UMDNJ-University Libraries

UMDNJ-George F. Smith Library of the Health Sciences, Newark
UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Library of the Health Sciences, New Brunswick
UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Media Library, Piscataway
UMDNJ-Health Sciences Library at Stratford
UMDNJ and Coriell Library, Camden
A Guide to the Collection

December 1981; Revised May 2005

Organizational History

The UMDNJ-George F. Smith Library of the Health Sciences has its origins in the collection of the Jersey City Medical Center. The New Jersey Medical and Dental Schools were originally incorporated in 1954 as the Seton Hall College of Medicine and Dentistry in leased facilities in the Jersey City Medical Center. The library continued to operate from the quarters at the Jersey City Medical Center after the school was purchased by the state in 1965 and renamed the New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry. In 1970, the New Jersey College of Medicine & Dentistry and the former Rutgers Medical School were combined to create the College of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey. In 1981, the College achieved university status and was again renamed as the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ).

In 1966, Phillip Rosenstein assumed the directorship of the library until his retirement in 1990. Under his leadership, the University Library System expanded to include campus libraries in New Brunswick/ Piscataway, Stratford, and Camden. Victor A. Basile who served as University Librarian until his retirement in May 2001 followed him. Judith S. Cohn was appointed Associate Vice President for Scholarly Information/University Librarian in 2002 and currently serves in this position.

The New Jersey Medical School relocated to Newark in 1969 into interim facilities. The library moved 30,000 volumes to Newark to support this school; the dental collection remained in Jersey City. In August 1971, the Library of the Academy of Medicine of New Jersey was merged into the college library when the Academy's Library closed. For many years, the Academy collection had served as the basic resource library for physicians in New Jersey. Through this collection the library added 5,000 periodical volumes and 7,000 monographs.

By 1972, there were four separate libraries operating to support the Medical and Dental Schools:

1.   A central medical library housed in the Newark Interim Facility which functioned as the Library of the New Jersey Medical School; (Also since Audiovisuals had become such an adjunct to the teaching programs, a classroom was converted to a Media Utilization Center, which was under library control.)

2.   A joint dental-hospital library housed at the Jersey City Medical Center, which functioned as the library of the New Jersey Dental School;

3.   A hospital library in the Martland Hospital unit in Newark;

4.   A small nursing library located in the Martland Hospital complex.

Not until 1975, with the completion of the George F. Smith Library of the Health Sciences, was the 75,000-volume collection integrated in one unit. In 1978, the Martland Hospital Library and nursing library were phased out. The collections of these libraries were integrated into the George F. Smith Library collection, which today numbers over 168,000 volumes, and the entire University Libraries totals over 250,000 volumes. The Smith Library serves as the main library in the University Libraries system.

In 1978, the Academy of Medicine of New Jersey presented its rare book collection to the George F. Smith Library to be housed in the History of Medicine room in honor of Morris H. Saffron, MD. PhD (now, the Special Collections Department). The rare medical books date from the 16th to 19th century; the oldest title is dated 1517.

The Archives of the College of Medicine and Dentistry was established in 1979 and is housed in Special Collections. Its purpose is to collect, preserve, organize and describe, and make available for use the official records of medicine, dentistry and health education in New Jersey. In 1981, an Oral History program was started as part of the archives.

The library administration always believed that it was the Library's responsibility to serve: the teaching and research personnel directly connected to UMDNJ, students matriculated at UMDNJ, practicing physicians and medical workers not directly connected with the University, and other libraries, particularly hospital and medical libraries in the state.

Because of this policy, the George F. Smith Library had established various outreach programs that have made the library collection and the skills of the library staff available to the entire biomedical information community around the state.

In 1971, under the sponsorship of the CMDNJ Library, a program, the Library Information Network, was developed to aid the state's hospital libraries. Under the auspices of the Library Information Network, the New Jersey Hospital Library Association, an affiliate of the New Jersey Hospital Association, came into being.

As part of the Regional Medical Program, the CMDNJ Library serves the eleven northern counties of New Jersey, which are Bergen, Essex, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union, and Warren, as sub regional library. It does so under a contract from the Regional Medical Library of New York-Northern New Jersey, located at the New York Academy of Medicine, to provide interlibrary loan services.

