Newark City Hospital School of Nursing

Newark City Hospital
School of Nursing
Student Records, 1889-1966
A Register

Arranged and Described By:
Susan Chore
June 1996


The Newark City Hospital School of Nursing (NCHSN) Student Records is a single series within the Newark City Hospital record group (RG/K), which is also housed in the UMDNJ Libraries' Special Collections Department. Other School of Nursing record series include: Publications (RG/K-6-1), Photographs (RG/K-6-3), and Artifacts (RG/K-6-4). The records of the School of Nursing date from 1889-1966, and total 6.75 cubic feet (7.33 linear feet). The records are open for research without restrictions under the conditions of the Archives' access policy. The series was arranged and described as a result of a grant from the UMDNJ-NJMS Morris H. Saffron Endowment for the History of Medicine.

Organizational History

Newark City Hospital, established in 1882 to care for the city's indigent sick, was first located in a wing of the Alms House on the corner of Elizabeth Avenue and Concord Street. In 1884, a wooden building on Fairmont Avenue, formerly the Essex County Hospital for the Insane, was purchased by the city for $500.00. This wooden building was replaced by a brick building in 1898. When Martland Hospital opened in 1958, Newark City Hospital was replaced; the building was eventually demolished.

The Newark City Hospital Nurses Training School was established in 1885, with the first class of students graduating in 1888. Mrs. P.B. Spicer was the first principal of the school. The two-year training program entailed a first year of practical training in the male medical and surgical, children's, and infectious wards. During the second year, nurses were placed in charge of a ward, trained in obstetrics, and served at the Newark Eye & Ear Infirmary, as well as being sent to private homes. Fees collected by the students for private nursing were turned over to the hospital treasury. Nursing students were required to work one of two shifts: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. or 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Students were housed in temporary quarters at the corner of Orange Avenue and Bergen Streets until a residence connected to the hospital was built for the nursing students in 1899.

Newark City Hospital School of Nursing, 1913

In 1905, the school was recognized by the New York State Board of Regents. In 1912, the school was approved by the New Jersey Board of Nursing. In 1914, a new five-story residence for student nurses was built on Fairmont Avenue, across the street from the hospital, providing accommodations for 140 nurses (52 single and 44 double rooms). The first floor consisted of a dining room, auditorium and reception hall, with study halls and recreation rooms located on the other floors. The Nurses' Residence was demolished in 1994.

In June 1926, a citywide system of prenatal clinics was established, with headquarters at Newark City Hospital. Student nurses participated in the program by providing instruction to expectant mothers. In 1929, the nurses' training course was expanded from a two-year to a three-year program.

In the 1940s, many Newark City Hospital nursing students took part in the government-sponsored Cadet Nurse Program, established to encourage women to enter the field of nursing. Students who were a part of the program were paid $20 per month for the first 2½ years of schooling, and $60 for their last six months. During the final six months of study, student nurses could choose to either stay in their own hospital or work in a government hospital.

In 1950, the student's day was reduced from a ten hour to an eight hour shift. In 1968, the hospital, along with the School of Nursing, was purchased from the City of Newark by the New Jersey College of Medicine & Dentistry, an antecedent of UMDNJ. The NCHSN closed in 1971.


The School of Nursing Student Records originated at the Newark City Hospital School of Nursing. The records were transferred to the Bergen University Archives by Eunice Tichnor, University Hospital-Office of Nursing Staff Development on November 11, 1991. The Office of Nursing Staff Development maintains responsibility for student records dating from about 1951 to the school's closure.

Series Description

Newark City Hospital School of Nursing. Student Records, 1889-1966. Arranged alphabetically by student's surname. 6.74 cubic feet (7.33 linear feet).

These records document each student's application process and enrollment in the NCHSN nurse training program. The bulk of the records date from the 1910s through the 1940s, with only about two percent before and after this time period. Document types include students' application forms, medical records, letters of recommendation, secondary school transcripts, student photographs, grades and evaluations for both coursework and practical training, accident reports, requests for transcripts, and correspondence and forms related to professional certification. 846 students are represented.

Student files are dated by the year of graduation, withdrawal from the program, or estimated date of enrollment. For the most part, the earliest records (pre-1920) contain only a one-page application, a certificate of health, a grade/rating card and some letters of recommendation. Greater documentation begins in the 1920s with more detailed course and practical work records and more comprehensive health records upon entry, including family health histories, vaccinations and weight charts. Beginning in the early 1940s, files include more complete cumulative health histories and detailed application forms. Student photographs are present in approximately one-third of the records, ranging across the years; files that contain photographs are marked as such in the container list.

Students' grade reports and evaluations include details of practical service in the medical, surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics, gynecology and dietary departments. Students were also rated for professional fitness and personality.

Student's medical records include a cumulative health history upon entry into the program, physical examination at entry, and any treatment received during enrollment. Records also include dental charts, weight charts, vaccinations, some x-rays and EKGs, nurse's notes during student hospital stays, correspondence regarding treatment for tuberculosis, and some psychiatric evaluations and IQ test results. Later application forms contain information regarding family histories, occupation, religion, nationality, student essays, hobbies, and personal habits such as smoking, coffee drinking, and exercise.

Many students of the 1940s participated in the Student Cadet Service; documentation of their participation is included in the files, although records primarily contain their personal grades and ratings in the program.

These records would be of interest to those conducting research in the areas of nursing history, history of women in the health sciences, women's health and women's history.

