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The American Association for Cancer Education

The American Association For Cancer Education
A Register

Arranged and Described by:
Janet W. Koch
April 1995; Revised January 2005
94-105, 95-85
97-06, 99-61
99-69, 05-11


The initial accession of the records of the American Association for Cancer Education (AACE), date from 1947 to 1995, and total 4 cubic feet. They form Manuscript Collection 34 in the University Archives.

The AACE records were transferred to the archives on May 16, 1994 by George J. Hill, MD. They were arranged and described as the result of a practicum, a requirement for the completion of Manuscripts and Archives, a graduate course in the School of Communication, Information and Library Studies, Rutgers University, New Brunswick.

The records are open for research without restrictions under the conditions of the Archives' access policy. Records may be copied for use in individual, scholarly or personal research. Researchers are responsible for obtaining copyright permission to use material not produced by University personnel.

The suggested citation to these records is "UMDNJ Libraries - Special Collections Department. (MC/ 34)."

Practicum Advisor: Lois Densky-Wolff
Graduate Student: Janet W. Koch
Spring Semester 1995

The AACE periodically forwards additional records for inclusion in the collection.


The American Association for Cancer Education (AACE) was founded in 1967 as a reorganization of an earlier group known as the Coordinators of Cancer Teaching (CCT). The CCT operated between the years 1947 and 1966. "The American Association for Cancer Education is a worldwide organization with both health care givers and professional educators as members" (Hill, 1987). One of the association's primary concerns is to "enhance cancer knowledge within the framework of the medical school curriculum" (Wood, 1975). The AACE promotes cancer education and provides the opportunity for members to advance programs for early cancer detection, therapy and rehabilitation.

Membership in the association is for individuals involved in cancer education. An interested party must be proposed by a member and seconded by another member. Each year there is an annual meeting for which members are asked to submit papers on new techniques in cancer education and/or evaluations of cancer teaching materials.

The executive council is composed of the president, president-elect, secretary, treasurer, the immediate past-president, and six appointed members. The current archivist and former president, George J. Hill, MD, succeeded Dr. David Wood, Historian for the AACE. Dr. Wood was Chairman of the Coordinators for Cancer Teaching in 1961-2 and was the Samuel C. Harvey lecturer in 1973.

In 1951, the Samuel C. Harvey lectureship was established to honor the first chairman of the Coordinators for Cancer Teaching. Dr. Harvey organized the first of the annual cancer conferences of the Coordinators of Cancer Teaching in 1948.

In 1947, the National Advisory Cancer Council established a grants program for medical schools to improve the undergraduate teaching of cancer. Federal funds provided schools of medicine the opportunity to create a balanced program of medical education and research.

Dr. George J. Hill, President of the AACE in 1986, gave a paper at the annual meeting in Montreal on November 12, in which he reviewed the last 40 years of the association. He speaks of the achievement of two objectives: 1) "...the association's survey of cancer education in American medical and dental schools is a landmark" and, 2) "goals and objectives have been established for cancer education, in the basic sciences and in the various clinical departments" (Hill, 1987).

The Margaret Hay Edwards medal was established in 1986 to honor outstanding contributions to cancer education. Dr. Margaret Hay Edwards was honored twice: 1) the medal was named for her efforts on behalf of cancer education and, 2) she was its first honoree.

Four publications are sponsored by the AACE: 1) the "Newsletter," 2) the textbook Concepts in Cancer Medicine, 3) abstracts of the annual meetings and 4) The Journal of Cancer Education, edited by Dick Bakemeier. 

The AACE endorsed the "1940 Statement of Academic and Tenure of the American Association of University Professors and the Association of American Colleges. "As an organization, the AACE was granted tax-exempt status as a public foundation, under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Hill, G. "The American Association for Cancer Education: 40 Years of Civic Engineering in Cancer." Journal of Cancer Education, 1987; 2(2): 86.

Wood, D. "Cancer Education in Perspective." New York State Journal of Medicine, 1975; 175(2):442.


