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April 1999

Record Group RG/J
Accession Numbers:

91-51, 92-63, 93-36, 94-17, 97-21, 99-03, 91-90, 92-65, 93-58, 94-48, 92-115, 93-86, 94-96, 98-02, 92-149, 93-97, 94-99, 98-21, 92-172, 93-87, 98-26, 95-26, 96-09, 96-10, 96-77


The records of the School of Osteopathic Medicine date from 1973, with bulk dates from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s. The records total approximately 4 linear feet. They form Record Group RG/J in the Bergen University Archives. The records are open for research without restriction under the conditions of the Archives' access policy.

Organizational History

While medical education was readily available to students in Northern and Central New Jersey through New Jersey Medical and Robert Wood Johnson Medical Schools, South Jersey was not as well served. To rectify the problem of inadequate healthcare in South Jersey, Senate Bill No. 1540 establishing the South Jersey Medical Education Program (SJMEP) was introduced by the New Jersey Legislature on December 19, 1974.* The bill was signed into law by Governor Brendan Byrne on April 9, 1975. It required the College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (CMDNJ) to expand both allopathic and osteopathic components. CMDNJ-Rutgers Medical School (RMS) developed the allopathic program at Camden in 1980, and CMDNJ would develop a new osteopathic program. The SJMEP was approved as a "school without walls" where students would obtain their basic science coursework on the Newark and Piscataway Campuses, and complete their third and fourth year clinical training at South Jersey Hospitals.

SOM Students with Bergen & Cohen

A planning office for developing the School of Osteopathic Medicine (SOM) was established at Cooper Hospital/University Medical Center under the initial direction of Agnes (Betty) E. McGinnis. Dr. Fred C. Tinning, on leave as assistant dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University, was hired as acting dean for the emerging school. Classes were originally scheduled to begin September 1976, but were delayed until the following September because of inadequate state funding. On December 16, 1976, the State Board of Higher Education formally voted to establish what was first known as the New Jersey School of Osteopathic Medicine. On February 10, 1977, CMDNJ appointed Benjamin L. Cohen, DO to serve as the first official dean.

The charter class of twenty-two men and two women matriculated the following September. In 1979, the first class began clinical training at John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Stratford, and graduated in 1981.

SOM established three Centers of Excellence to meet the healthcare needs of targeted populations; there are now five. The Centers are: the Center for Aging, Center for Children's Support, Center for Health Promotion and Wellness (Wellness Center), the University Back Pain Center, and the University Headache Center. The Education and Research Building, on the developing Stratford Campus, was opened in 1990. It brought programs from Stratford and Piscataway together in a single location. Ground breaking for the Academic and Science Centers was held on November 14, 1991. Dedicated in 1993, the Stratford Centers unified all SOM programs on one campus for the first time in its history.

Deans of the School of Osteopathic Medicine:
Fred Tinning, PhD (Acting, 1976-1977)
Benjamin L. Cohen, DO (Dean, 1977-1985)
Robert M. Fogel, DO (Acting, 1986)
Frederick J. Humphrey II, DO (Dean, 1986-Present)


Many records in Series I (without accession numbers) were transferred into the Archives by Ms. Agnes E. McGinnis (former Director of Administrative Planning-NJSOM) in November 1980, and Mr. Phillip Rosenstein (former University Librarian) in February 1981. Several records in Series 2, 3, and 6 were donated by Dr. Stanley S. Bergen, Jr. (UMDNJ President Emeritus) in July 1980. The records are continually added as materials are donated by students, faculty, and staff.

Scope and Content Note

The records of SOM date from 1973 to the present. The formation, establishment, and early work of the School is well documented through in-house publications and newsclippings. However, more recent material is lacking. There is also a run of the School's yearbook Articulations, from 1982 to the present, in the Archives' Office.

The collection contains ten series including Publications, Newsclippings, Legislation, Correspondence and Memoranda, Reports and Statistical Information, South Jersey Medical Education Program (SJMEP), Center for Aging, and Alumni Association. Two series remains open for future records.