Container List

Box Folder Contents
11Abt, Ernestine, Date of Graduation (D.O.G.) 1923
Agrifolio, Ruth Catherine. SEE Vitucci, Ruth Catherine.
2Agro, Lillian Agnes, D.O.G. 1941
3Ahern, Mary J., D.O.G. 1933
4Albertson, Mildred, D.O.G. 1931
5Aldridge, Marion Louise, D.O.G. 1905
6Allen, Elizabeth L., D.O.G. 1915
7Allen, Melvina H., D.O.G. 1916
8Alton, Ethel Fairbanks, D.O.G. 1916
9Alwine, Arlene, D.O.G. 1942
10Ambos, Sophia, D.O.G. 1930
11Anderson, Bessie B., D.O.G. 1930
12Anderson, Charlotte, D.O.G. 1928
13Anderson, Lillian Brash, D.O.G. 1933
14Anderson, Margaret C., D.O.G. 1933
15Anton, Loretta, D.O.G. 1917 (photo)
16Armstrong, Adeline, D.O.G. 1940
17Aseltine, Ester, D.O.G. 1929
18Atchison, Alice, ca. 1939
19Atkinson, Doris Ruth, D.O.G. 1933
20Attwood, Adelaide, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
21Aumack, Phylllis Lorae, D.O.G. 1944 (photo)
22Avella, Antoinette, D.O.G. 1936
23Averre, Mildred, D.O.G. 1923
24Baier, Lillian, D.O.G. 1935
25Baiser, Pola, D.O.G. 1935
26Baldwin, Elizabeth M. D.O.G. 1914
27Baran, Stella, D.O.G. 1934
28Barclay, Marion, D.O.G. 1931
29Barel, Christine B., D.O.G. 1922
30Barneo, Josephine, D.O.G. 1935
31Barneo, Kathleen, D.O.G. 1933
Bator, Virginia. SEE Duffy, Virginia.
32Baxter, Doris I., D.O.G. 1921
33Baylis, Edythe, D.O.G. 1935
34Beckwith, Sara Genevieve, D.O.G. 1922
35Belby, Anna M., D.O.G. 1924
36Belet, Jessie Myrtle, D.O.G. 1943
37Bell, Alice Myrtle, D.O.G. 1929
38Bell, Anna Mae, D.O.G. 1939 (photo)
39Bell, Grace Edna, D.O.G. 1928
40Bell, Grace Marguerite, D.O.G. 1921
41Bellar, Fannie Carter, D.O.G. 1918
42Bennett, Isabel, D.O.G. 1918
Benzer, Dorothy. SEE Vlosky, Dorothy.
43Bergbauer, Ruth Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1935
44Berger, Alberta M., D.O.G. 1915
45Beyer, Ethel Walters, D.O.G. 1927
46Bickford, Joyce, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
47Bjercke, Judith, D.O.G. 1938
Black, Dorothy. SEE Williams, Dorothy.
48Bliss, Mary, D.O.G. 1934
49Blum, Ottilia, D.O.G. 1917 (photo)
50Blust, Jean Marie, D.O.G. 1935
51aBodnarchuk, Olga, D.O.G. 1944
51bBohm, Doris Marie, D.O.G. ca. 1950
52Bond, Viola V., D.O.G. 1920
53Borcher, Edith Estella, D.O.G. 1915
54Boyle, Dorothy May Rose, D.O.G. 1944 (photo)
55Boyle, Eileen, D.O.G. 1932
56Boyle, Eva, D.O.G. 1929
57Bradford, Alice S., D.O.G. 1931
58Braun, Madeline, D.O.G. 1918
59Breitweg, May Henrietta, D.O.G. 1916
60Bremen, Catherine Marie, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
61Brennan, Florence Theresa, D.O.G. 1940 (photo)
62Breuer, Wilma, D.O.G. 1918
63Brewer, Thelma, D.O.G. 1933
64Brex, Evelyn L., D.O.G. 1935
65Brice, Mary I., D.O.G. 1889 (items in file from 1933)
66Bridgett, Frances M., D.O.G. 1916
67Bridgett, Margaret E., D.O.G. 1917 (photo)
68Briggman, Catherine E., D.O.G. 1935
69Broadman, Marian G., D.O.G. 1936
70Brogus, Bertha Theresa, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
71Bronson, Rose, D.O.G. 1935
72Brophy, Agnes B., D.O.G. 1925
73Brosh, Janice Wanda, D.O.G. 1944
74Bross, Theresa Barbara, D.O.G. 1916
75Brotnick, Helen, D.O.G. 1940
76Brown, Fairie K., D.O.G. 1921
77Brown, Jean, D.O.G. 1929
78Brown, Mae, D.O.G. 1932
79Brozanski, Virginia, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
80Bruder, Mary Theresa, D.O.G. 1938
81Bruzzichesi, Iva, D.O.G. 1936
82Buca, Beatrice, D.O.G. 1941
83Buckley, Marie C., D.O.G. 1927
84Budd, Gertrude, D.O.G. 1940 (photo)
85Budd, Margaret W., D.O.G. 1921
86Burghardt, Camelia, D.O.G. 1941
Burke, Stephanie. SEE Worbitz, Stephanie.
87Burns, Anna Teresa, D.O.G. 1924
88Burns, Florence Purdy, D.O.G. 1916
89Burns, Gladys, D.O.G. 1936
90Burns, Harriet, D.O.G. 1935
91Bursley, Catherine, D.O.G. 1927
92Bush, Margaret Bess, D.O.G. 1926
93Butts, Nellie Amelia, D.O.G. 1915
94Byram, Emily, D.O.G. 1939 (photo)
95Caffrey, Theresa Anne, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
96Cairns, Grace Anna, D.O.G. 1921
97Callan, Nan Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1927
98Calley, Mae A., D.O.G. 1927
99Campbell, Florence, D.O.G. 1919
100Canfield, Mary C., D.O.G. 1914
101Canning, Ruth Louise, D.O.G. 1933
102Cannon, Kathleen Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
103Canty, Marion Evelyn, D.O.G. 1926
104Caperna, Ida Claire, D.O.G. 1944 (photo)
105Carr, Edythe Tier, D.O.G. 1917 (photo)
106Carroll, Dorothy, D.O.G. 1939 (photo)
Carter, Victoria. SEE Podobed, Victoria.
107Case, Louanna, D.O.G. 1923
108Casselman, Ruth, D.O.G. 1927
109Castimore, Nancy, D.O.G. 1923
110Castimore, Rachel, D.O.G. 1928
111Caswell, Florence J., D.O.G. 1918
112Chamberlain, Harriet F., D.O.G. 1940
113Chandler, Florence White, D.O.G. 1924
114Chipko, Anna, D.O.G. 1940
115Choma, Anna Marie, D.O.G. 1933
116Chrystal, Anna Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1923
117Church, Thelma Beverly, D.O.G. 1955 (photo)
118Clark, Constance, D.O.G. 1951 (photo)
119Clark, Ruth M., withdrawal 1932
120Claxton, Dorothy Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1929
121Coakley, Florence, D.O.G. 1923
Box Folder Contents
21Cocozziello, Catherine, D.O.G. 1944 (photo)
2Coffey, Nancy Miriam, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
