UMDNJ-Department of University Affairs: Records, 1954-2013

UMDNJ-Department of University Affairs
Records, 1954-2013
A Guide to the Collection
June 1981

Revised June 2005
82-15, 93-43, 96-27, 96-81, 05-02

Department History

The Department of University Affairs advances the University's mission through:

  • A comprehensive program of publications to inform readers about University news, trends in health care, research breakthroughs, advances in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease
  • A news service and media resource to provide public information and support media relations
  • A university events planning service
  • The Custodian of Public Records

The Department of University Affairs was previously known as CMDNJ-Department of Public Affairs (1970-1981) and later as UMDNJ-Department of Government and Public Affairs (1982-2004) until November 2004, when the name was changed to more accurately reflect its mission.

Scope & Content

The record group primarily documents the Department's news service function. University publications produced by the Department and its antecedent units are filed, however, in RG/C, University Publications.

The records of the Office of Government & Public Affairs were received in several installments from members of department staff. Records date from 1954 to the present but the majority date to the late 1980s. Files primarily include news releases, and newspaper clippings and articles documenting the people, places, and events in the histories of the Seton Hall College of Medicine & Dentistry, the New Jersey College of Medicine & Dentistry, the College of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, and the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey. The records are divided into six series: A. Public Affairs News Releases and Clippings, 1954-current; B. Scrapbooks of Clippings, 1955-79; C. Jan Kesling Records, 1980-88; D. Raritan Valley Hospital, Green Brook, NJ, 1970-81; E. Photographs, 1982-2000; and F. Videocassettes.

Provenance: Records transferred from the Office of Public Affairs, June 1, 1982 (82-15); transferred by Jan Kesling, August 31, 1992 (93-43); transferred by Mark O'Connell, September 12-13, 1995 (96-27); transferred by Mark O'Connell, April 6, 1996 (96-81); transferred by Government & Public Affairs, September 2001 (05-02).

Size of Collection: 40 linear feet

Series Descriptions & Container Lists

Public Affairs News Releases and Clippings, 1954-current: Series contains news releases issued by the Government & Public Affairs Office. Topics covered include CMDNJ events, faculty, staff, students, and programs. The series was continually updated at the end of each month. The releases for the years 1978-1980 are arranged in numerical order and titled "news from CMDNJ". The releases from 1981 are arranged in chronological order according to their release date, not their copy date and titled "CMDNJ NEWS". Over time, news releases were not collected but clippings regarding UMDNJ, and healthcare in New Jersey and nationally, continue to be collected. There is one file of correspondence.