Today the University Libraries, regarded as one of the leading health science information centers in the east, serves not only as a resource for the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, but also for all of Northern New Jersey.

Scope and Content Note

The University Libraries records span the years 1961 to the merger of UMNDJ with Rutgers in 2013, with the bulk of the material dating from 1966 to 1985. The majority of records document the George F. Smith Library of the Health Sciences. The original arrangement documented seven series: I. Administrative Records of the Director of the Libraries II. Library Publications III. Regional Medical Program IV. Subject Files of the Director of Libraries V. Correspondence of the Director of Libraries VI. Technical Services and Acquisitions, and VII. Blueprints. With an addendum arranged in 1998, five additional series were added to document each library in the University system: VIII. George F. Smith Library of the Health Sciences-Newark IX. Robert Wood Johnson Library-New Brunswick X. Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Media Library-Piscataway XI. Health Sciences Library at Stratford, and XII. UMDNJ & Coriell Research Library at Camden.

The Smith Library records primarily document the term of the Director of Libraries, Phillip Rosenstein who had been the Director from 1966-1990. Material in six of the twelve series was transferred from his office.

The collection is strong in the areas of library publications (Series B). Although this series is not complete, it does display broad representation of the publications issued by the library.

The collection is also quite strong in the area of the Subject Files (Series D) and Correspondence Files (Series E) of the Director. The subject files, which consist of business correspondence, reports, newsletters, news clippings and memorandum, cover a wide range of topics concerning the internal workings of the library and University, and the external environment of the surrounding community, including the New Jersey medical community.

The Correspondence Files, which consist of correspondence and memorandum, shows the position of the GFS Library within the medical library community, and the involvement of the Director in various interlibrary projects and activities. The collection is strong in material documenting the Library in Jersey City and Newark, but weaker in documenting the libraries in New Brunswick/Piscataway, Stratford, and Camden campus.

Series G does contain blueprints of the Newark CMDNJ Library and of the proposed CMDNJ Library in Camden.

Size of Collection: 20 l.f.

Series Descriptions & Contents

Series: A Administrative Records of the Director of Libraries, 1969-1980

The contents of this series were received from the Director of Libraries office. There was no provenance. The material is arranged alphabetically according to the subject content. The series contains annual reports, library policy manuals, and library reports. SEE addenda for additional records.

Box Sub-Series Contents Dates
11Annual Reports1976-1980
 2Proposal for the New Libraryc.a. 1969
 3Public Service Policy Manual
Library Policies - George F. Smith Library
 4Regional Services Report1972

Series: B Library Publications, 1966-1980

The series were received by the Archivist without provenance. The material is arranged in chronological order within the three categories of newsletter, catalogs, and pamphlets. The series includes various newsletters, such as the Library Memoranda: catalogs, such as the Library Periodical Holdings and the Media Catalog, and a number of pamphlets. The bulk of the material dates from 1974-1978. SEE addenda for additional publications.

Box Sub-Series Contents Dates
11Library Memoranda 1966-1973
 1aLibrary Memoranda –Media Supplement 
 1bLibrary Memoranda – Interlibrary Loan Service 1967-1971
22Library Newsletter1974-1976
 4Selected Acquisitions 1977-1978
 5Selected Acquisitions and Library Memorandum 1979-1980
 6Selected Acquisitions 1980
 7Library Memorandum and Selected Acquisitions 1980-
 8Selected List of Periodical Holdings1967-1968
 8aThe Library Periodical Holdings1971-1979
 9Media Catalog1973-1975
 9aMedia Resource Library Project Newsletter1976
 10Pamphlets for library users to new library usersc.a. 1976
 11A Guide to the George F. Smith Library of Health Sciences1976
 12CMDNJ Archives and History of Medicine Collection1981

Series: C Regional Medical Program, 1971-1973

The contents of this series were received as part of the Library Director's Files. The material was without provenance. It includes newsletters issued by the Library Information Network and pamphlets and catalogs published on the Medical Tapes by Phone program. The material dates from 1971-1973. SEE addenda for additional records.