3Collins, Florence B., D.O.G. 1929
4Compton, Mary Emma, D.O.G. 1915
Conforti, Rosina. SEE Passafaro, Rosina.
5Connell, Phyllis, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
6Connors, Doris, D.O.G. 1939
7Contey, Margaret, D.O.G. 1926
8Cook, Elizabeth Allen, D.O.G. 1920 (photo)
Cooley, Viola. SEE Provost, Viola.
9Cooper, Marjorie, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
10Corcoran, Marjorie, D.O.G. 1936
11Coryell, Helen Louise, D.O.G. 1926
12Cosgrove, Edna Susan, D.O.G. 1926
Cottle, Jennie. SEE Meck, Jennie.
13Countryman, Agnes Naneen, D.O.G. 1919
14Cox, Anna M., D.O.G. 1932
15Craig, Alice Marie, D.O.G. 1924
16Crawford, Mary, D.O.G. 1933
17Crawn, Katherine May, D.O.G. 1944
18Cressman, Erma L., D.O.G. 1925
19Croucher, Gladys, , D.O.G. 1924
20Crowe, Catherine, D.O.G. 1939
21Crummy, Jessie, D.O.G. 1923
22Curtin, Kathleen J., D.O.G. 1918
23Dahm, Mary, D.O.G. 1925
24Dale, Ethel Maude, D.O.G. 1914
25Davies, Eilian, D.O.G. 1914
26Davitt, Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1945
DeAngelis, Angela Anna. SEE Speziale, Angela Anna.
27Decaire, Dorothy, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
28Deixel, Evelyn, D.O.G. 1935
29De Flumeri, Antoinette, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
30Delancy, Dorothea, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
31Dempniak, Anna, D.O.G. 1945
32Denk, Catherine, D.O.G. 1937
33Denk, Frances, D.O.G. 1914
34Denk, May Anna, D.O.G. 1925
35Depue, Grace Lulu, D.O.G. 1920
36Devlin, Anna Marie, D.O.G. 1925
37Dobbs, Mabel F., D.O.G. 1908
38Doherty, Florence F., D.O.G. 1930
39Doma, Helen L., D.O.G. 1929
40Donovan, Clara, D.O.G. 1933
Dormand, Agnes. SEE Lehmann, Agnes.
41Dowie, Ruby, D.O.G. 1935
42Downey, Jane, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
43Dragon, Jeanette, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
44Dresch, Katherine, D.O.G. 1915
45DuBusc, Grace Adelaide, D.O.G. 1926
46Duffy, Caroline F., D.O.G. 1928
47Duffy, Mary Eileen, D.O.G. 1949 (photo)
48Duffy, Virginia, D.O.G. 1928
49Dunham, Margaret Maureen, D.O.G. 1946 (photo)
50Dupuis, Dorothy, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
51Durnette, Mary, D.O.G. 1935
52Duschock, Rose, D.O.G. 1936
53Duva, Josephine Dolores, D.O.G. 1935
54Dwyer, Margaret Anne, D.O.G. 1938
55Eck, Elizabeth Emily, D.O.G. 1924
56Eckel, Emilie, D.O.G. 1921
57Eldridge, Frances, D.O.G. 1918
58Eley, Virginia, D.O.G. 1941 (photo)
59Englehart, Helen Dorothy, D.O.G. 1927
60Esterhay, May, D.O.G. 1936
61Eurich, Lois R., D.O.G. 1916
62Evans, Florence Edith, D.O.G. 1918
63Farrell, Evelyn G., D.O.G. 1917
64Farrell, Hazel, D.O.G. 1922
65Faust, Margaret, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
66Favre, Ethel Theodora, D.O.G. 1918
67Feeley, Elizabeth M., D.O.G. 1936
68Feeley, Rose Kathryn, D.O.G. 1944
69Feik, Catherine, D.O.G. 1941 (photo)
70Feil, Elsie, D.O.G. 1924
71Ferguson, Rachel, D.O.G. 1927
72Fernan, Flora Hudson, D.O.G. 1924
73Fernandez, Helen, D.O.G. 1933
74Fernandez, Inez, D.O.G. 1939 (photo)
75Fernicola, Rose, D.O.G. 1917 (photo)
Ferrante, Marion. SEE Schwartz, Marion.
76Ferraro, Rose, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
77Fiedler, Grace, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
78Field, Lulu Marie, D.O.G. 1916
79Finan, Rose C., D.O.G. 1922
Finley, Alice Marie. SEE Shoemaker, Alice Marie.
80Finney, Genevieve, D.O.G. 1928
81Finnigan, Ellie, D.O.G. 1915
82Fitzpatrick, Helen A., D.O.G. 1920
83FitzRandolph, Frances, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
84Flaherty, Edith, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
85Flanagan, Catherine, D.O.G. 1945
86Fleming, Katherine, D.O.G. 1917 (photo)
87Flood, Mary Christine, D.O.G. 1936
88Foggio, Josephine Joan, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
89Foglia, Louise, D.O.G. 1948 (photo)
90Fox, Ruth Azilda, D.O.G. 1924
91Foy, Mary C., D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
92Fralinger, Bertha, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
93Frascella, Marionnina, D.O.G. 1946 (photo)
94Fream, Daisy Phyllis, D.O.G. 1919
95Fream, Kathleen Mary, D.O.G. 1929
96French, Virginia Rosalie, D.O.G. 1951 (photo)
97Friedman, Eleanor, D.O.G. 1937
98Furey, Maureen, D.O.G. 1940 (photo)
99Furst, Regina, D.O.G. 1915 (photo)
100Gaisler, Helene, D.O.G. 1940 (photo)
101Galanti, Anna, D.O.G. 1930
102Gallen, Martha, D.O.G. 1914
103Garrett, Corrinne, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
104Gates, Gladys May, D.O.G. 1939
105Gawthrop, Josephine, D.O.G. 1941 (photo)
106Gawthrop, Pauline Vivian, D.O.G. 1931
107Gegenheimer, Charlotte Olwin, D.O.G. 1925
108Gerdes, Anny Henriette, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
109Gibb, Mary, D.O.G. 1929
110Gifoli, Celeste, D.O.G. 1946 (photo)
111Giglio, Phyllis Mary, D.O.G. 1949 (photo)
112Gilhooley, Irene, D.O.G. 1923
113Gillick, Helen, D.O.G. 1924
114Gillick, Kathleen, D.O.G. 1933
115Gillick, Margaret, D.O.G. 1930
116Gillick, Mary, D.O.G. 1921
117Gilroy, Justa Eleanor, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
118Gilroy, Mary, D.O.G. 1926