BoxFolder ContentsDates
 2Clippings1954 - 1959 w/gaps
 3Clippings1960-1965 w/gaps
 4News Release1966
 6News Release1967
 9Clippings1969-1971 w/gaps
 10News Release1975
 11News Release1977
 12News Release1978 (78-0010117-780880905)
 13News Release1978 (780900815-78-1480124)
 14News Release1979 (79-0010110-79-136119)
 15News Release1980 (80-0280521-80-09960709)
 16ClippingsOct. 1980
 17ClippingsNov.-Dec. 1980
 18News ReleaseJan.-June 1981
 19News ReleaseJuly-Dec. 1981
 20News Release1981 (81-0080803-81-0431123)
 21ClippingsJan-June 1982
 22ClippingsJuly-Dec. 1981
 23News ReleaseJan.-June 1982
 24News ReleaseJuly-Dec. 1982
 25News Release1982 (82-00101106-82-0901223)
 26ClippingsJan.-June 1982
 27ClippingsJuly-Oct. 1982
 28ClippingsNov. 1982
 29ClippingsDec. 1982
21News ReleasesJan.-June 1983
 2News ReleasesJuly-Dec. 1983
 3News Releases1983
 4News Releases1983 (83-002017-83-0680531)
 5Clippings Jan. 1983
 6ClippingsFeb. 1983
 7ClippingsMar. 1983
 8ClippingsApr. 1983
 9ClippingsMay 1983
 10ClippingsJune 1983
 11ClippingsJuly 1983
 12ClippingsAugust 1983
 13ClippingsSeptember 1983
 14ClippingsOctober 1983
 15ClippingsNovember 1983
 16ClippingsDecember 1983
 17News ReleaseJan.-June 1984
 18News ReleaseJuly-Dec. 1984
 19News Release1984 (84-0040112-84-0350329)
 20News Release1987 (84-051043-84-1701227)
 21ClippingsJan. 1984
 22ClippingsFeb. 1984
 23ClippingsMar. 1984
 24ClippingsApr. 1984
 25ClippingsMay 1984
 26ClippingsJune 1984
 27ClippingsJuly 1984
 28ClippingsAug. 1984
 29ClippingsSept. 1984
 30ClippingsOct. 1984
 31ClippingsNov. 1984
 32ClippingsDec. 1984
31ClippingsJan. 1985
 2ClippingsFeb. 1985
 3ClippingsMar. 1985
 4ClippingsApr. 1985
 5ClippingsMay 1985
 6ClippingsJune 1985
 7ClippingsJuly 1985
 8ClippingsAug. 1985
 9ClippingsSept. 1985
 10ClippingsOct. 1985
 11ClippingsNov. 1985
 12ClippingsDec. 1985
 13News ReleasesJan.-June 1985
 14News ReleasesJuly-Dec. 1985
 15News Releases1985 (85-0020104-85-0480426)
 16News Releases1985 (85-050426-85-223)
41Clippings & News ReleaseJan.-March 1986
 2News ReleasesApr. 1986
 3ClippingsApr. 1986
 4ClippingsMay 1986
 5News ReleasesMay 1986
 6ClippingsJune 1986
 7ClippingsJuly 1986
 8ClippingsAug. 1986
 9News ReleasesJune-Aug. 1986
 10ClippingsSept. 1986
 11News ReleasesSept. 1986
 12ClippingsOct. 1986
 13ClippingsOct. 1986
 14News ReleasesOct. 1986
 15ClippingsNov. 1986
 16News ReleasesNov. 1986
 17ClippingsDec. 1986
 18News ReleasesDec. 1986
51ClippingsJan. 1987
 2News ReleasesJan. 1987
 3ClippingsFeb. 1987
 4News ReleasesFeb. 1987
 5ClippingsMarch 1987
 6News ReleasesMarch 1987
 7ClippingsApril 1987
 8News ReleasesApril 1987
 9ClippingsMay 1987
 10News Releases1987
 11ClippingsJune 1987
 12News ReleasesJune 1987
 13ClippingsJuly 1987
 14News ReleasesJuly 1987
 15ClippingsAug. 1987
 16News ReleasesAug. 1987
 17ClippingsSept. 1987
 18News ReleasesSept. 1987
61ClippingsOct. 1987
 2ClippingsNov. 1987
 3ClippingsDec. 1987
 4News ReleasesOct.-Dec. 1987
 5ClippingsJan. 1988
 6ClippingsFeb. 1988
 7ClippingsMarch 1988
 8ClippingsApr. 1988
 9ClippingsMay 1988
 10ClippingsJune 1988
 11ClippingsJuly 1988
 12ClippingsAug. 1988
 13ClippingsSept. 1988
71ClippingsNov. 1988
 2ClippingsDec. 1988
 3News ReleasesJan.-June 1988
 4News ReleasesJuly-Dec. 1988
 5ClippingsJan. 1989
 6ClippingsFeb. 1989
 7ClippingsMar. 1989
 8ClippingsApr. 1989
 9ClippingsMay 1989
 10ClippingsJune 1989
 11ClippingsJuly 1989
 12ClippingsAug. 1989
 13ClippingsSept. 1989
81ClippingsOct. 1989
 2ClippingsNov. 1989
 3ClippingsDec. 1989
 4News ReleasesJan.-Mar. 1989
 5News ReleasesApr.-June 1989
 6News ReleasesJuly-Sept. 1989
 7News ReleasesOct.-Dec. 1989
 8ClippingsJan. 1990
 9News ReleasesJan. 1990
 10ClippingsFeb. 1990
 11News ReleasesFeb. 1990
 12ClippingsMarch 1990
 13News ReleasesMarch 1990
 14ClippingsApril 1990
 15News ReleasesApril 1990
9 ClippingMay 1990-March 1991
10  April 1991-March 1992
11  April 1992-February 1993
12  March 1993-Feb. 1994
13  March 1994-April 1995
14  May 1995-Dec. 1996
15  1997
16  1998
17  1999
18  2000
19  2001
20  2002
21  2003
22  2004
23  2005