The records of the American Association for Cancer Education date from 1947-present. The AACE manuscript collection documents the history of the organization. Donations of current material regarding the association will be added periodically. The records document the majority of annual meetings, 1950 to 1983. The 19th annual meeting in 1966 is the last meeting of the organization when it was known as the Coordinators of Cancer Teaching. The 1st annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Education was held in 1967.

According to Dr. Hill, between the years 1950 and 1965, medical schools each received $25,000 from the Federal government for cancer education, if they met certain criteria. After 1965, it became more difficult to obtain grants. The AACE received a Federal grant to study cancer teaching in medical schools throughout the country. The study, called the Cancer Education Survey, took place in 1976 and 1977, and is prominently documented in the records. It was during this difficult time that Dr. Margaret Hay Edwards was instrumental in maintaining the grants at a remarkably high level.

During the course of surveying the records, it was apparent that the original order of the collection was haphazard. It was decided to recreate the original order by alphabetizing the subject files. As a result, there are three initial series: 1) subject, 2) publications, and 3) George J. Hill, MD Papers. The AACE publishes a scholarly journal, Journal of Cancer Education, 1986-1991, which makes up the bulk of Series II. The George J. Hill, MD Papers, accessioned in 1995, a year after the original accession, comprise Series III.

In 1996, 1999, and 2004, records addendum were received from the AACE and incorporated into the collection. These records comprise two additional series 4) Miscellaneous and 5) Richard Gallagher, PhD Papers.

All of the records in this Manuscript Collection are textual files. There are printed programs, reprints, subject files, correspondence, memoranda, reports, newsletters, journals and brochures. The vast majority of the material is typewritten paper records.


The records of the AACE were collected by Dr. David Wood, former Historian of the organization. In 1994, arrangements were made by Dr. George J. Hill to transfer the records to the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey's Special Collections Department on a permanent basis. The Department was designated the official repository of the AACE records. Dr. George J. Hill is currently acting as archivist/historian for the AACE.


The American Association for Cancer Education Collection is arranged in three series.

SERIES I. Subject Files, 1947-present.
These files are arranged alphabetically with the exception of the Constitution and By-laws, which are filed first. Future documents will be added to the collection periodically.

The series includes the Constitution and By-laws; Membership Directory, 1987; annual meeting programs (1955-86, with gaps); correspondence of Charles Sherman MD; Coordinators of Cancer Teaching annual reports; evaluations of cancer teaching 1957-1975; Coordinators of Cancer Teaching, annual meetings 1950-1987 with gaps; University of Nebraska questionnaire, 1975; Cancer Education Survey Site visits, grant administration, NIH, 1976; Margaret Hay Edwards, 1987; list of Chairmen, Coordinators, Presidents (1947-87); Cancer Education Survey VI Final Report 1980; David A. Wood : American Association for Cancer Education 1967-1985 (1986); Cancer Education Contract # 1-CN-55191 (1976); Cancer Education Study site visits; University of Rochester, Dr. Bakemeier, correspondence; Harvey lectures; Questionnaires; Historian Wood's records, 1976-1988; George J. Hill, President, 1985-91 with gaps; list of officers, annual meetings; History of the Undergraduate Training Grant to US Medical Schools for the Improvement of the Teaching of Cancer by Kenneth Olson, 1965(?); Newsletter, 1985-6; minutes Executive Council, 1985-91, with gaps.

SERIES II. Publications
1. American Federation of Clinical Oncologic Societies, Newsletters, 1970-1983 with gaps.
2. Journal of Cancer Education, Vol. 1 #1, 1986- Vol. 6 #2 , 1991 with gaps.

SERIES III. George J. Hill, MD Papers, 1984-1993.
Correspondence is arranged chronologically; remaining records are arranged alphabetically.