For additional material regarding the SOM, please see Record Group G-Rutgers Medical School, Series 22: South Jersey Medical Education Program, 1972-1978.

Series Description

This series contains in-house publications of the SOM. Records types include: course catalogs, curriculum and student handbooks (combined and continued as "Education Handbooks" from 1996 onward), Shareholder's Reports (i. e. Dean's Annual Reports), Summer Student Research Program reports, yearbooks, brochures, flyers, programs and invitations, newsletters, and miscellaneous publications. Initially, the series is organized by record type, and then by chronological or alphabetical order. Empty folders have been inserted for future records. Please note that a run of SOM yearbooks from 1982 to the present is held in the Archives' Office.

This series documents the conception, formation, and establishment of the SOM. Materials include photocopies of articles from CMDNJ newsletters, news releases, and clippings from New Jersey newspapers. There is also a scrapbook of original clippings from 1973 to 1980, which is housed separately in an oversized box. Materials are arranged first by document type, then chronologically.

This series contains copies of five New Jersey State legislative bills and resolutions from the NJ Senate, General Assembly, and Board of Higher Education. The records document the establishment and development of the SOM and the SJMEP. Materials are arranged first by document type, then chronologically.

Series 4 chronicles the early operations of the SJMEP, SOM, and affiliated teaching hospitals such as Our Lady of Lourdes and Cooper Hospitals. Letters discuss the foundation and development of the SJMEP, SOM and various hospital departments. Records include photocopies, and original typed and handwritten documents. Materials are arranged chronologically.

This series documents a decade of work at the SOM. Report topics include Residency Training in area hospitals, health professions education and policy, SOM Self Studies, and a summary of the first faculty retreat in 1981. Records are organized chronologically.

This series focuses upon the operation and planning phases of the SJMEP. The Program was established in 1975 as an effort to fulfill the healthcare needs of Southern New Jersey residents. Record types include position papers, status reports, meeting minutes, correspondence, grant proposals, budget plans, hospital agreements, and newsclippings. There are some duplicate materials in this series. Several empty folders have been placed at the end of this series for future records. For additional information regarding the SJMEP, researchers should see Series 3 and 4, Box 3, Folders 1-6.

The Center for Aging is one of five centers affiliated with the SOM. It began in May 1983 as a comprehensive program at SOM's Department of Medicine in geriatrics and gerontology. The program included areas of education, research, and services delivery. In April 1987, the UMDNJ-SOM Center for Aging was established as a separate facility that encouraged the multidisciplinary nature of geriatric medicine. Clinical Services included a geriatric ambulatory health care service, an assessment program, an Alzheimer's evaluation program, a mobile health care van, and acute and long-term care via nursing home and day care programs. Thomas A. Cavalieri, DO, was hired as the first Director in 1986.

Record types include annual reports, brochures, flyers, and booklets. Materials are arranged in alphabetical order; empty folders have been inserted for future records.

The Alumni Association records consist of flyers announcing Annual Fall Dinners and the alumni newsletter, SOM Alumni Today. The newsletter was published from 1988 to 1991, and then re-started in 1993.



RG/J-1 Publications Box List

Box Folder Contents
11Catalogs. CMDNJ-New Jersey SOM, 1978-1980.
2Catalogs. CMDNJ-New Jersey SOM, 3rd Year Program, 1979-1980.
3Catalogs. CMDNJ-New Jersey SOM, 1980-1982.
4Catalogs. UMDNJ-New Jersey SOM, 1982-1984.
5Catalogs. UMDNJ-SOM, 1985-1987.
6Catalogs. UMDNJ-SOM, 1989-1991.
7Catalogs. UMDNJ-SOM, 1992-1993.
8Curriculum Handbook. 3rd & 4th Year, 1989-1990. [92-63]
9Curriculum Handbook. 1st & 2nd Year, 1991-1992. [92-63]
10Curriculum Handbook, 1993-1994 [96-09]
11Curriculum Handbook, 1994-1995. [96-09] [97-21]
12Curriculum Handbook. Clinical Years, 1994-1995. [96-09]
13Curriculum Handbook, 1995-1996. [98-21]
14Education Handbook, 1996-1998. [98-02]
15Education Handbook, 1998-2000.
21Shareholder's Report (Dean's Annual Report), 1989. [92-65]
22Shareholder's Update (Dean's Annual Report), 1991. [93-86]
23Shareholder's Update (Dean's Annual Report), Spring 1994. [94-96]
24Shareholder's Update (Dean's Annual Report), Spring 1997. [98-26]
28Summer Student Research Program: Report of Accomplishments, 1993. [94-99]
29Summer Student Research Program: Report of Accomplishments, 1994.
30Summer Student Research Program: Report of Accomplishments, 1995.[96-97]
35Student Handbook. CMDNJ-RMS/NJSOM, 1977.
36Student Handbook. UMDNJ-NJSOM, 1982-1983. [91-48]
37Student Handbook. UMDNJ-SOM, 1988-1989.
38Student Handbook, 1992-1993. [96-10]
39Student Handbook, 1994-1995. [96-10]
40Yearbook. Articulations, 1984.

