric Institute Progress Report - correspondence and studies, 1969-1970 41-42
H. Grant Application - The original draft grant Application with correspondence, criticism, abstracts and other information on the proposed construction of a university hospital circa, 1969. 42
I. University Hospital Operating Room - Blue-prints, articles, correspondence and statistics on the requirements for construction of an operating room for the hospital, 1968-1970 and undated. 42
J. University Hospital Preliminary Correspondence 1967-1968. 42
K. University Radiation Therapy - One letter and a section of an article on construction of radiation therapy facilities. 42
L. Four Year Construction Preliminary Planning correspondence and memoranda on the aspects and requirements for construction of a teaching hospital, 1965 - 1970 and undated. 42-43
M. Hospital Financing - correspondence and statistics concerning various aspects of financing the construction of a hospital, 1966-1970, undated 43
N. Hospital Architectural Planning - correspondence memoranda, schematics, charts and statistics on the requirements of the different departments in regard to space, location and other operating aspects in the construction of the hospital, 1967 - 1970 and undated 43
0. Pilot Teaching Facility II - memoranda and minutes, 1966 - 1967. 43

Series 16
RG/G-16 Rutgers Medical School Teaching Hospital. A Program Manual:

The manual describes the proposed Rutgers University Teaching Hospital. It covers the following topics: Multiple Roles of the Hospital, Community Relationships; Growth and Change, Transportation and Parking; Time in the Hospital; Student and Employee Health Service; Major Space Categories; Systems in the Hospital; In-patient Accommodations; The Patient Room, Food Services, Basic Patient Care Pattern; and Spaces for Education. The manual was issued July 13, 1967. 44

Series 17
RG/G-17-A/K Rutgers Medical School Board of Trustees Minutes of Meetings:

The series is divided into ten subseries. They are not as extensive as those contained in Series RG/G-3. The provenance was retained, the documents are arranged chronologically with the exception of subseries K., 1969-1971.

A. July 29, 1970 - August 13, 1970 44
B. November 24, 1970 - December 3, 1970 44
C. January 7, 1971 44
D. January 21, 1971 44
E. February 11, 1971 44
F. March 25, 1971 44
G. April 15, 1971 44
H. May 13, 1971 44
I. June 17, 1971 44
J. July 15, 1971 44
K. December 9, 1969 to August 25, 1970 44

Series 18
RG/G-18 Rutgers Medical School Mission Statement et. al. from Dr. Schlesinger:

The series contains a "mission" statement from Dr. Schlesinger to the Board of Trustees, in which he outlines goals for CMDNJ. There are seven appendices to the statement plus correspondence and memoranda criticizing it. The original folder title and provenance was retained, 1970. 45

Series 19
RG/G-l9 Rutgers Medical School Clinical Faculty Activities between July 1, 1971 and September 2, 1972:

A list of ten general activities of the clinical faculty as drawn up by James Mackenzie for the Board of Trustees. It appears that this list is a projection of activities, since it dates from November 20, 1970. 45

Series 20
RG/G-20-A/L Rutgers Medical School Department of Psychiatry:

The series consist of material donated by Dr. H. Logan of the Department of Psychiatry. Ther are twelve subseries arranged alphabetically, 1965 - 1976.

A. Ad Hoc Committee on Long-Range Plans for Medical Education to meet the needs of New Jersey - an incomplete (missing several sections) report on the health care needs of New Jersey. Also NJCMD's Policies and Guide lines for Affiliations or Association of Voluntary Hospitals with the College of Medicine circa 1969-1970. 45
B. By-laws - the By-laws of University of Maryland University Hospital and Raritan Valley Hospital Rutgers Medical School CMDNJ, 1975-1976. 4
C. Clippings - one article from the Newark Star Ledger on the merger vote in the Assembly between RMS and NJCMD, which formed CMDNJ May 15, 1970. 45
D. Grants - Statistics, correspondence, memoranda and proposals for grant funds for college hospital construction. Includes a complete Federal Grant Proposal, not to be found anywhere else in the collection, 1969-1970. 45
E. Medical Basic Science Program - An outline, with statistics of the basic science requirements for New Jersey Medical School and RMS which differ in needs post 1970. 45
F. Meetings - Minutes of meetings and correspondence of different committees, 1969-1976. 45
G. Misc. - 1969-1975 and undated 45
H. Outline of Proposed Program for Medical Education Prepared by CMDNJ-RMS. Includes pre-clinical and clinical instruction, graduate education plus a list of publications, circa ca 1971. 45
I. Planning, Development and Construction of RMS Teaching Hospital - includes general correspondence a series of preliminary requirements from E.D. Rosenfeld Associates, Inc. and two manuals. 1967 - 1976. 45-46
J. Presidential Requirements - an outline of the desired qualification of a chief executive for CMDNJ, one outlining the functions and a letter concerning the topic. 47
K. Publications - Titles includes; Notes on the Competition for (Inner) Space; "The Basic Sciences in Medical School"; "The Rutgers Newsletter", "The Third Annual Conference on Physician's Assistants"; "New Members of the Physician's Health Team, Physician's Assistants"; "A Handbook for Change", 1965 - 1972. 47
L. Raritan Valley Hospital - a memorandum on space requirements. 1969. 47

Series 21
RG/G-21 Rutgers Medical School Photographs:

The series contains photographs of legal size and smaller, all oversize photographs are filed in the oversize case. Photographs have been removed from original series in the collection after having been noted there and placed in series 21.