119Gnehm, Louise, D.O.G. 1936
120Goldberg, Frances, D.O.G. 1929
121Goldman, Lillian P., D.O.G. 1938
122Gorborino, Anna C., D.O.G. 1928
123Gordon, Alma Mae, D.O.G. 1920
124Gordon, Doris Alice, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
125Gordon, Emma, D.O.G. 1914
126Goss, Ethel, D.O.G. 1914
127Gossh, Margaret, D.O.G. 1927
128Gould, Edna, D.O.G. 1934
129Graham, Josephine A., D.O.G. 1917
130Granquist, Anna, D.O.G. 1931
131Green, Mabel, D.O.G. 1919 (photo)
132Greene, Agnes Patricia, D.O.G. 1938
133Greenspan, Pauline, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
134Gribbin, Madelyn, D.O.G. 1935
135Griffin, Annie, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
136Griffin, Edna, D.O.G. 1938
137Grochowicz, Mary, D.O.G. 1946
138Grove, Florence E., D.O.G. 1918
139Guarino, Florence, D.O.G. 1944 (photo)
140Gudewich, Hedwig, D.O.G. 1938
Box Folder Contents
31Gulick, Harriet Frances, D.O.G. 1916 (photo)
2Gupko, Helen, D.O.G. 1938
3Gupko, Mary M., D.O.G. 1938
4Hadley, Marvel, D.O.G. 1918
5Hagen, Anna Mae, D.O.G.1929
6Hagya, Margaret Kathryn, D.O.G. 1924
7Halloman, Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1935
8Hamm, Minnie Louise, D.O.G. 1933
9Hamm, Viva Lucy, D.O.G. 1933
10Hangosky, Bertha, D.O.G. 1936
11Hanson, Sarah, D.O.G. 1924
12Harchuck, Anna, D.O.G. 1929
13Harley, Evelyn Bell, D.O.G. 1933
14Harrison, Alice, D.O.G. 1923
15Hart, Annie, D.O.G. 1928
16Hartung, Ruth, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
17Hauser, Dorothy, D.O.G. 1937
18Havens, Carrie Esther, D.O.G. 1926
19Hay, Florence M., D.O.G. 1936
Haythorn, Helen. SEE Wanat, Helen.
20Hazley, Doris Jane, D.O.G. 1936
21Heagney, Ruth A., D.O.G.1914 (photo)
22Hedges, Doris, D.O.G. 1939
23Heid, Aurelia, D.O.G. 1924
24Heil, Mildred, D.O.G. 1931
25Heilich, Emily, D.O.G. 1938
26Heilich, Helen Winfred, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
27Heilich, Ruth E., D.O.G. 1935
28Heim, Hilda, D.O.G. 1928
29Heinz, Loretta, D.O.G. 1927
30Helmers, Elsie Meta, D.O.G. 1920
31Hencke, Audrey, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
32Henderson, Hildegarde Isabel, D.O.G. 1920
33Hendrick, Catherine, D.O.G. 1936
Hermann, Grace. SEE Kincaid, Grace.
34Hicks, Mary Etta, D.O.G. 1935
35Higgins, Kathleen, D.O.G. 1923
36Higgins, Susan R., D.O.G. 1916 (photo)
37Higgs, Virginia, D.O.G. 1936
38Hill, Dorothy, D.O.G. 1933
39Hill, Frances Iris, D.O.G. 1949 (photo)
40Hinnes, Theodora, D.O.G. 1914
41Hoffman, Clara, D.O.G. 1917
42Hoffman, Josephine, D.O.G. 1914
43Hohlt, Charlotte, D.O.G. 1922
44Holbert, Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1931
45Holcombe, Joan Marie, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
46Holgate, Dorothy, D.O.G. 1926
47Holl, Grace, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
48Hoster, Helen Agnes, D.O.G. 1918
49Hook, Chrystine K., D.O.G. 1919
50Hope, Bessie, D.O.G. 1939 (photo)
51Horbach, Barbara Ann, D.O.G. 1948 (photo)
52Horne, Ethelmae, D.O.G. 1935
53Horton, Laura May, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
54Hospodor, Anna, D.O.G. 1929
55House, Elva Mae, D.O.G. 1932
56Howard, Elizabeth Jane, D.O.G. 1944 (photo)
57Howcraft, Alma L., D.O.G. 1936
58Howell, Marjorie, D.O.G. 1939
59Howley, Cecilia Ruth, D.O.G. 1920
60Hoy, Hyacinth B., D.O.G. 1915
61Hudson, Laura, D.O.G. 1924
62Hughes, Joyce Vivian, D.O.G. 1935
63Hulsizer, Ruth, D.O.G. 1917 (photo)
64Hume, Avis, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
65Hunt, Catherine, D.O.G. 1933
66Hurley, Evelyn, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
67Iliff, Dora, D.O.G. 1916 (photo)
68Jackson, Alice Sarah, D.O.G. 1921
69Jackson, Charlotte, D.O.G. 1936
70Jackson, Emily Brewster, D.O.G. 1946 (photo)
71Jackson, Mabelle, D.O.G. 1928
72Jacobsen, Eva Magdalene, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
73James, Virginia Mae, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
74Jankowski, Regina, D.O.G. 1949 (photo)
75Jeannette, Lucille, D.O.G. 1936
76Jefferson, Ruth, D.O.G. 1940 (photo)
77Jelinek, Anne C., D.O.G. 1929
78Jelinek, Rose, D.O.G. 1929
79Johnson, Eleanor Loretta, D.O.G. 1949 (photo)
80Johnson, Grace , D.O.G. 1936
81Johnson, Wendy Thora, D.O.G. 1948 (photo)
82Johnston, Dorthea, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
83Johnston, Margaret, D.O.G. 1929
84Jones, Rosella Dolly, D.O.G. 1935
85Jones, Ruth Eleanor, D.O.G. 1924
86Kahle, Marion Sylvie, D.O.G. 1946 (photo)
87Kairis, Lucy, D.O.G. 1941 (photo)
88Kaiser, Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1925
89Kamins, Mildred, D.O.G. 1939 (photo)
90Karoly, Mary, D.O.G. 1941
91Karsch, Nancy, D.O.G. 1929
92Kasinec, Helena M., D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
Keiler, Beryl. SEE Melendy, Beryl.
93Kelaher, Anna J., D.O.G. 1916
94Keleghan, Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
95Keller, Dorothy, D.O.G. 1933
96Keller, Margaret, D.O.G. 1921
97Kemp, Bernice Lillian, D.O.G. 1920
98Kennedy, Annie, D.O.G. 1914
99Kennedy, Ruth Veronica, D.O.G. 1919
100Kent, Prudence Catherine, withdrawal 1934
101Keifer, Ruther, D.O.G. 1948