Box Sub-Series Contents Dates
31Library Information Network News1971-1972
 2Medical Tapes by Phone1972-1973

Series: D Subject Files of the Director of Libraries

The series were transferred from the Director's office files to the archives by the Archivist. Provenance was retained. The series was arranged in alphabetical order according to original folder titles with only slight changes made, wherever necessary, in order to make the titles more understandable. The types of material contained include business correspondence, reports, newsletters, news clippings, and memorandum. The inclusive dates are 1961-1978, with the bulk of the material dating from 1968-1976. SEE addenda for additional files.

Box Folder Contents Dates
41Abraham's Special (Abrahams Magazine Service, Inc.) 1969-1971
 4Ad Hoc Committee on Computer Assisted Instruction1970-1871
 5Ad Hoc Committee on Multidisciplinary Conferences1969-1972
 6Allied Health Library1974-1975
79American Association of University Professors- NJ Medical School1966-1977
48Annual Reports1961-1964
 10Appointments and Promotions Information1974
 7Asst. Dean for Administration –Dr. Lawrence Feldman1967-1972
 11Bergen-Passaic Health Systems Agency1976
 12Biomedical Communications Committee1971-1972
413Board of Trustees1966-1971
 14Brooklyn Eye and Ear Hospital1968-1970
 17Budget Statement1972-1973
 18Budget Fiscal Year 721970-1972
 19Budget Fiscal Year 731972-1973
 20Budget, Library Working 74/75 
 21Budget and Proposal Fiscal Year 
 22Building Progress CMDNJ1973
 23Building Grant Proposals/ Drafts1969
 24Cadmus, Robert – President, CMDNJ1967-1971
 25Central Planning Committee1965-1966
 26CHEN (Council for Higher Education in Newark) 19711971
 27CHEN 19721971-1972
 28CHEN 19731972-1975
 30 College Wide Dedication1976
51Community and Minority Relations1976
 2Computer Search Statistics1970-1972
 3Computerized Book Catalog Proposal 1971
 7Carol Crowley1978
 5Correspondence – General 1977-1978
 5ACorrespondence - General1978
 6Correspondence – Martland Hospital1975-1978
 8Current Awareness1972-1974
 9Dental Library Committee1968-1972
 10Dental School Accreditation1959,1966
 12Director of Academic Support1974-1975
 14East Orange VA Employees1968-1970
 15Karl Egnatoff- Director of Operations 1968-1975
 16Elevator 1976
 17Essex County Nursing Agreement 
 18Essex County College1976
88External Relations1971-1977
61Facsimile 1971
 2Faculty Council Committee Minutes1970-1973
 2AFaculty Council Committee Minutes1974
 2BFaculty Council Committee Minutes1975
 4Faculty Organization Meeting1967-1971
 5Faculty Status1970-1974
519Faculty Status1969-1974
66Faculty Status1964-1969
 7Farr, Barclay- Williamsburg, Va. Restoration1931, 1957
 8Hagan, J.J. – Director of Personnel Resources1971-1974
 9Hamall, Tom- Director of Development1967-1969
 10Hay Report1970
 11Health Education Communication Committee1973-1975
 12Health Professions Education – Master Plan1972
 13History of Medicine –Osler Library 1967
89History of Medicine1972-1976
614Hospital Libraries1957-1971
 15Hudson Health Systems Agency 1976
 19Interface Committee- NYSILL- NY/NJRMLN1973-1974
 16ILL Statistics 1967-1971
 17ILL Statistics1971-1973