Series A
Public Affairs News Releases, 1978-1981:
The descriptions for the news releases below were part of the original collection processing and provide more detail than those described above. They pertain to the news releases in boxes 1 and 2 only.
 Folder # 1- Jan Kesling to Head Public Government Affairs at CMDNJ 78-02207111
 CMDNJ to Develop Cardiac Rehab Plan for Hospital Use 78-0781017 
 George Fontaine Named Top Citizen by CMDNJ's Concerned Citizens Board 78-0800803  
 Using Advance Hormone Treatment, CMDNJ Specialists Successfully Treat Certain Infertile Women 78-0810927 
 To Replace Martland - College Hospital Becomes CMDNJ Unit - Officially 78-0821016 
 Sterling West Named CMDNJ Security Chief 78-0830809 
 CMDNJ Awarded 25,000 for Cancer Research 78-0851016 
 Osteopathic Foundation Awards Scholarship to Five New Jerseyans 78-0871011 
 CMDNJ Slates Seminars on Sports Injuries 78-0880905 
 Folder # 2 - A Gift from Lou Monte - New CMDNJ Lab to Fight Cancer, Blood Diseases 78-0900815 
 American Students Return to New Jersey to Complete Medical Studies at CMDNJ 78-0921004 
 Update on Urology Set by CMDNJ for Family Physicians 78-0930911 
 Free Screenings in September Early Detection Can Prevent Duet Glaucoma 78-0940920 
 CMDNJ's OB/GYN Seminar to off International Slate of Specialists 78-0950906 
 New Drug Abuse Texts are Unique Reference for Physicians, Others 78-0961121 
 New Physical Therapy Program Opens - CMDNJ School of Allied Health Professions Strives to Meet New Jersey's Health Needs 78-0970830 
 CMDNJ Sponsors Conferences on School Health Education 78-0980912 
 CMDNJ to Host 3rd Fair Newark Grad Students' Annual Health-Law Fair Sparks National Event 78-09990926 
 Folder # 3- CMDNJ Trustees Group Tour to South Jersey Health Facilities 78-1000905 
 CMDNJ Schedules Conference on "Development in Depression" 78-1031006 
 CMDNJ Awards $615,000 to Expand Program in Family Practice Medicine 78-1061026 
 What to do with Teaching Hospital: CMDNJ's Consultant Probing Options 78-1070921 
 CMDNJ Gets Federal Grant -- $8.7 million Health Education Network Planned for S. Jersey 78-1090929 
 Folder # 4 - To a Degree (7), CMDNJ Teacher is a Renaissance Man 78-1101030 
 Dental Students wins Firat Prize for Exhibit 78-11110131 
 Research Takes Close Look at Cell Defense 78-1121130 
 The Dental School Program New Dentures Make Hudson Seniors Smile 78-11311106 
 CMDNJ's Team Discovery Could aid Regeneration of Damaged Ligaments 78-1141115 
 Pharmacologist to Speak at CMDNJ Convocation 78-1151013 
 Dr. Good to Keynote Reception of Motolinsky Research at CMDNJ- Rutgers Medical School 78-1201107 
 CMDNJ Trustees Set Date to Review Dental School 78-1211020 
 $300,000 Research Grant Awarded to CMDNJ School 78-1221121 
 CMDNJ Bioengineer Named to NJ Orthopedic Society 78-1321214 
 Raritan Valley Hospital Administrator Named 78-1231204 
 CMDNJ Trustees to Reconvene Meeting on Dental School 78-1241102 
 CMDNJ Names Director of Institutional Research 78-1251206 
 CMDNJ Trustees to Wind Up Meeting on Dental School 78-1261114 
 Major Gynecology Conference Set by Medical School 78-1280104 
 To the Editor: 78-1291117 
 Folder #5 - Medical School Begins 3 Specialty Services at Middlesex General 78-1301219 
 CMDNJ Urologist's Text, Started Reluctantly, is International Success 78-1341221 
 Mid Year Commencement Scheduled by CMDNJ 78-1381218 
 Two CMDNJ Researchers Technique Aids Victims of Hop Arthritis 78-1411226 
 Scherer to be Honored at CMDNJ Commencement 78-1421219 
 More Doctors Picking State Hospitals for Training, Study Shows 78-1430129 
 New Department Head Named at CMDNJ School 78-1440122 
 CMDNJ Med Student Designs Sculpture for School Lobby 78-1450130 
 CMDNJ Researcher will Address International Group 78-146-108 
 Dr. Leevy Named to Head Department of Medicine CMDNJ Medical School 78-1470118 
 CMDNJ Names Director for Health Education Network in S. Jersey 78-1480124 
 To the Editor unnumbered 
 Folder # 6 - Carefully Planned move into new CMDNJ Hospital is Schedule for Jan 20. 79-0010110 
 Med School Sets Seminar on Dance Related Injuries 79-0020125 
 Emergency Room at Martland to Close for Move 79-003011 
 Gynecologist Honored for Surgical Development 79-0040212 
 Dr. Murphree Named Psychiatry Chairman at Medical School 79-0070206 
 Specialized Unit, Memorial Donation, to Aid MS Victims 79-0080313 
 2 S. Jersey Physicians CMDNJ School of Osteopathic Medicine 79-0090301 
 Continuing Education Head Named by CMDNJ 79-0110222 
 March of Dimes Exec to Address Students at McMahon Lecture 79-0150228 
 Dear Editor: 79-0160228 
 Folder # 7 - Med School Expansion to add Health Services in Central Jersey 79-0200308 
 Group to Begin Study of CMDNJ Dental School 79-0320417 
 Smokers: Here's Your Chance to Kick Habit 79-0350419 
 42 Experts to Address Major Two Day Meeting on Mental Retardation 79-0380410 
 Bergen Reappointed as CMDNJ President 79-0400411 
 Waksman Microbiology Award Goes to CMDNJ Researcher 79-0410424 
 Lions Donate Eye Research Unit as CMDNJ - New Jersey Medical School 79-0580508 
 Folder # 8 - CMDNJ Symposium Probes the Complexities of Depression 79-1021017 
 Leading Neurologist Heading Department at Medical School 79-1061029  