102aKimball, Irene, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
102bKincaid, Grace, D.O.G. 1913
103King, Janet, D.O.G. 1919
104Kitchell, Jean, D.O.G. 1939
105Kittell, Ethel Mae, D.O.G. 1923
106Klepic, Mary Kathryn, D.O.G. 1954 (photo)
107Klim, Anna, D.O.G. 1931
108Knazovcik, Lillian, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
109Knox, Frances, D.O.G. 1939 (photo)
110Knuss, Emma Alice, D.O.G. 1936
111Kongelbeck, Ethel, D.O.G. 1937
112Kosiorek, Barbara Hedwig, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
113Kotches, Eleanor Elaine, D.O.G. 1935
114Kovell, Pauline, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
115Kowalenko, Helen, D.O.G. 1944 (photo)
Kramer, Doris. SEE Singer, Doris.
116Kreil, Josephine, D.O.G. 1931
117Kreis, Elsie, D.O.G. 1923
118Krupenac, Anna M, D.O.G. 1938
119Kugel, Caroline, D.O.G. 1921
120Kuhnapfel, Lillian, D.O.G. 1938
Box Folder Contents
41Kukla, Mary Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
2Kunitz, Emily D., D.O.G. 1924
3Kuzmisky, Matilda, D.O.G. 1926
4LaBar, Leila, D.O.G. 1929
5Lake, Evelyn, D.O.G. 1926
6Lake, Irene Sarah, D.O.G. 1926
7Lakoski, Tessie, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
8Landgraf, Dorothea, D.O.G. 1925
9Larner, Essie M., D.O.G. 1917
10Larner, Fredith Ella, D.O.G. 1935
11Larner, Lila, D.O.G. 1937
12Larner, Thelma, D.O.G. 1933
13La Rue, Myra, D.O.G. 1914
14Lauback, Annie, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
15Lavigna, Dorothy, D.O.G. 1944 (photo)
16Lavoie, Delina Mary, D.O.G. 1933
17Lazarick (Lazarcuk), Helen, D.O.G. 1948
18Lebert, Ida Josephine, D.O.G. 1914
19Lecher, Eleanor, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
20Lee, Grace Pierce, D.O.G. 1919
21Leffler, Evelyn Marie, D.O.G. 1948 (photo)
22Lehmann, Agnes, D.O.G. 1914
23Lemkie, Margaret, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
24Lenhart, Adele, D.O.G. 1917
25Lennington, Jennie, D.O.G. 1918
26Lensi, Barbara, D.O.G. 1944 (photo)
27Lent, Ruth Evelyn, D.O.G. 1939 (photo)
28Leonard, Helen, D.O.G. 1924
29LePree, Madeline, D.O.G. 1944 (photo)
Levin, Sarah. SEE Silver, Sarah.
30Lewers, Lillian L., D.O.G. 1931
31Liebacher, Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1928
32Liebman, Freda, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
33Lill, Dolly J., D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
34Linaberry, Kathleen W., D.O.G. 1931
35Litz, Alice, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
Liversidge, Ruth Veronica. SEE Ward, Ruth Veronica.
36Lohr, Ruth, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
37Long, Alice V., D.O.G. 1926
38Long, Lillian, D.O.G. 1926
39Longstreet, Mary, D.O.G. 1945
40Looby, Margaret, D.O.G. 1941 (photo)
41Lovallo, Lucy, D.O.G. 1940 (photo)
42Lowery, Rosa L., D.O.G. 1915
43Lucas, Frances, D.O.G. 1937
44Lumbreyer, Myra M., D.O.G. 1917 (photo)
45Lundgren, Mertie Adams, ca. 1931
46Lupo, Louise, D.O.G. 1933
47Luteran, Ann, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
48Luteran, Vera, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
49Lynch, May V., D.O.G. 1916
50Lynch, Rachel Dorothy, D.O.G. 1919
51Lyons, Lillian A., D.O.G. 1918
52Macko, Bettie, D.O.G. 1939 (photo)
53Madura, Blanche E., D.O.G. 1941 (photo)
54Magdalinski, Elanor Marie, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
Magyar, Viva Lucy. SEE Hamm, Viva Lucy.
55Mahoney, Mary, D.O.G. 1956 (photo)
56Malik, Rose J., D.O.G. 1918 (photo)
57Mariana, Irma B., D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
58Marinaro, Almeda, D.O.G. 1924
59Marshall, Mary Ruth, D.O.G. 1924
60Martin, Alice, D.O.G. 1931
61Mascocchi, Mary Ann, D.O.G. 1941 (photo)
62Materna, Kathryn, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
63Matthews, Aileen, D.O.G. 1936
64Matthews, Edith, D.O.G. 1927
65Maxey, Mary E., D.O.G. 1915
66May, Dorothy Agnes, D.O.G. 1944 (photo)
67Mazzei, Elodia, D.O.G. 1933
68McAviney, Katherine A., D.O.G. 1917 (photo)
69McBride, Frances, D.O.G. 1931
70McCandless, Dorothy, D.O.G. 1939 (photo)
71McClean, Olive I., D.O.G. 1924
72McClure, Helen Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1935
73McClurg, Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1930
74McCracken, Anna, D.O.G. 1928
75McCreery, Lois E., D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
76McCully, Grayce, D.O.G. 1929
77McDonald, Margaret, D.O.G. 1939 (photo)
78McDowell, Lucille, D.O.G. 1944
79McDowell, Ruth, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
80McEvoy, Lillian A., D.O.G. 1915
81McGill, Jeanne, D.O.G. 1924
82McGillis, Dorothy, D.O.G. 1940
83McInerney, Grace, D.O.G. 1936
84McKenna, June, D.O.G. 1944
85McKinstry, Edna, D.O.G. 1933
86McKinstry, Ruth Estelle, D.O.G. 1931
87McLaughlin, Margaret, D.O.G. 1917
88McLean, Nora May, D.O.G. 1918 (photo)
89McNamara, Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1924
90McNamara, Margaret, D.O.G. 1923
91McNett, Ruth Eleanor, D.O.G. 1932
92McRobbie, Anna C., D.O.G. 1922
93McRobbie, Margaret, D.O.G. 1921
94Meck, Jennie, D.O.G. 1944
95Meagher, Mary, D.O.G. 1928
96Meehan, Julia Mary, D.O.G. 1914
97Meehan, Marie Antoinette Catherine, D.O.G. 1929