 18Jersey City Medical Center1967-1969
 20Journal Subscriptions1974-1975
 21Journals, Restricted List of 1973
 22Kattalk, George – Director of Purchasing 
623Kervick, John A. _ Vice President1971-1972
 24Liaison Committee of AAMC (Assoc. of American Medical Colleges)1970-1971
 30Liaison Committee on Medical Education1971
 25Library Building Program1967-1968
 26Library Building Program1969-1970
 27Library Inventory1967
 28Library Loan Policy Questionnaire1969
521Library Statistics1975-1978
 22Library Statistics – Weekend and Evening Users1976-1978
 23Library Technologyn.d.
71Louria, Donald B., M.D. 1969-1970
 2Martland Hospital Library1967-1978
 3Media Utilization Center of NJ1973-1975
 4Medical Library Center of NJ1962-1966
 4aMedical Library Center of NJ1967-1972
 5Medical Library Relevance Group1974
 6Medical School Libraries 
 7Medicine, Dept. of – Dr. Francis P. Chinard1970-1974
811Medicine Agreement1971-1974
 12Memo to Staff1973
 13Memo to Staff1974-1975
 14Mills, Stanley – Purchasing Dept. Manager 1967-1969
 15Mimeograph (A.B. Dick)1973
 16Moving Plans1973-1974
 17Multimedia Instructional System1969-1974
 19New Jersey Regional Medical Program1969-1974
 20New York and Northern New Jersey Regional Medical Library1970-1972
78Newsletters – Misc.1977
825Newsletters – Misc.1967-1975
710 CMDNJ Bulletin1976-1977
 11COMMAND Newsletter1976-1977
 12INNOMINATE-NJ Medical School Student Newsletter1976
 13LIBRARIAN'S CHOICE – Trenton State College1976-1977
717MEMORANDUM & ACQUISTIONS LIST G.F. Smith Library1976-1977
 18NERMLS NEWS-New England Regional Medical Library Services1976-1977
818NLM NEWS1974-1975
719 National Library of Medicine NEWS1973-1977
 20NYRG/MLA NEWS1975-1977
821New York Regional Group/MLA NEWS1975
721New York and New Jersey Regional Medical Library NEWS1975-1977
 23SAVITZ REPORTS-Savitz Learning Resources Center (Glassboro State College)1976
 24SUNY/BCN NEWSLETTER (Biomedical Communications Network)1972-1975
822New York Regional Group/MLA Bylaws Committee1974. 1977-1978
 23New York Regional Group/MLA Nominating Committee1974-1976
 24New Instructional Technologies1976
725Rauch. Jerry- Correspondence 1961-19666
 26Rawson –Memos to1967-1972
 27Remington Rand1961-1962, 1972
 28Reprint Advisory Committee1968-1970
729Request for Calendars 1974
91Rutgers-Science and Medicine Library 1971-1973
 2SCM Copier Products1972-1973
730Salerno, Joseph- Dir. Of Business Affairs1967-1977
 31Shatski, Michael – Asst. to the President1972, 1975
 32Search Committee 
 33Seton Hall College of Medicine1960-1965
 34Site Evaluation 1972
 35Site Visit Southern College of Pharmacy1967
93South Jersey Medical School (Camden)1976
736SUNY/BCN (Biomedical Communications Network)1970-1976
82Surveys-Hospitals, Libraries Program1966-1973
95System Developmental Corp. (ORBIT)1973-1975
 6TOXICON 1972-1973
 7TOXLINE Data Base1974
84USBE (United States Book Exchange Inc.)1968-1971
98Urban Health Institute 1973. 1976
83Urban League Project 
 5Vacation Survey (Outside Institutions)1972
 6Dr. Vevier, Correspondence to 1971-1978
  Dr. Vevier, Correspondence to1973-1977
 7Work Study – Recruits, Termination 1970-1972
 7aWork Study – Recruits, Termination1968-1970