George J. Hill, MD, Papers: correspondence 1984-1993; agreement for Journal of Cancer Education; letter from B. Irwin on archives of AACE being permanently housed in Special Collections, UMDNJ; history of AACE by G.J. Hill, MD; reprints; annual meetings; Harvey lectures; typed letter, signed (4/28/86) NJ Senator, Frank Lautenberg; correspondence re tax exempt status; membership printout 1986; newsletters; proposed by-laws change 1986-7; Executive Committee, 1982-6 with gaps; Statement on Academic Freedom and Tenure; Poster on history of AACE; financial statements; draft of remarks, AACE: History, Present Status and Projections for the Future,1986; Insurance R25 Grant Program; Feedback from evaluation forms 1984; "Lost Members" 1985-6; form letters; committee reports; Margaret Hay Edwards award recipients, Margaret Hay Edwards medal; past presidents, fellows; suggested designated responders list; chairmen, Cancer Coordinators; presidents, AACE.

SERIES IV. Miscellaneous, 1980-1998.

The series primarily contains miscellaneous printed materials such as brochures, membership directories, and copies of the Journal of Cancer Education. It also contains meeting information and financial documentation.

SERIES V. Richard Gallagher, PhD Papers, 1995-2001.

Series consists of the papers of Richard Gallager, PhD who served as AACE president, 2000-2001. For a complete description of this series, see the Inventory list below.