 Bell Labs President Joins CMDNJ Foundation 79-1081113 
 1,900 Students Pursuing Health Careers at CMDNJ 79-1091022 
 Hospice Conference Slated October 25-26 79-1121010 
 CMDNJ Symposium Spotlights Heart, Digestive Diseases 79-1131012 
 AT Boxing Conference NJDS Dentist to Demonstrate Improved Mouth guard Design 79-1171108 
 NJMS Appoints Dr. Wu Head of Anesthesiology 79-1191116 
 Folder # 9- CMDNJ Program to Target Sexual Assault Prevention 79-129 
 To the Editor: 79-1221018 
 Volunteers Sought - Medical School to Test Exercise as Boon to Health of Diabetes 79-1241121 
 College Hospital Wins JCAH Accreditation 79-1251025 
 Motolinsky Foundation will Honor Dr. Bergen at Annual Reception 79-127015 
 CMDNJ Names Financial Aid Officer 79-1301109 
 National Surgery Group to Convene at CMDNJ- New Jersey Medical School 79-1311105 
 Plans Progress for CMDNJ Pysch Unit 79-1341102 
 Nutrition and Sports Conference to Probe Facts, Explode Myths 79-1350102 
 Conference to Probe Diet Impact on Sports 79-1351119 
 CMDNJ Host Annual Meeting of National Cancer Group 79-1361119 
 Folder # 10- Sun, Water can be Harmful CMDNJ Dermatologists Education Patients on Proper Skin Care 80-0340422 
 Student Dental Hygienists from Northeast Region to Meet on CMDNJ Campus 80-0430423 
 CMDNJ Foundation to Honor Ten for Teaching Excellence 80-0450428 
 CMDNJ Alumnus to Deliver Jeghers Alumni Lecture 80-0450428 
 $800,000 Primary Care Grant to Augment Services at CMDNJ- College Hospital 80-0490418 
 Folder # 11 Health Education Week - 500 High School Students to Visit CMDNJ Campus 80-0500425 
 CMDNJ Accepting Applications for Dental Assistant Program 80-0510423 
 CMDNJ- College Hospital to Dedicate Birth Room 80-0520417 
 Health Education Week Proclaimed for 1980 80-0530418 
 During Health Education Week CMDNJ's Advisory Board Plans Community Forum 80-0560429 
 During Health Education Week CMDNJ's Advisory Board Plans Community Forum 80-0560429 
 Health Education Week to be Celebrated at Piscataway Site 80-0590425 
 County Art Festival to Feature Major Artist. Workshops 80-06000430 
 Dear Editor: 80-0620430 
 Gala Celebration to Mark CMDNJ's 10th Anniversary 80-0640506 
 Folder # 12 Hispanic "Presence" Topic of CMDNJ Program May 6, 1981 
 Aching Feet get attention with New Service at CMDNJ May 11, 1981 
 Passaic Student Captures four Med School Honors May 12, 1981 
 Folder # 13 CMDNJ Appoints new VP for Health Care Facilities 
 An academic first for state: 24 Get D.O. Degrees at CMDNJ Commencement May 20, 1981 
 1981 CMDNJ Commencement to be Historic Event May 20, 1981 
 Dr. Scholl Foundation Grant to Establish Ambulatory Rehab Center at CMDNJ in Newark May 22, 1981 
 Trust, Satisfaction Key to Choice of Contraceptives May 27, 1981 
 Folder # 14- Summer research Projects Keep CMDNJ Students Busy June 3, 1981 
 Endometriosis Linked to Late Childbearing June 3, 1981 
 Foundation of CMDNJ Honors Outstanding Teachers June 8, 1981 
 Study Problems, Smoking, Bed wetting yield to artful use of hypnosis June 9, 1981 
 Tonsillectomy-Adenoidectomy: Now Debatable June 10, 1981 
 Folder # 15 - Memo to Editors June 11, 1981 
 CMDNJ College Hospital to Honor its Nurses June 11, 1981 
 In Honor of Education Pioneer - Scholarship Fund Established at Foundation Grant Aids Students at CMDNJ School June 16, 1981 
 Dangerous Condition Masquerades as Normal Pregnancy June 24, 1981 
 Story Ideas from CMDNJ undated 
 Folder # 16 "to health" on toxic shock syndrome July 1, 1981 
 Breastfeeding Best Nutrition for Babies July 8, 1981 
 Dental First Aid July 22, 1981 
 Folder # 17 Prostatectomy: a common procedure July 29, 1981 
 CMDNJ Scientist Link Nutrition to Lung Diseases undated 
 National Grant Awarded to CMDNJ Student for Health Study of Aged undated  
 Folder # 18 Hypertension Still Major Threat August 5, 1981 
 Obesity Symposium Symposium Set Octo.9 at CMDNJ 81-0040731 
 Foundation of CMDNJ Elects TJ Stanton as Trustee 81-0060805 
 Folder #19 CMDNJ Honors 20 for Long Term Service 81-0070803 
 CMDNJ Dental Students Win Academic Honors 81-0080803 
 Better Services For Aged Subject of CMDNJ Seminar 81-0090810 
 Folder #20 CMDNJ's Smith Library Gains Regional Status 81-0100812 
 Dentist Offered Special Business Course by CMDNJ 81-0110819 
 Nutrition Replacement to be Probed in Major 2 Day Medical Symposium 81-0140903 
 Folder # 21 Jan Kesling Appointed CMDNJ VP 81-0150907 
 CMDNJ Fitness Council to "Promote" Health at Meadowlands Meeting 81-0160915 
 Breast Cancer Patients Can Gain Helpful Aid in New Call-in Service 81-0170916 
 Folder #22 Evidence Grim on Passive Smoking September 16, 1981 
 Ovarian Cysts are Frightening but not Necessarily Serious September 23, 1981 
 The Elephant Man: A New Perspective September 30, 1981 
 Folder #23 Dental outreach program transforms dentist's office into classroom 81-0190922 
 Study Rare Deer for New Insights into Hum Genetics 81-0200923 
 To Offset Federal Cutbacks CMDNJ Foundation asks Business to Aid Medical, Dental Students 81-0210928 
RG/C-4-AFolder # 1 "to health" Dr. Snyderman October 14, 19812
 Folder # 2 URODYNAMICS LAB UNVEILED BY CMDNJ October 27, 1981 
 PRESS ALERT 81-0351023 