Series: E Correspondence of the Director of Libraries, 1969-1977

The series consists of correspondence and memorandum of the Director of Libraries. The material was filed in two separate alphabetical files in chronological order; one file contained earlier dates than the other file. The two files were merged into one alphabetical file and placed in chronological order. The inclusive dates are 1969-1977, with the bulk of the material dating from 1971-1977. SEE addenda for additional files.

Box Folder Correspondence Dates

Series: F Technical Services and Acquisitions Records, 1973-1980

The content of this series was received from the Acquisitions Librarian, Beth Lapow. The material was arranged chronologically in folders labeled Statistics. This arrangement was retained. The material consists of such statistical and financial records as accounting records showing money spent in different accounts; acquisitions meetings reports; acquisitions statistics; and financial reports. The inclusive dates are 1973-1980.

Box Folder Contents Dates

Series: G Blueprints

This sub-series contains nine blueprints of the CMDNJ Library in Newark, the George F. Smith Library of the Health Sciences, and five blueprints of the proposed CMDNJ library in Camden. The blueprints are not dated; they are stored in the oversize file.

Library Addendum

Scope & Content Note

In 1998, addendum to the records, which were received after 1981 but not processed, were arranged and sorted within the same series as described above or additional series were created to accommodate the five libraries of the University system: George F. Smith Library of the Health Sciences, Robert Wood Johnson Health Sciences Library, Robert Wood Johnson Media Library, Health Sciences Library at Stratford, and the UMDNJ & Coriell Research Library. Records from previously established series date from similar time periods as those described above.

Two additional areas are documented in the Director's files: personnel and the University Academic Computing Committee & Academic Information Technology Advisory Committee (UACC & AcTIAC). Records in the Libraries series addendum generally date after 1981 and continue to the present. The majority of Library specific records are in the category of publications.


Series: A Administrative Records of the Director of Libraries, 1969-current
Series: B University Libraries Publications
Series: C Regional Medical (Library) Program, 1970-1973
Series: D Subject Files of the Director of Libraries, 1961-1979; 1980-current
Series: E Correspondence of the Director of Libraries, 1969-1977
Series: F Technical Services and Acquisitions Records
Series: G Blueprints, 1973, n. d.
Series: H George F. Smith Library of the Health Sciences-Newark
Series: I Robert Wood Johnson Health Sciences Library, New Brunswick
Series: J Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Media Library, Piscataway
Series: K Health Sciences Library at Stratford, 1980-current
Series: L UMDNJ & Coriell Research Library at Camden



Box Folder Contents
11University Libraries-Annual Report, 1983-1984
 2University Libraries-Annual Report, 1984-1985
 3University Libraries-Annual Report, 1985-1986
 4University Libraries-Annual Report, 1986-1987
 5University Libraries-Annual Report, 1987-1988
 6University Libraries-Annual Report, 1988-1989
 7University Libraries-Annual Report, 1989-1990
 8University Libraries-Annual Report, 1990-1991
 9University Libraries-Annual Report, 1991-1992
 10University Libraries-Annual Report, 1992-1993
 11University Libraries-Annual Report, 1993-1994
 12University Libraries-Annual Report, 1994-1995
 13University Libraries-Annual Report, 1994-95, 1995-96
 14University Libraries-Annual Report, 1995-1996
 15University Libraries-Annual Report, 1996-1997
 16Regional Service Report, 1972
 17Bound Statistics, 1969
 18Bound Statistics, 1969
 19A Functional Program for a New Health Sciences Library, 1967


Box Folder Contents
21Brochures & Ephemera, 1987-1989, n. d.
 2Reginald Smith Lecture, June 22, 1988
 3Gala Celebration-75th Anniversary of the Academy of Medicine of NJ & 15th Anniversary of the Academy of Library Donations, ca. 1987
 4Connections (newsletter), 1987-1989
 5University Libraries (UL)-Software Directory, 1988
 6Microcomputer Lab Courses, 1985-
 9Special Collections- “The First Quarter: Century: UMDNJ, 1970-1995”
 10UL-Health Information Network (UHLIN), n. d.
 11UL-Services, 1986-1988
 12UL-Services, 1986-1988
 13UL-Services, 1989-1990
 14UL-User Services, n. d.
 15UL: Selected Acquisitions, Jan/March 1985, April/June 1986-Dec 1987
 16UL: Selected Acquisitions, April 1988-Dec 1988
 17UL: Selected Acquisitions, Jan 1989-June 1990
 18UL: Selected Acquisitions, Jan 1991-June 1992
 19Software Directory, Dec 1986
 30UL-Library Resource Guide: NJGEC, 1986-1991
 21Union Catalog of Audiovisuals