RG/J-1 Publications Box List

Brochures & Flyers, Programs & Invitations

Box Folder Contents
21Brochures. Miscellaneous.
2Admissions Brochures, 1988-1989.
3Admissions Brochures, 1989-1990. [92-63]
4Admissions Brochures, 1991-1992. [92-65] [92-172]
5Admissions Viewbook. Osteopathic Medicine, 1991. [92-115]
6Brochures, ca. 1990. [91-51] [92-172]
7Brochures, 1991. [92-63] [92-172]
8Bumpersticker, ca. 1989. [92-65]
9"Celebrating 100 Years of Osteopathic Medicine, Oct. 3 1992...". Flyers and Programs, 1992. [93-58]
10"Clinical Clerkship in NJ." Brochure, 1992. [93-58]
11"Decade Strong and Growing." Brochure, 1986. [92-115] [92-172]
12Dept. of Psychiatry. Clinical Clerkships in Psychiatry. Brochure, n.d. [92-115]
13Fellowship Training Program in Geriatric Medicine and Dentistry. Brochure, n. d. [92-115]
14Psychiatric Residency Program. Brochure, n. d. [92-115]
15South Jersey Housing. Brochure, ca. 1991.
16"University Doctors Serving Southern NJ in 7 Convenient Locations." Brochure, 1993. [93-97]
17Wellness Center. Brochures, n. d. [92-115] [92-172]
18'92 5K Race. Brochures and Flyers, Oct. 3, 1992. [93-36]
21Academic Center and Science Center Addiction. Dedication. Programs, Invitations, and Flyers, Nov. 10, 1993. (also includes one tile coaster w/ image of Academic Center) [94-50]
22Campus Dedication & Holiday Celebration (Artwork). Program, Dec. 14, 1995.
23Champions Walk-a-thon. Program, Oct. 18, 1992. [93-58]
24Convocation and Graduate Reception. Program & Invitation, May 16, 1992. [92-149]
25Faculty Meeting Reception and Dinner. Program, Dec. 13, 1995.
26Graduation Ceremony. Program for Interns, Residents, and Fellows. Programs, June 5, 1992. [92-63]
27Groundbreaking. Marking the Unification in Southern NJ. Invitation, June 9, 1988.
28Groundbreaking. For SOM-Stratford. Program & Invitation, Nov. 14, 1991. [92-63]

RG/J-1 Publications Box List

Programs & Invitations, Newsletters, Miscellaneous Publications.

Box Folder Contents
229Reception Honoring Drs. Cavalieri, Findley, and McAbee. Invitation, May 8, 1996.
40Family Health Matters. Newsletter. Vol. 1 No. 1, Summer 1995.
41Friends of the Children News. Newsletter. Vol. 1 No. 1, 1995.
42Good News. Newsletter. Sept. 1994 (1st issue) - Fall 1998.
43Good News. Newsletter., 1999.
46Health Ambassador.Newsletter, Summer 1993 (1st issue).
47News from the Hill. Newsletter. Vol. 2 No. 1, Dec. 1995.
48Newsletter. Newsletter, 1987-1988 w/ gaps.
49Sports Care. Newsletter. Vol. 1 No. 1, Fall 1990.
52Physician Desk Reference Guide. Publication, ca. 1988. [92-63]
53The University Doctors of the UMDNJ-SOM. Calendar, 1993. [93-97]