RG/C-4-BPublic Affairs Scrapbooks :
Series contains 17 scrapbooks dating from 1955 to 1970. There are gaps between 1965-1967. The clippings are from state, local, and out of state newspapers, and various periodicals including professional journals and pamphlets. They document the rise of Seton Hall College of Medicine & Dentistry, New Jersey College of Medicine & Dentistry, and College of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey. There are overlaps and gaps in dates between the scrapbooks. The degree of organization and condition of the scrapbooks varies and are noted separately in the sub series entry.
 1. January 1955-May 1958. Newspaper clippings, general topics Seton Hall College of Medicine and Dentistry, Seton Hall University, Fairleigh Dickinson University Dental School, faculty, staff, dental. Very poor condition. 
 2. May 1958-January 1960. Newspaper clippings, general topics Seton Hall College of Medicine and Dentistry, faculty, medical. Poor condition. 
 3. 1961-1964. Newspaper clippings, general topics include B.S. Pollack Hospital (Jersey City), administration of College and Jersey City Medical Center, psychiatry, nursing, surgery, Edward G. Waters, MD, students, and faculty. The material is arranged by topic and is in extremely poor condition. 
 4. February 1968-March 1968. Newspaper and article clippings, general topics include New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark, Newark riots, urban problems. Good condition. 
 5. May-June 1968. Newspaper and article clippings, general topics include Newark, New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry, medical, dental, faculty, Martland (Newark City Hospital), alumni, Newark riots. Good condition. 
 6. July - August 1968. Newspaper and article clippings, general topics include students, alumni, faculty, New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry, and Newark campus construction. Good condition 
 7. September -December 1968. Newspaper and article clippings, general topics include New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry, outreach to Newark community, medical, alumni, and faculty. 
 8. September 1968- February 1969. Newspaper and article clippings, general topics New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark Campus Construction, faculty, Newark, medical, alumni, dental, Rutgers Medical School. Good condition. 
 9. January - April 1969. Newspaper and article clippings, general topics include New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark, and medical. No chronological order; good condition. 
 10. April - May 1969. Newspaper and article clippings, general topics include Newark, New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry, Jersey City, the move to Newark, relocating back to Jersey City. Good condition. 
 11. May - September 1969. Newspaper and article clippings, general topics include medical articles, New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark, Martland Hospital, and faculty. Good condition.  
 12. June - July 1869. Newspaper and article clippings, general topics include alumni, Martland Hospital, New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark, Newark campus construction, financial, faculty, and staff. Good condition. 
 13. September - October 1969. Newspaper and article clippings, general topics include New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark, Harrison S. Martland, alumni, medical, and drugs. Good condition. 
 14. September - November 1969. Newspaper and article clippings, general topics include New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark, faculty, medical, abortion, drugs, population, dental, and nursing. Good condition. 
 15. January 1970. Newspaper and article clippings, general topics include New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry, faculty and staff, students, Jersey city, and Newark. Good condition. 
 16. February 1970. Newspaper and article clippings, general topics include New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry, faculty, Martland Hospital, Rutgers Medical School, financial, medical, Newark, dental, and drugs. Good condition. 
 17. January - March 1970. Newspaper and article clippings, general topics include New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark, Seton Hall University, and medical. Good condition. 