Box Folder Contents
31Bookmarks, Invitations, Dec 1984, May 1996
 2Brochures-Guide to the Library (NJCMD), n. d.
 3Brochures-Guide to the Library (CMDNJ), n. d.
 4Brochures-Smith Library, 1975-1976
 5Brochures-Archives/History of Medicine (CMDNJ), June 1981
 6Brochures (CMDNJ), n. d.
 7Brochures/Library Packet (Smith Library), 1976
 8Brochures & Flyers-Computerized Searching, Media Center, databases (CMDNJ), 1975-1986
 9Brochures & Flyers-Classics in Medical History, Radium & Radiation, various exhibitions (UMDNJ), 1987
 10Microcomputer Open House, May 5, 1985
 12Software Inventory, 1991
 13Library Guide (NJCMD), 1967
 14Microcomputer Software Listings, n. d.
 16The Realtor, 1975
 17Grateful Med Manual, n. d.
 18Audiovisual Center Video Cassette Loan Collection, 1982
 19Newsletter-CMDNJ, Jan 1975-Dec 1976
 20Newsletter-PC Users Newsletter, Nos. 6-12 (Sept 1987-March 1988)
 21Newsletter-HealthNET Update, Vol. 1 No. 1 (April 1994)
 22Newsletter-Library Memoranda, 1966-1967
 23Newsletter-Library Memoranda, May 1968-Jan 1970
 24Newsletter-Library Memoranda, April 1970-Sept 1970
 25Newsletter-Library Memoranda, 1971-1972
 26Newsletter-Library Memoranda, 1972-1973
 27Newsletter-Library Memoranda, n. d.
 28Newsletter-Library Memoranda-ILL, 1967-1971
 29Newsletter-Library Newsletter, 1974-1976
 30GFS Memoranda, Vol. 1 Nos. 1 & 2 (March-June)
 31Selected Acquisitions, 1977-1978
 32Selected Acquisitions, June-Sept 1978
 33Selected Acquisitions, Winter 1979-Winter 1980
 34Selected Acquisitions, Spring 1980-Summer 1980
 35Library Memoranda & Selected Acquisitions, Summer 1980-Fall 1981
 36Library Memoranda, Spring 1982-Summer 1984
 37Selected Acquisitions, April 1982-Sept 1984
 38Media Catalog, 1973
 39Media Catalog, 1975
 40Media Catalog, 1975
 41Periodical Holdings, 1967-1968
 42Periodical Holdings, 1971
 43Periodical Holdings, 1972
 44Periodical Holdings, 1974
 45Microfiche, 1978-1983
3A1Brochures, Programs, Invitations, 1983-current
 2Newsletter-The Smith Chronicles, Vol. 1 No. 1 (Summer 1990)-Vol. 3 No. 4 (Fall 1992)
 3Newsletter-The Smith Chronicles, Vol. 4 No. 1 (Spring 1993) Vol. 6 No. 4 (Spring 1996)
 4Newsletter-The Smith Chronicles, Vol. 7 No. 1 (Summer 1996)-current
 5Smith Library-Annual Report, 1976-1977
 6Smith Library-Annual Report, 1977-1978
 7Smith Library-Annual Report, 1978-1979
 8Smith Library-Annual Report, 1979-1980
 9Smith Library-Annual Report, 1980-1981
 10Smith Library-Annual Report, 1981-1982
 11Smith Library-Annual Report, 1982-1983
 12Public Services Policies Manual, 1974-1975
 13Public Services Policies Manual, n. d.
 14Collection Development Policy, Jan 1987, n. d.
 15Annual Reports (bound), 1976-1977, 1982-1983


Box Folder Contents
101Library Information Network News, Sept 1971-Nov 1972
 2Medical Tapes by Phone, 1972-1973
 3Monthly Reports, 1974-1975
 4Contracts, 1979-1986
 5Fiscal Affairs, 1970-1977
 6NJRML & Info Network, n. d.
 7NJRML & Info Network, c. 1971
 8ILL Statistics, 1973


Box Folder Contents
111University Libraries (UL)-Monthly Reports, July 1983-June 1984
 2UL-Monthly Reports, July 1984-June 1985
 3UL-Monthly Reports, July 1985-June 1986
 4UL-Monthly Reports, July 1986-June 1987
 5UL-Monthly Reports, July 1987-June 1988
 6UL-Monthly Reports, July 1988-June 1989
 7UL-Monthly Reports, July 1989-June 1990
 8UL-Monthly Reports-Working Folders, Nov 1990-Feb 1991
 9UL-Monthly Reports, March-April 1991
 10UL-Monthly Reports, May-June 1991
 11UL-Monthly Reports, July-Sept 1991
 12UL-Monthly Reports, Oct-Dec 1991
 /td>13UL-Monthly Reports, Jan-April 1992
 14UL-Monthly Reports, May-July 1992
 15UL-Monthly Reports, August-Oct 1992
 16UL-Monthly Reports, Nov-Dec 1992
 17UL-Monthly Reports, Jan-April 1993
 18UL-Monthly Reports, May-Sept 1993
 19UL-Monthly Reports, Oct-Dec 1993
 20UL-Monthly Reports, Jan-March 1994
 21UL-Monthly Reports, April-May, 1994
 22UL-Monthly Reports, July-Sept 1994
 23UL-Monthly Reports, Oct-Dec 1994