RG/J-2 Newsclippings Box List

Box Folder Contents
257Articles from To Health. Newsclipping, Oct. 1976, July 1977.
58Article from CMDNJ Bulletin. Newsclipping, June 1980.
59Articles from COMMAND, July 1977-August 1980.
60Newsreleases, 1976.
61Newsreleases, 1977.
62Newsreleases, 1978.
63Newsreleases, 1979.
64Newsreleases, 1980.
65Newsclippings, 1973-1974. [Bergen]
66Newsclippings, 1976-1977. [Bergen]
67Newsclippings, 1978-1980.[Bergen]

RG/J-3 Legislation Box List

Box Folder Contents
31Legislative Acts (copies of NJ States legislative bills), 1974-1980.
2Resolutions (from Board of Higher Education and other state offices), 1975-1979.

RG/J-4 Correspondence & memoranda box list

Box Folder Contents
33Dec. 1974-Jan. 1975.
4March 1975-Dec. 1976.
5Jan. 1977-March 1977.
6April 1977-Jan. 1978.

RG/J-5 Reports & Statistical Information Box List

Box Folder Contents
41"Approved Residencies in Area Hospitals with over 200 Beds," Nov. 4, 1974.
2"Scope and Cost of Health Professions Education." Dept. of Higher Education, April 10, 1979.
3CMDNJ-NJSOM Self Study-1980, August 1, 1980 (part 1).
4CMDNJ-NJSOM Self Study-1980, August 1, 1980 (part 2-appendices).
5CMDNJ-NJSOM Self Study-1980, August 1, 1980 (copy 2). [99-03]
6Summary Report of the First Faculty Retreat, Jan. 30-Feb. 1, 1981.
7Feasibility Study for a Health Policy Institute in NJ, ca. 1984.

RG/J-6 South Jersey Medical Education Program Box List

Box Folder Contents
2April-Dec. 1975. (Affiliation w/ Cooper Hospital)
3South Jersey Task Force. Minutes, June-Dec. 1975.
41975-1976. [93-98]
5Feb.-June 1976.
6July 1976.
7August-Oct. 1976.
8Grant Proposal to Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare to Establish (start-up) SOM, 1976.
9"CMDNJ-SOM Overview" by Benjamin L. Cohen, DO (Dean), Jan. 1978.
10Status Report, Sept. 1979.

RG/J-7 Center For Aging Box List

Box Folder Contents
516Annual Report, 1985-1986. [94-17]
17Annual Report, 1986-1987. [94-17]
18Annual Report, 1988. [94-17]
19Annual Report, 1989. [94-17]
20Annual Report, 1990. [94-17]
21Annual Report, 1991. [94-17]
22Annual Report, 1992. [94-17]
27Brochures. [94-17]
28Brochures. [92-115] [92-172]
29Annual Conference Program. Brochures, 1986-1990. [94-17]
30"In Response to a Growing Elderly Population." Brochure, n. d.
31Geriatric Education Center. Brochures, ca. 1993. [92-115]
32Geriatric Education Center. Intensive Geriatric Review Course Program. Brochures, 1991, 1993. [94-17]
33Geriatric Education Center. Intensive Interdisciplinary Training Program in Geriatrics/Gerontology. Flyers, 1992-1993. [94-17]
36Geriatric Education Center. Library Resource Guide & Network. Booklet and Brochure, 1986-1991. [94-17]

RG/J-8 Alumni Association Box List

Box Folder Contents
61Annual Fall Dinner. Flyers, 1987-Current. [91-90]
2SOM Alumni Today. Newsletter. Vol. 1 No. 1 - Vol. 4 No. 1, Jan. 1988-April 1991 (last issue).
3SOMAlumni Today. Vol. 1 No. 1-Vol. 4 No. 2. Fall 1993-1997, w/ gaps.

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