RG/C-4-COffice of Government and Public Affairs, Records, 1980-1988:
Records created by Jan Kesling who served as Vice President for Government and Public Affairs, 1973-1992. The limited subject files concern governance issues at UMDNJ and legislative concerns, particularly the change to university status in 1981. Files are rough sorted.
BoxFolder Contents
241Governance: Analysis, 1988
 2Governance: General, 1987
 3Governance: Key Issues, 1981-1984
 4Governance: Property Conveyance, 1983
 5Governance: Powers & Duties of Board of Trustees, 1981-1983
 6Governance: Proposed Purchasing Policy and Procedures, 1981-1983
 7Governance: University Status, 1981
 8Governance:UMDNJ Statute
 9Governance: 1980-1981
 10Governance: 1980-1985
 11Governance: 1981
 12Governance: 1981
Note: The Kesling files are in the order in which the Archives received them. Contents have not been reorganized. There is duplication although the Archivist weeded them.

RG/C-4-DRaritan Valley Hospital, Green Brook, NJ : Photographs, clippings, memos, and ephemera regarding Raritan Valley Hospital's founding, history, and publicity, 1970-1981. 96-81
1.5 l.f.

N.O.S. as of 6/10/05
RG/C-4-EPhotographs, 1982-2000: Series includes two distinct groups of photographs originating from the Department of Government & Public Affairs. The first group includes 12 linear feet of original production photographs, 1982-1989, used in the University's defunct magazine,HealthState, which was published for the general public. The photographs illustrated magazine articles but the files also include images not used for publication. HealthState photographs are unprocessed but are generally organized by publication issue. The magazine was published quarterly.
The second group of photographs is publicity shots originating from the Office of University Marketing Communications, 1985-2000. They document awards, events, organizations, programs, schools, and people. Photographs are sorted within these categories then arranged alphabetically. Format types includes 1,407 prints, including chromes, transparencies, and duplicates, and 593 slides for a total of 4 linear feet. The photographs appeared in a variety of publications.
RG/C-4-EHealthState Magazine Photographs, 1982 - 1989
Arranged by Issue/Year (Unprocessed)
25Fall 1982, Fall 1983, Winter 1983 
26Winter 1984, Summer 1984 
27Summer 1985, March 1986 [Spring], Summer 1986 
28Fall 1986, Spring 1984 
29Winter 1985, Summer 1987 
30Winter 1087, Fall 1987 
31Winter 1988, Fall 1988 
32Fall 1985, Summer 1989, Fall 1989 
33Spring 1989
University Marketing Communication Publicity Photographs, 1985 - 2000
Arranged by topic, then alphabetically
34Recipients of the UMDNJ Medal for Distinguished Leadership 1989 (3)
University Excellence Award Winners 1989 (5)
34AIDS Conference 1987 (10)
 AIDS: Sacred Heart Cathedral Candlelight Vigil 1990 (1)
 AIDS Walkathon Marks Second Year (5)
 AIDS Walkathon 1991 (1)
 AIDS Day 1992 (2)
 AIDS Walkathon 1992 (15)
 The Artificial Mouth (1)
 The Amgen Contingent (1)
 Board of Education 1991 (Missing Contact Sheets)
 Board of Trustees Meeting in Scotch Plains, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 7/18/00 (8)
 The Brainy Brunch, The Bastidas Family (5)
 Bruce Street Demolition 1993 (6)
 Call for Volunteers: Contraceptive Studies (5)
 Cancer Cluster in Your Neighborhood. Who Ya Gonna Call? Hazardous waste workers (4) (1 chrome)
 Champions AIDS Walkathon 1993 (9)
 Champions Dinner Dance Honoring Ruth Hennessey 1989 (2)
 Champions Dinner Honoring Jack Kittridge 1990 (13)
 Champions Dinner 1992 (4)
 Children's Hospital will move to UMDNJ Campus (1)
 Commencement 1990-1992 (22)
 Commencement 1990-1992: Graduation 1992 (27)
 Commencement Health State: The latest in Cancer Treatment, Vol. 9/No. 3 Summer 1991 (35)
 First Fetal Transfusion Done on Twins Dr. Charles Hux with the Minzer (1)
 Fitness Center Opening 1992 (2)
 [James] Florio/Pepper Luncheon 1987 (2)
 Dr. Robert Gallo's visit to UMDNJ 1987 (6)
 Gastrointestinal Anatomy (3)
 Gov. Florio signs flexibility law at RWJMS (15)
 Gov. [Christine] Whitman, United Hospital AIDS Awareness Day 1993 (16)
 Group Photo of the NJMS Scholarships Winners (4) (3 overhead images)
 Hairy Leukoplakla on the Tongue (2)
 Health Fair at Bradley Courts 1991 (5)
 Herpes Zoster (Shingles) (2)
 Hispanics Heritage Day 1992 (5)
 Kaposi's Sarcoma on the Hard Palate (2)
 Microsurgery Minimizes the Risk of Amputation (1)
 Misc. Image Campaign 1995 (9)
 Misc. Legislatures at the Gellene Room 1989 (21)
 Misc. NJMS Honoring Past Chair 1993 (1) (1 chrome)
 Moniliasis or Candidiasis, a Fungal Infection Caused by Candida Albicans (also known as thrush) (1)
 NJMS Alumni Reunion 1992 (9)
 NJMS 40th Anniversary 1995 (226 slides)
 New Method Gives "Sound" View of Heart. Dr. Daniel Shindler with endoscope (1)
 Nurses' Contract Signing (2)
 A Patients View from the Dental chair (Dr. Saporito) (6)
 Photo of students in lecture class. Mark Siner and John Tumillo (4th year students) (10)
 President Bill Clinton Visits RWJMS October 1993 (4)
 Proclamation of the Walk of Champions 1992 (5)
 Progressive Encephalopathy. The brain from a 7-month-old girl w/ HIV (right) compared w/ a 6 mos. Boy without (2)
 Public Education Campaign 1994 (31 slides)
 Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Convocation 1994 (1) (18 slides)
 RWJMS: 25th Anniversary (2)
 Sammy Davis Jr. National Liver Institute Benefit Concert 1988 (4)