Box Folder Contents
121A-F, FY 1989
 2G-Mc, FY 1989
 3N-S, FY 1989
 4T-Z, FY 1989
 5A-F, FY 1990
 6G-Mc, FY 1990
 7N-S, FY 1990
 8T-Z, FY 1990
 9A-G, FY 1991
 10H-R, FY 1991
 11S-Z, FY 1991
 12A-L, FY 1992
 13M-R, FY 1992
 14S-Z, FY 1992
 15A-Mc, FY 1993
 16N--Z, FY 1993
 17A-F, FY 1994
 18G-Mc, FY 1994
 19N-S, FY 1994
 20T-Z, FY 1994


Box Folder Contents
131UACC, Jan -Dec 1983
 2UACC, Jan-Dec 1984
 3UACC, Jan 1985-Dec 1986, w/ gaps
 4UACC, Jan-Dec 1987
 5UACC, Jan-Dec 1988
 6UACC, Jan-Dec 1989
 7UACC, 1989
 8UACC, Jan-Dec 1990
 9UACC-Newark Campus Computer Center, 1991
 10AcITAC, Jan-Oct 1991
 11AcITAC, April-Dec 1992
 12AcITAC, Jan-March 1993
 13AcITAC, April-Sept 1993
 14AcITAC, 1993
 15AcITAC, Jan-March 1994
 16AcITAC, Feb 1994
 17AcITAC, March-May 1994
 18AcITAC, May 1994
 19AcITAC, May-June 1994
 20AcITAC, July 1994
 21AcITAC, August-Sept 1994


Box Folder Contents
141Academy of Medicine NJ, 1970 (legal size)
 2Academy of Medicine NJ-Merger, 1968-1970 (legal size)
 3Academy of Medicine NJ-Merger, 1968-1977, w/ gaps
 4American Hospital Assoc. Survey of Health Science Libraries, June 1968 (w/ notes)
 5Ash Report. “Medical Libraries of NJ” by Lee Ash, June 1968
 6Bookplates. Francis Randolph Packard, n. d.
 7Brochures (non-university), 1972-1973, n. d.
 8CHEN. CHEN News, Vol. 1. No. 2 (Feb 1973)-Vol. 3 No. 3 (May 1975)
 9Cumulative Statistics, 1972-1973 (w/ 6 month cumulative stats, 1973)
 10Design Group Inc. Design and Instructions for Library Furniture, 1972-1975
 11Executive Committee Minutes, Jan-April 1979
 12"A Functional Building Program for a New Health Sciences Library", 1967
 13Information Retrieval Depts. , 1971-1977
 14ILL Statistics, 1970-1971
 15ILL Statistics, 1971-1972
 16ILL Statistics, 1973
 17ILL Statistics, 1973-1974
 18ILL Statistics, 1974
 19ILL Statistics, 1975-1976
 20ILL Statistics, 1976-1977
 21Jersey City Medical Center, 1967-1968
 22Jersey City Medical Center, 1967 (legal size)
 23Jersey City Medical Center, 1969-1970
 24"Know Your College Library" by Philip Rosenstein-Brooklyn Coll. of Pharmacy, 1959
 25Library Administrators Mtg.-Minutes, Feb 1973-Oct 1974, Sept 1976
 26Library Line Drawing, c. 1973
 27Medical Bibliography Course (letter). Reginald Smith, April 21, 1972
 28Medline Questionnaire, Jan 1974
 29Library Proposal-Application for Federal Assistance, 1970
 30Proposed Library, 1970
 31Reprints-”Topics in Library Technology: Copying Techniques” by J. S. Rouch (NJCMD), 1966 & “A Medical Librarian's Bag of Tricks: Coordinating Books and Media” by P. Rosenstein (CMDNJ), 1975
 32SUNY-Medline Study, 1970