G-21-A - Photographs of buildings designed by Ewing, Cole, Erdman and Eubank from series G-5-H Box 38 folder 14.
G-21-B - Photographs of surgical instruments from series G-15-I Box 42 folder 6.


Architects: G-5, G-12-A

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Architectural: G-6; G-15-N

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Bergen, Stanley: G-7-A

Board of Trustees: Scope and Content Note; G-3; G-17; G-18; G-19

By-laws: G-7; G-8-C; G-ll; G-20-B

College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey: G-3; G-9-C; G-18; G-20-B-C-H-J

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Construction: G-3; G-6, G-14; G-20-I

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Faculty: G-8-C; G-ll-C; G-12; G-l9

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Grants: G-15-H; G-20-D

Mackenzie, James W.: Scope and Content Note G-4; G-5-B-E-F, G-7-D, G-15; G-l9.

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Personnel: G-3; G-8-H

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Raritan Valley Hospital: Scope and Content Note G-3; G-5; G-6; G-7; G-8; G-9-C-D; G-10; G-ll; G-12; G-14; G-15; G-20.

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Schlesinger, R. Walter: Scope and Content Note G-2; G-4; G-5-B-E-F-J-K; G-7-D; G-8-J; G-15; G-18.

Space Requirements: G-6

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Staff: G-6; G-ll-C; G-12

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Stetten, DeWitt: Scope and Content G-2; G-4; G-15.

Surgery: G-10; G-ll-A

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University Hospital: Scope and Content Note

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February 9, 1981

Series 22
RG/G-22-A/F Rutgers Medical School South Jersey Medical Education Program:

The series is composed of six subseries, dealing with the establishment of the South Jersey Medical Education Program. The Program was started in the early 197Os and culminated in the founding of the CMDNJ- Rutgers Medical School South Jersey Medical Education Program (an allopathic school) and the CMDNJ-New Jersey School of Osteopathic Medicine. The material contained in the series deals with Rutgers Medical School's aspect of the Program, which includes furnishing the basic science facilities for both NJSOM and SJMEP at the Piscataway Campus. The series is arranged alphabetically by subject heading and contains correspondence, statistical information, financial and faculty requirements, affiliation with Copper Hospital, etc. Additional information maybe found in the CMDNJ- New Jersey School of Osteopathic Medicine Collection RG/J, certain material has been cross referenced between the two collections and is noted in the subseries listings and the Hollinger box. The material was transferred to the Archives from the Office of, the President on July 27, 1980. 1972-1978

A. Financial (original folder titles Budget: Third Medical School-folder 1, Foundation CMDNJ- South Jersey Advancement Program folders 2 and 3, Mr. Harold Shuab Foundation Board of Trustees-folder 4) The subseries is arranged in alphabetical order according to the original folder titles whose provenance was retained. Each folder was arranged in inverted chronological order. The sub series contains correspondence, pamphlets, and budget information on SJMEP. 1972-1977 49
B. Michigan State University (original folder titles) Michigan Program folders 5-10, Michigan Upper Peninsula Medical Program folder-l, Michigan State visit re: South Jersey Medical Education Program folder 12). The subseries has been arranged in alphabetical order according to the original folder titles whose individual provenance was retained. The folders are arranged in inverted chronological order and contain correspondence, brochures, pamphlets, memoranda, reports, clippings and booklets on and about Michigan State University's Medical Education Program, which was a working form of the proposed concept for the South Jersey Medical Education Program. Also material dealing with M.S.U.'s visit to CMDNJ. 1973-1976 49
C. New Jersey Medical School South Jersey Medical Education Program, the original folder title and provenance were retained. The subseries contains correspondence dealing with budget, faculty-and curriculum development, etc. and is arranged in inverted chronological order. 1975-1977 49
D. Planning (original folder titles: Dr. Keeley South Jersey Medical Education Program folder 14, Feasibility Study for Third Medical School-folders 15-16, Planning Proposal folder 17; Planning Various Stages South Jersey Medical Education Program folder 18, South Jersey Medical Education Program: Status Report folder 19) The subseries has been arranged in alphabetical order according to the original folder titles whose individual provenance was retained. Some of the folders are arranged in chronological order, the remainder in inverted chronological order. The subseries contains correspondence, clippings, memoranda, reports and statistical information on various aspects of the planning and development of SJMEP. Additional material maybe found in RG/J-2-D. 1974-1978 49
E. Residencies South Jersey the original folder title and provenance were retained. The subseries is arranged in chronological order and contains correspondence, memoranda, and minutes of meetings on staff requirements for SJMEP. 1974-1978 49
F. Rutgers Medical School (original folder titles: Rutgers Medical School-South Jersey Medical School folder 21, South Jersey Task Force-RMS folder 22) The Subseries was arranged in alphabetical order according to the original folder titles, whose individual provenance was retained. The material is arranged in inverted chronological order. The subseries includes correspondence, minutes of the South Jersey Task Force, Memoranda on the joint venture between RMS and CMDNJ-NJSOM, and RMS's commitment to program. 1974-197 49

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