98Meier, Lillian C., D.O.G. 1919
99Melendy, Beryl, D.O.G. 1941 (photo)
100Mello, Isabel, D.O.G. 1941 (photo)
101Melroy, Theresa Helene, D.O.G. 1935
Melville, Rose. SEE Radin, Rose.
102Mensinger, Agnes, D.O.G. 1917
103Mercurio, Catherine, D.O.G. 1938
104Merrick, Florence, D.O.G. 1928
105Merrigan, Isabelle, D.O.G. 1944
106Metzger, Wilma, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
107Mickens, Sarah E., D.O.G. 1917
108Mignot, Evelyn, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
109Milwesky, Emily, D.O.G. 1934
Miller, Elva Mae. SEE House, Elva Mae.
110Miller, Ethel Selma, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
111Miller, Jane, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
112Million, Caroline, D.O.G. 1923
113Milne, Susie, D.O.G. 1917
114Miner, Lois, D.O.G. 1926
115Minotta, Rita, D.O.G. 1941
116Moehler, Ruth, D.O.G. 1936
117Monell, Eva Justine, D.O.G. 1919
118Monell, Lois Carol, D.O.G. 1937
119Monteith, Elizabeth B., D.O.G. 1917 (photo)
120Mooney, Helen Grace, D.O.G. 1920
121Mooney, Grace, D.O.G. 1917 (photo)
122Moore, Martha L., D.O.G. 1915
Morra, Dorris. SEE Connors, Doris.
123Morris, Catherine, D.O.G. 1934
124Morrison, Vera, D.O.G. 1931
125Morrow, Sadye, D.O.G. 1916
126Mortensson, Karin, D.O.G. 1928
127Moseley, Helen, D.O.G. 1937
128Moyer, Ardith, D.O.G. 1948 (photo)
Box Folder Contents
51Muller, Frances C., D.O.G. 1940 (photo)
2Muller, Henrietta Anna, D.O.G. 1918
3Murphy, Agnes, D.O.G. 1926
4Murphy, Margaret, D.O.G. 1914
5Musko, Pauline, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
6Musselman, Minerva, D.O.G. 1915
7Mutter, Janice, D.O.G. 1929
8Myer, Rose, D.O.G. 1914
9Myers, Elsie, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
10Myers, Mary Ellen, D.O.G. 1939
11Nagy, Helen, D.O.G. 1940
12Nagy, Helen E., D.O.G. 1940 (photo)
13Napoliello, Florence Theresa, D.O.G. 1938
14Napoliello, Theresa, D.O.G. 1937
Naughton, Katherine. SEE Fleming, Katherine.
15Nealon, Madolyn, D.O.G. 1928
16Neis, Estelle, D.O.G. 1915
17Newcombe, Gladys Ellen, D.O.G. 1920
18Newman, Cecelia, D.O.G. 1937
19Nicholas, Anna, D.O.G. 1927
20Nizborski, Irene, D.O.G. 1948
21Nodecker, Hazel, D.O.G. 1927
22North, Alice, D.O.G. 1918 (photo)
23Nowels, Eleanor Marie, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
24Nuber, Mabel, D.O.G. 1914
25Nugent, Elizabeth L., D.O.G. 1917
26Nulman, Estelle, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
27Nye, Roberta, D.O.G. 1943
28O'Beirne, Kathleen, D.O.G. 1927
29O'Brien, Sarah A., D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
30O'Connor, Anna Veronica, D.O.G. 1939 (photo)
31O'Connor, Catherine, D.O.G. 1914
32O'Donnell, Katherine, D.O.G. 1936
33O'Donoghue, Mary, D.O.G. 1932
34Oechsner, Carolyn Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
35O'Gara, Carolyn, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
36Ohotski, Catherine, D.O.G. 1935
37O'Leary, Margaret, D.O.G. 1918
38Olencik, Rose Marie, D.O.G. 1933
39Orpen, Savilla Mae, D.O.G. 1929
40Owen, Pearl E. , D.O.G. 1915
41Pajer, Viola, D.O.G. 1948
42Palla, Mary, D.O.G. 1936
Palmer, Esther. SEE Ragonese, Esther.
43Pankiewicz, Wanda J., D.O.G. 1939 (photo)
44Parks, Loretta, D.O.G. 1917
45Pasco, Emily Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1944 (photo)
46Pasco, Kathleen, D.O.G. 1944 (photo)
47Paskiewicz, Anella, D.O.G. 1928
48Passafaro, Rowsina, D.O.G. 1939 (photo)
49Pearce, Emily M., D.O.G. 1916
50Peden, Florence, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
51Pepe, Gloria, D.O.G. 1944 (photo)
52Perkins, Beatrice Irene, D.O.G. 1938
53Peters, Helen Anna, D.O.G. 1914
54Peterson, Eleanor Ann, D.O.G. 1946 (photo)
55Petriness, Grace F., D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
56Petro, Nance, D.O.G. 1946 (photo)
57Pfieffer, Charlotte M., D.O.G. 1917
58Pfieffer, Eleanor I., D.O.G. 1923
59Philbin, Ann, D.O.G. 1940
60Pierce, Ethel J., D.O.G. 1939
61Pierson, Doris, D.O.G. 1940 (photo)
62Piper, Joan, D.O.G. 1944
Pirkey, Wendy Thora. SEE Johnson, Wendy Thora.
Pittenger, Katharine. SEE Scharle, Katharine.
63Plott, Lucille, D.O.G. 1935
64Plott, Marjorie C., D.O.G. 1940 (photo)
65Podobed, Victoria, D.O.G. 1940 (photo)
66Policastro, Jeanette, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
67Pollinger, Marie, D.O.G. 1917 (photo)
68Poltorak, Stephanie Caroline, D.O.G. 1946 (photo)
69Pomianek, Mary, D.O.G. 1929
70Porch, Olive, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
71Provost, Viola, D.O.G. 1921
72Prybylowski, Alfreda, D.O.G. 1932
73Purcell, Elizabeth M., D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
74Purves, Nettie, D.O.G. 1918
75Pushee, Thelma, D.O.G. 1930
76Quigley, Jane E., D.O.G. 1935
77Quinn, Emily, D.O.G. 1921
78Quinn, Margaret, D.O.G. 1917
79Quirk, Gladys, D.O.G. 1928
80Radin, Rose, D.O.G. 1935
81Ragonese, Esther, D.O.G. 1938
82Rastocky, Adeline, D.O.G. 1935
83Reardon, Edith, D.O.G. 1921
84Redner, Grace Mary, D.O.G. 1916
85Rehman, Christine, D.O.G. 1915
86Reid, Catherine R., D.O.G. 1925
87Reilly, Genevieve, D.O.G. 1926
88Reinhardt, Margaret, D.O.G. 1918
89Reiter, Angeline, D.O.G. 1916 (photo)
90Richards, Antoinette M., D.O.G. 1917 (photo)