 Sammy Davis Jr. Liver Institute Conference 1988 (5)
 Second Day-Care Center Opens (6)
 Sen. Bill Bradley visits Latimore Clinic, Martland Bldg., Newark 1992 (3)
 Service Awards (Misc) (3)
 Service Awards 1992 (7)
 Service Awards 1993 (11)
 Soviet Babies w/ AIDS treated by UMDNJ physicians. Dr. James Oleske and Alexandria, age 3, w/ her mother (3)
 State of the University Update and Honors given (3)
 State of the University 1985 (76)
 State of the University 1986 (9) (1 book)
 State of the University 1989 (4)
 State of the University 1992 (18)
 State of the University 1993 (10)
 Studying the Biochemistry of Asthma (12)
 Surgeon General's visit to the Newark Campus 1993 (6)
 Survivors of Suicide Conference, Third Annual November 1, 1986 (1)
 Swearing in Board of Education (year unknown) (11)
 Tipper Gore Visits RWJMS 1993 (14)
 UMDNJ Golf League (1)
 UMDNJ Graduate Takes State Post, Dr. Frances Dunston (1)
 UMDNJ Graduation 1993 (3)
 UMDNJ Graduation 1994 (11) (65 slides)
 UMDNJ Graduation 1995 (114 slides)
 UMDNJ- SOM Groundbreaking of Academic Center building and Science Center Addition 1991 (7)
 V.P. Al Gore & Paul Simon (7)
 Visit by Lucinda Florio N Comprehensive Immunization 1993 (16)
 Walkathon Helps Women & Children w/ AIDS. HealthState, Winter 1991 Vol. 6, No. 1 Special Issue (10)
34Board of Concerned Citizens (1)
 Melvyn H. Motolinsky Research Foundation (1)
 UMDNJ Foundation (5)
34Administrative Leadership 1993 (3)
 Gifted Children 4th Annual Graduation June 12, 1993 (7)
 Kinder Cave (9) (10 Chromes)
 Operation Safe-Prom (1)
 UMDNJ/Middlesex County College Joint Nursing Program (2)
 Young Fathers (6)
34New Jersey Dental School (1)
 New Jersey Dental School Match Day 1995 (114 slides)
 NJMS: Alumni Reunion 1994 (4) (13 slides)
 Nursing Announcing the School (1)
 Nursing: 1st Class Reunion 1992 (3)
 SOM: Dedication 1992 (16) (4 slides)
35Social Worker Aleman, Julia (6)
 Arnold, Edward (3)
 Athwal, Raghbir (6)
 Bardequez, Arlene (1)
 Basil, Kasimis (11)
 Benninlu, Richard (3)
 Bergen, Stanley (2)
 Bielery, Leonard (4)
 Black, Ira B. (4)
 Boland, Mary (1)
 Brietz, Betty Lou (2)
 Butler, Hazel (6)
 Byrne, Bruce (3)
 Cappell, Mitchell (4)
 Caradonna, Sal (9)
 Carella, Charles C. (2)
 Chada, Kiran (9)
 Christakos, Sylvia (7)
 Compton, Alan Col. (7) (27 chromes)
 Connolly, Doris (7)
 Connor, Edward M. (5)
 Cox, Darlene (3)
 Das, Kiron (5)
 DeBrielle, Jane & Daughters (8)
 DelRossi, Anthony (3)
 Denny, Thomas (7)
 DesJardins, Paul (1)
 Devereux, Dennis (6)
 Donaldson, Milton H. (11)
 Duvosin, Roger C. (8)
 Ebert, Ellen (2 transparent)
 Ettingen, Lawrence J. (6)
 Frenkel, Lawrence Dean (unknown picture) (7)
 Gelinas, Celine (3)
 Gerne, Clair (w/patient Al Polesz) (5)
 Gocke, David (7)
 Goldberg, Jack (3)
 Goldstein, Bernard D. (11)
 Goodman, Robert R. (6)
 Greco, Ralph (11)
 Greenberg, Michael (6)
 Hammond, Frederick J. Jr. (1)
 Haroutunian, Anna Angela (4)
 Heikkila, Richard (12) (7 slides)
 Hillard, Dorothy, Tortoriello, Suzanne and Harring, Ashley (6 months-old) (14)
 Huber, Harry (8)
 Hunt, David C. (2)
 Hussey, Sara (7) (2 transparent)
 Iacopino, Anthony M. (2)
 Inouge, Masayori (11)
 Iquchi, Martin (7)
 Dr. Irwin (8)
 Izon, Daniel (11)
 Jandinski, John (3)
 Jandinski, John ; Post Graduate student Bruce Howell & unknown child (2)
 Jellef, Anthony & Cecile (4)
 Kachidurian, Avedis (12)
 Kanagasundram, Natarajan (2)
 Kaplla, Rajendra (2)
 Karp, George (3)
 Katz, Michael (4)
 Kesling, Jan, Former V.P. Gov't & Public Affairs (5 chromes) (1 slide)
 Kirschner, Marvin (1)
 Klein, Carol (12)
 Kloser, Patricia (80
 Kostis, John (5)
 Kral, Mary Ann (6)
 Krieger, Abbott J. (3)
 Leevy, C.B. (2)
 Leevy, Carroll M. (3)
 Lewis, Michael (3)
 Lieberman III, Joseph A. (5)
 Lister, David A. (5)
 Lombardo, Joseph M. (6)
 Lourenco, Ruy V. (3) (1 chrome)
 Louria, Donald (5) (1 transparent)
 McCormack, Michael K. (7)
 McKinney, Charles (4)
 Michaelo, Jenifer (9)
 Miller, Michael W. (7)
 Mkandawire, Selina w/patient Manuel Goncalve (17 yrs old) (5)
 Mochan, Eugene (7)
 Modak, Mukund J. (4)
 Moore, Peggy (5)
 Murray, Patricia (12)
 Najen, Reza (3)
 Newark, Thomas (6)
 Newlon, Carol (3)
 Odom, John (4)
 Oleske, James ; Countess Albinadu Boisrouvray (5)
 Ortiz, Thomas (3)
 Ozer, Harvey (2)
 Parson, Russell J. ; Zimmerman, Mark & Waite, Alenia M. (3)
 Pasquale, Samuel (1)
 Pestka, Sidney (1)
 Piscataway, Gotchfrild Dr. (1)
 Platt, Jerome J. (1)
 Pliner, Lillian (6)
 Rapaport, Robert (3)
 Raska, Karel Jr. (4)
 Raskora, Jana (4)
 Rauscher, Gregory ; NJMS Surgery (1)
 Redd, Dianne J. ; Former UMDNJ Dir. Of Alumni Giving (1)
 Rhoads, George (5)
 Riley, David J. (1)
 Rush, Benjamin (5)
 Samanta, Arun (2)
 Shefer, Sarah (7)
 Schiller, Andrew (4)
 Scholl, Theresa O. (10)
 Schulder, Michael (1)
 Seilbold, James R. (6)
 Salem, Gerald (3)
 Seliger, Laurie (5)
 Shatkin, Aaron J. (1)
 Sills, Richard H. (2)
 Silver, Frederick (4)
 Sipski, Marca (11)
 Slomicany, Bronislaw (3)
 Sperber, Steven (4)
 Stein, Peter T. (10)
 Steiner, Charles ; Patient Patricia Reed (7)
 Swan, Ken (14)
 Talucci, Raymond (1)
 Thompson, Robert & Pitone, Joseph (5)
 Tice, Cheryl ; Assoc. V.P. for Strategic Development 1993 (2)
 Ty, Antonia (4)
 Vaidyanathan, T.K. (2)
 Vanderkulk, Barbara S. ; V.P. Gov't & Public Affairs 1993 (3)
 Wallner, Paul E. (5)
 Walsh, Kevin (5)
 Wartenberg, Daniel (7)
 Wedeen, Richard (4)
 Weiss, Gerson (2)
 Weiss, Harvey (2)
 Weiss, Stanley (5)
 White, Eileen (4)