Box Folder Contents
151Administrative Staff Mtg. Minutes, Dec 3 1986
 2Stanley S. Bergen, MD. Speech-NLM Grant, Oct 1986
 3Call for Posters, 1991 (contains photographs)
 4Judy Cohn, n. d.
 5Developing a University Library System at UMDNJ (Rosenstein), March 1984
 6Executive Staff Mtg. Minutes, Jan 1980-May 1983, w/ gaps
 7Exhibition Labels
 8Hunterdon Health Fund-Annual Report, July 1984-June 1985
 8aLibraries Serving UMDNJ-Minutes, Nov 1986-Nov 1989, w/ gaps
 9Libraries Serving UMDNJ-Minutes, 1990-1992
 10Libraries Serving UMDNJ-Minutes, 1993-1994
 11Libraries Serving UMDNJ-Minutes, 1995-1997
 12Libraries Serving UMDNJ-Report of RWJ Library, Nov. 16, 1989
 13Library Grant Programs, July 1980-June 1982
 14Non University Publications, 1980-1993, w/ gaps
 15Miscellaneous Correspondence, March 1991-June 1994, n. d. w/ gaps
 16Monthly Activity Report-Smith Library, June-Nov 1988
 17Monthly Activity Report-RWJ Library, July-August 1989
 18National Institute of Health Research Grants, FY 1984 Funds
 19NJ Health Information Network-Proposal to NLM, Nov 1985 (copy 1)
 20NJ Health Information Network-Proposal to NLM, Nov 1985 (copy 2)
 21NY-NJ Medical Library Assoc.-Annual Mtg., Oct 1982
 22Reprint-”SDI Service around the Library of the College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey: Development and Future Trends” by Kapadia & Rettino, 1982
 23Smith Library 20th Anniversary, 1995
 24Taylor, Madeline V., 1993


Box Folder Contents
161Microcomputer Flyer, March 1989
 2Compact Cambridge Medline CD-ROM Manual, n. d.
 3Grateful Med Manual, 1988
 4Journal Holdings, Spring 1990-1993
 5Journal Holdings, 1994-1996
 6Newsletter-Library Notes, May 1982-Dec 1983
 7Newsletter-Library Notes, Jan 1984-Dec 1985
 8Newsletter-Library Notes, Jan 1986-Dec 1987
 9Newsletter-Library Notes, Jan-June 1988
 10Newsletter-Library Rounds, Vol. 1 No. 1 (Summer 1989)-Vol. 6 No. 1 (Fall 1995)
 11Middlesex General UH-Journal Holdings, Jan 1986
 12Rosenstein Lecture, June 1992


Box Folder Contents
171Brochures, 1985-current
 2Newsletter-Media Library Message, April 1977-Vol. 2 No. 2 (Summer 1989)
 3Newsletter-Media Library Message, Vol. 3 No. 1 (Spring 1990)-current
 4Rutgers Medical School-Media Catalog, 1974


Box Folder Contents
181Newsletter-The Library File, Vol. 1 No. 1 (Winter 1991)-current
 2Selected Acquisitions, No. 2 (March 1980)-No. 12 (Winter 1984)
 3Microcomputer Lab, March-Dec 1988
 4Monthly Report, June 1986-July 1987
 5Flyers and Brochures-Selected Resources, holiday flyer, library hours, library directory, n. d.
 6Opening Reception, Oct 19, 1987
 73rd Rosenstein Lecture, July 13, 1994
 8Newsletter-News Bulletin, No. 1 (Oct 1982)-No. 41 (Sept 1988)
 9Periodical Holdings, April 1987-1993
 10Kennedy Memorial Software Directory, August 1987
 11Kennedy Memorial-Union List of Audiovisuals, 1982


Box Folder Contents
191Invitations, 1984-current
 2Newsletter. Focus on Research, Vol. 1 No. 1 (Spring 1994)-current


Box Folder Contents
20 A-B
23 G-LI
24 LI-SM
25 SM-Z

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