Richards, Elizabeth M. SEE Feeley, Elizabeth M.
91Rickert, Margaret L., D.O.G. 1922
92Riker, Bessie, D.O.G. 1916
93Ring, Catherine Drexel, D.O.G. 1919
94Ring, Julia Marie, D.O.G. 1921
95Ring, Veronica, D.O.G. 1917
96Ripp, Anna, D.O.G. 1931
97Riveles, Rachel, D.O.G. 1918 (photo)
98Robertson, Ann Van Antwerp, D.O.G. 1925
99Robinson, Ruth, D.O.G. 1923
100Roche, Janet Catherine, D.O.G. 1936
101Roe, Lou Myra, D.O.G. 1916 (photo)
102Rogers, Loretta, D.O.G. 1927
103Rohrig, Matilda, D.O.G. 1918
104Rolinitis, Lenore, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
105Romano, Emma, D.O.G. 1923
106Roolvink, Geraldine, D.O.G. 1932
107aRosen, Grace S., D.O.G. 1935
107bRosen (Rose), Mildred, D.O.G. 1936
108Rosenkrans, Vivian, D.O.G. 1922
109Rossbach, Rose, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
110Rossi, Phyllis, D.O.G. 1921
111Rosson, Ellen F., D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
112Royer, Esther, D.O.G. 1936
113Ruggiero, Ida Mary, D.O.G. 1926
114Russack, Helen, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
115Russo, Jean, D.O.G. 1938
116Ryk, Mary, D.O.G. 1944 (photo)
117Sagardi, Irma, D.O.G. 1931
Saidler, Sarah E. SEE Mickens, Sarah E.
118Sama, Josephine, D.O.G. 1948
119Samble, Eleanor E., D.O.G. 1936
120Samborski, Luby, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
121Sanecka, Aleksander Janina, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
122Santillo, Louise, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
123Satzger, Florence, D.O.G. 1941 (photo)
124Savidge, A. Virginia, D.O.G. 1940
125Schaar, Elizabeth Mary, D.O.G. 1938 (photo)
126Schachter, Dorothy Jean, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
127Schaffernoth, Ella, D.O.G. 1941 (photo)
128Schantz, Kathryn, D.O.G. 1914
129Schanz, Ruth, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
130Scharle, Katharine, D.O.G. 1928
131Scharer, Margaret, D.O.G. 1945
132Schenk, Bernice W., D.O.G. 1935
133Schenk, Sarah Wallington, D.O.G. 1919
134Schessler, Eleanor, D.O.G. 1940
135Schilling, Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1923
136Schneider, Alfreda, D.O.G. 1938
137Schneider, Constance, D.O.G. 1939 (photo)
138Scholes, Stella, D.O.G. 1917
139Scholhamer, Evelyn Loretta, D.O.G. 1938
140Scholl, Eunice, D.O.G. 1930
Schreck, Hazel. SEE Wilever, Hazel.
Box Folder Contents
61Schuse, Alice, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
2Schuse, Helen Ann, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
3Schuster, Rose M., D.O.G. 1917
4Schutzer, Florence, D.O.G. 1940 (photo)
5Schwartz, Marie, D.O.G. 1935
6Schwartz, Marion, D.O.G. 1940 (photo)
7Schweizer, Elsie, D.O.G. 1916 (photo)
8Scorca, Chiara, D.O.G. 1944 (photo)
9aScott, Dorothy May, D.O.G. 1925
Sedgley, Alfreda. SEE Schneider, Alfreda.
9bSee, Dorothy Coleman, D.O.G. 1907 (items from 1942)
10Seiders, Mary E., D.O.G. 1926
11Sellick, May, D.O.G. 1921
12Senecal, Nita Maybel, D.O.G. 1914
13Shak, Anne M., D.O.G. 1937
14Shaljian, Rose, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
15Shampanore, Kathryn, D.O.G. 1923
16Shattuck, Vivian, D.O.G. 1937
17Shaughnessy, Esther Costello, D.O.G. 1918 (photo)
18Sheehan, Agnes Marie, D.O.G. 1929
19Sheninger, Losi, D.O.G. 1937
20Shiller, Shirley, D.O.G. 1940 (photo)
21Shoemaker, Alice Marie, D.O.G. 1938
22Shoemaker, Mary Ann, D.O.G. 1949 (photo)
23Shuttleworth, Alice Mae, D.O.G. 1934
24Sielski, Dora, D.O.G. 1932
25Sikora, Amelia Margaret, D.O.G. 1946 (photo)
26Silecchia, Nancy, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
27Silver, Sarah, D.O.G. 1937
28Silvers, Doris Wood, D.O.G. 1919
29Simpson, Jennie, D.O.G. 1915
30Singer, Doris, D.O.G. 1929
31Sinclair, Barbara, D.O.G. 1941 (photo)
32Sirback, Helen, D.O.G. 1937
33Singleton, Linda Louise, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
34Skidmore, Ruth, D.O.G. 1941 (photo)
35Slater, Dorothy, ca. 1940 (photo)
36Slizza, Elaine Patricia, D.O.G. 1954 (photo)
37Slockbower, Isabel, D.O.G. 1944
38Smakula, Rose, D.O.G. 1934
39Smarsh, Eva, D.O.G. 1938
40Smink, Ruth K., D.O.G. 1916 (photo)
41Smith, Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1917
42Smith, Florence Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1918
43Smith, Florence Margaret, D.O.G. 1915
44/45Smith, Miriam, D.O.G. 1936
Smithen, Roberta. SEE Nye, Roberta.
46Sodergren, Joyce Clara, D.O.G. 1948 (photo)
47Sole, Aida Eleanor Ligia, D.O.G. 1926
48Sorrentino, Constance Carmela, D.O.G. 1948
49Soule, Florence, D.O.G. 1926
50Souweine, Carol, D.O.G. 1937
51Spaeth, Marguerite, D.O.G. 1940 (photo)
52Sparta, Mary Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1933
53Spector, Helen, D.O.G. 1923
54Speziale, Angela Anna, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
55Stagg, Lucille, D.O.G. 1926
56Staley, Beatrice, withdrawal 1933
57Staniel, Anna M., D.O.G. 1936
58Star, Nellie E., D.O.G. 1914
59Stempien, Helen, D.O.G. 1946 (photo)
60Stevenson, Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1924
61Stover, Helen M., D.O.G. 1929
62Straka, Helen, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
63Streeter, Lola, D.O.G. 1933