RG/C-4-FSeries consists of miscellaneous videotape recordings produced on behalf of UMDNJ or copies primarily on health-related topics. The tapes date 1982-1988 and were made as 1/2" or 3/4" recordings. Previous videotapes transferred by the Department were treated separately and are located in Special Collections' video holdings (un-cataloged). (Transferred from Government & Public Affairs, August 3, 2004.)
 University Marketing Communications
Videotapes, 1982 - 1988
36"AIDS Dumping"
New Jersey Network, Ana Garcia, 11/5/84, 3/4"
 "Audition Dr. Bergen"
(Select one to master; not for air), 3/4"
 "Bond Issue"
Rutgers University Office of Television & Radio, 9/20/88, 1/2"
 "Cheating Death Series"
NJ Nightly News, 2/24/85
New Jersey Network, 3/4"
 "Doctor Stanley S. Bergen, Jr."
Eyewitness News, WABC-TV/New York, 9/24/85 (5:00pm) 2:20; News 9 Primetime, WOR-TV/New York, 9/24/85 (8:00pm); (Video Monitoring Services of America, Inc.) 3/4"
 "Dr. Stanley Bergen, President UMDNJ"
Three Identical TV Spots in Support of Public #1 JGC Bond Act
 "Medical Credibility Tape": Season IV #351
Band-aid Disc Surgery, Base Show 41 (Dr. Roth);
Mathew Spears, Base Show 22;
Laser Ear Surgery," 3/4"
 New Jersey Department of Higher Education. "Going to College in New Jersey: University of Medicine and Dentistry" ; Mercer County Community College, 3/4"
 "Newark: The Slow Road Back," Dec. 3, 1987
[The 2 hours actually start at 0400; The 2nd hour features the panelists, starts at 2320; Dr. Bergen's major segment begins about 3350.
[Tape counters differ so you might not be able to zero in exactly. New Jersey Network had technical difficulties and so the whole program going 10-12 minutes late- that is why the real start is 0400.] 1/2"
 "Non Partisan NJ Public Question #1 Jobs/ Growth & Competitiveness Bond Act"
PSA for Suburban Cablevision East Orange (Deliver to Ms. Beauchamp, UMDNJ, Administration Complex) 3/4"
 "Oce Promo"
UMDNJ, 1/2"
 "Racism At University of Medicine & Dentistry" New Jersey Nightly News, WNET-TV/New York, March 14, 1986 (6:00pm, 2:45)
(Video Monitoring Services of America, INC.) 1/2"
 "Sammy Davis Jr. - National Liver Institute" The Larry King Show, Cable News Network, April 30, 1986, 9:00PM (8:45)
(Video Monitoring Services of America, INC.) 3/4"
 "State of the University Address" (Tape #2), 1/16/85
#4 Greetings from the State - Gov. Thomas H. Kean"
#5 Award of the University Medal; recipients: Gov. Kean, Chris J. Jackman, Senator, NJ, Matthew Feldman, Senator, NJ, 3/4"
 "State of the University UMDNJ"
Multi-image slide presentation, 1/20/88, 3/4"
 "That's Incredible Promo Reel, Including: Faithful Fish, Limb Lengthening & Tornado Chasers" (Part one)
Alan Landsburg Production, 8/13/82, 3/4"
 "The 1987 Governor's Awards,"
(DUB) 4/7/87, 1/2"
 "University Health System of NJ," September 1988, 1/2"
 "University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey"
(Master), 1/22/85, 3/4"
 Unlabeled Tape, 1/2"

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Lois R. Densky-Wolff, Archivist

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