64Streng, Caroline, D.O.G. 1917 (photo)
65Strzelecki, Josephine Johanna, D.O.G. 1946
66Sullivan, Grace Lillian, D.O.G. 1919
67Sutherland, Dorothy Florence, D.O.G. 1933
68Svenson, Marjorie, D.O.G. 1937
69Swatska, Margaret Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1936
70Swenson, Esther, D.O.G. 1915
71Swenson, Judith Marie, D.O.G. 1915
72Szawlosky, Wanda, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
73Tallman, Jeannette, D.O.G. 1929
74Tamule, Evelyn, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
Tansill, Mabel F. SEE Dobbs, Mabel F.
75Tenis, Julia, D.O.G. 1941 (photo)
76Terry, Beatrice, D.O.G. 1926
77Tiernan, Margaret C., D.O.G. 1931
78Tilton, Mary, D.O.G. 1914
79Tinney, Amy, D.O.G. 1917 (photo)
80Tobia, Maria Filomena, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
81Todd, Dolores Catherine, D.O.G. 1946 (photo)
82Tollman, Iva Madge, D.O.G. 1917
83Trant, Kathleen, D.O.G. 1941 (photo)
84Traynor, Sarah V., D.O.G. 1918
85Treloar, Alice, D.O.G. 1923
86Tremack, Nina, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
87Trembely, Florence Irene, D.O.G. 1919
88Tresham, Margaret, D.O.G. 1932
89Trzcinski, Florence Mary, D.O.G. 1944 (photo)
90Tully, Eileen Rose, D.O.G. 1948 (photo)
91Tunis, Gertrude, D.O.G. 1929
92Turner, Jean, D.O.G. 1935
93Tyers, Kathleen, D.O.G. 1926
94Tyluki, Ann, D.O.G. 1941
95Valentine, Dorothy, D.O.G. 1920
96Vandenberg, Ruth, D.O.G. 1945 (photo)
97aVandenburgh, Genevieve, D.O.G. 1926
97bVanderbilt, Hollie Anne, withdrawal 1963 (photo)
98Van der Does de Bye, Doris, D.O.G. 1937
99aVan der Schalie, Viola Constance, D.O.G. 1947
99bVan de Sande, Regina, withdrawal 1957 (photo)
100Van Dusen, Iva, D.O.G. 1931
101Van Gulick, Ann C., D.O.G. 1936
102Van Hise, Mary, D.O.G. 1945
103Van Keuren, Bertha, D.O.G. 1917
104aVan Riper, Helen, D.O.G. 1926
104bVan Wingerden, Christine, withdrawal 1965 (photo)
105Vaughn, Nellie, D.O.G. 1926
106Veith, Virginia, D.O.G. 1934
107Verillo, Jennie, D.O.G. 1946 (photo)
108Vesko, Esther, D.O.G. 1948
109Vezzose, Josephine, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
110Videyko, Helen, D.O.G. 1946 (photo)
111Vieweg, Mildred, D.O.G. 1925
112Villane, Mary Ann, D.O.G. 1949 (photo)
113Vindkewicz, Helen, D.O.G. 1940 (photo)
114Vitucci, Ruth Catherine, D.O.G. 1946 (photo)
115Vlosky, Dorothy, D.O.G. 1939 (photo)
116Voelker, Mary Margaret, D.O.G. 1932
117Voorhees, Maybelle, D.O.G. 1931
118Vozne, Mary, D.O.G. 1944 (photo)
119Vreeland, Janet Sindle, D.O.G. 1919
120Vreeland, Ruth Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1941 (photo)
121Wade, Catherine, D.O.G. 1933
122Wade, Ella Marie, D.O.G. 1929
123Wagner, Bertha O., D.O.G. 1917
124Wagner, Lena, D.O.G. 1915
125Wallace, Ruth Louise, D.O.G. 1944
126Wallander, Matilda, D.O.G. 1926
127Walsh, Helen, D.O.G. 1940 (photo)
Box Folder Contents
71Walter, Florence, D.O.G. 1941
2Wanat, Helen, D.O.G. 1940
3Ward, Hazel, D.O.G. 1948 (photo)
4Ward, Ruth Veronica, D.O.G. 1928
5Waters, Phyllis B., D.O.G. 1948 (photo)
6Watson, Nora, D.O.G. 1922
7Waverczak, Helen, D.O.G. 1937
8Weatherhead, Ethel Mary, D.O.G. 1929
9Weimar, Emilia, D.O.G. 1915
10Welsh, Dora Lee, D.O.G. 1929
11Welsh, Sylvia, D.O.G. 1938
12Werner, Laura, D.O.G. 1924
13Westervelt, Ella D., D.O.G. 1921
14Weyand, Genevieve, D.O.G. 1930
15Weyersberg, Hilda, D.O.G. 1934
16Weyersberg, Margaret Joan, D.O.G. 1938
17White, Aileen D., D.O.G. 1929
18White, Jean, D.O.G. 1944
19White, Roberta, D.O.G. 1946 (photo)
20Whitehead, Luella, D.O.G. 1916 (photo)
21Wick, Marjorie, D.O.G. 1931
22Wiggins, Margaret S., D.O.G. 1915
23Wilever, Hazel, D.O.G. 1927
24Wilhelm, Doris Muriel, D.O.G. 1933
25Wilkerson, Bertha, D.O.G. 1932
26Wilkinson, Florence Alice, D.O.G. 1929
27Willcoxson, Ruth, D.O.G. 1931
28Williams, Dorothy, D.O.G. 1930
29Williams, Florence, D.O.G. 1943 (photo)
30Williams, Jeanette, D.O.G. 1933
31Williams, Mary Frances, D.O.G. 1923
32Willis, Mary Lou, withdrawal 1961 (photo)
Box Folder Contents
81Wills, Dorothy, D.O.G. 1939 (photo)
2Willsea, Sarah Catherine, D.O.G. 1916
3Wilson, Virginia, D.O.G. 1939 (photo)
4Winegar, Ruth, D.O.G. 1916
5Wingert, Anna M., D.O.G. 1941 (photo)
6Winroth, Mabel Harriet, D.O.G. 1946 (photo)
7Witteh, Mina, D.O.G. 1918
8Wolf, Charlotte, D.O.G. 1948
9Wolf, Virginia, D.O.G. 1944
10Wolff, Viloa, withdrawal 1962 (photo)
11Wood, Judith, withdrawal 1959 (photo)
12Woods, Helen Agnes, D.O.G. 1918
13Worbitz, Stephanie, D.O.G. 1929
14aWort, Margaret S.W., ca. 1938
14bWychoff, Elizabeth, D.O.G. 1939 (photo)
15Yacyla, Mary Evelyn, D.O.G. 1939
16Yankanich, Helen, D.O.G. 1936
17Yard, Bessie, D.O.G. 1915
18Yawger, Jean Mildred, D.O.G. 1947 (photo)
19Zakaluk, Anne, D.O.G. 1943
20Zakaluk, Helen, D.O.G. 1943
21Zakaluk, Mary, D.O.G. 1936
22Zakaluk, Tekla (Tillie), D.O.G. 1938
23Zakaluk, Vera, D.O.G. 1946
24Zaplatynski, Stella, D.O.G. 1939 (photo)
25Zarnick, Florence Ann, D.O.G. 1946 (photo)
26Zarro, Helen, D.O.G. 1941 (photo)
27Zeis, Anna Dorothy, D.O.G. 1930
28Zipf, Mildred, D.O.G. 1928
29Zito, Rose, D.O.G. 1942 (photo)
30Zucker, Nettie, D.O.G. 1927
31Zutter, Louise, D.O.G. 1922

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