BoxFolder Contents
1 1 Constitution and By-Laws, 1968-1989, w/gaps
  2 American Association for Cancer Research
  3 Cancer Teaching. Options, critiques, etc., 1957-75
  4 Coordinators of Cancer Teaching (Schools of Dentistry; CCP, BSS, PHS), Correspondence David Wood, Don Flieder
  5 Coordinators Cancer Teaching 1950-65 with gaps, Olson History, Grants, Meeting 1965
  6 Coordinators: Programs, Annual Meetings, 1962-1985 with gaps
  7 Coordinators Annual Meeting # 1 Chicago 1946 ( Billings, Mem), #3 Chicago, 1950 (Sheraton)
  8 Coordinators Annual Meeting # 6 Kansas City 1953, #7 French Lilck 1954, #8 Bethesda 1955, #9 Detroit 1956
  9 Coordinators Annual Meeting #10 New York 1957
  10 Coordinators Annual Meeting #11 Chicago 1958, #12 Houston 1959
  11 Coordinators Annual Meeting #13 Minneapolis 1960
  12 Coordinators Annual Meeting #14 New York City 1961
  13 Coordinators Annual Meeting #15 Pasadena 1962
  14 Coordinators Annual Meeting #16 New York 1963 (Volk)
  15 Coordinators Annual Meeting #18 New Orleans 1965
  16 Coordinators Annual Meeting #19 San Francisco 1966
  17 American Association for Cancer Education (AACE) Annual Meeting #1 Albany 1967
  18 AACE Annual Meeting #2 Washington, DC 1968
  19 AACE Annual Meeting #4 Boston 1970
  20 AACE Annual Meeting #5 San Antonio 1971
  21 AACE Annual Meeting #6 Rochester 1972
  22 AACE Annual Meeting #7 Honolulu 1973
  23 AACE Annual Meeting # 10 Charleston 1976, plus interim meeting, Rochester 1976
  24 AACE Annual Meeting #11 San Francisco 1977
  25 AACE Annual Meeting #12 New Orleans 1978, #13 Newark, NJ 1979, Interim guidelines for clinical cancer education grants
  26 AACE Annual Meeting #14 Louisville 1980
  27 AACE Annual Meeting #15 San Diego 1981
  28 AACE Annual Meeting #16 Birmingham 1982 plus executive committee meeting at Sloan Kettering; History of surgical oncology
  29 AACE Annual Meeting #17 Minneapolis 1983
  30 AACE Annual Meeting #18 Valhalla, NY 1984
  31 AACE Annual Meeting #19 San Francisco 1985
  32 AACE Annual Meeting #20 Montreal 1986; Origin of Margaret Hay Edwards Achievement award
  33 AACE Annual Meeting #21 New Orleans 1987
BoxFolder Contents
2 1 Cancer Education Survey (CES), Financial Statements NIH, Accountants Repts NIH 1976
  2 CES VI - Final Report 1980
  3 CES: Lists of Schools of Medicine and Dentistry and "Designated Respondents," correspondents
  4 CES Panel; Site visitor teams
  5 CES: University of Rochester correspondence, Bakemeier, MD
  6 CES: Univ. of Rochester correspondence BGR, Inc. (Black et al) 1975-1978
  7 CES: U. of Rochester correspondence Brindle, Mary (Admin.) Black, Goldberg, Regenstreif
  8 CES: U. of Rochester correspondence Janetakos, B. (Secretary to Dr. Bakemeier)
  9 CES: U. of Rochester correspondence Kharbas, Jeanne K. (Asst. for Education Programs)
  10 CES: U. of Rochester correspondence, miscellaneous
  11 CES: Questionnaires ACS (AAFP) Self-Assessment Cancer Quiz 1974 (Questions and Answers)
  12 CES: Questionnaires, Educational Resources
  13 CES: Questionnaires, Faculty and Curriculum
  14 CES: Questionnaires 4/1/76- Guidelines for Clearance Process NIH (Rochester DAW 7/10)
  15 CES: Questionnaires, Student
  16 CES: Questionnaires, of Nebraska Quest., Foley, John, MD
  17 CES: Site visits - U. of Arizona
  18 CES: Site visits - Baylor U. College of Medicine
  19 CES: Site visits - U. of Calif, Davis
  20 CES: Site visits - miscellaneous
  21 CES: Site visits - U. of Calif. Los Angeles
  22 CES: Site visits - U. of Calif. San Diego
  23 CES: Site visits - U. of Calif. San Francisco (pretest)
  24 CES: Site visits - U. of Colorado
  25 CES: Site visits - Emory U. Dec. 12, 1976-1977
  26 CES: Site visits - U. of Hawaii @ Manoa
  27 CES: Site visits - U. of Kansas @ Kansas City
  28 CES: Site visits - Loma Linda University
  29 CES: Site visits - U. of Missouri @ Kansas City 1977
  30 CES: Site visits - U. of Nevada @ Reno
  31 CES: Site visits - U. of New Mexico @ Albuquerque
  32 CES: Site visits - U. of Oklahoma
  33 CES: Site visits - U. of Oregon
  34 CES: Site visits - U. of South Carolina Dec. 1976
  35 CES: Site visits - U. of Southern Calif.
  36 CES: Site visits - Stanford U. 1977
  37 CES: Site visits - U. of Texas @ Houston 1/19/77
  38 CES: Site visits - U. of Texas @ San Antonio
  39 CES: Site visits - Tulane U.
  40 CES: Site visits - U. of Utah, 11/10/76
  41 CES: Site visits - U. of Washington @ St. Louis
  42 CES: Site visits - U. of Washington @ Seattle
  43 CES: Supervisory Comm. 1977, July 20-22 Chicago; May 1, May 20, plan, report
  44 CES: Supervisory Comm. 1977, Dec. 1, San Francisco
  45 CES: Supervisory Comm. Cancer Education Contract No. 1-CN-55191
  46 CES: for Visitors to Schools, information for site visit members
  47 CES: Vitae & Curricula Vitae
Box Folder Contents
3 1 Cancer Learning Achievement Exams
  2 Committees, Educ. Evaluation: Sam Brown, Ed.D, 1964-1982 with gaps
  3 Correspondence, 1967-1991
  4 Correspondence, misc., 1968-1990
  5 Edwards, Margaret, medal 1987; List of Chairman, Coordinators, Presidents-1947-1987
  6 Executive Council Meeting 1986, Newark, NJ
  7 Harvey Lectures
  8 Harvey Lecture #2
  9 Harvey Lectures #13, 14, 16, 17
  10 Harvey Lectures (Wood), 1973-1987
  11 Hill, G. J. President 1985-86, correspondence
  12 Historian - Wood, 1976-1988
  13 Manuscript notes, reprint re Dr. Harvey, Excerpts of Proceedings as dictated by Dr. Wood, reprints
  14 Membership application forms
  15 Membership Directory, 1984, 1987, 1992
  16 Miscellaneous
  17 National Academy of Sciences. Comm. on Pathology. NRC
  18 National Academy of Sciences. E. Roosevelt International Cancer Fellowships
  19 National Academy of Sciences (Int'l. Union Against Cancer) Conference: Biology of Cutaneous Cancer
  20 National Academy of Sciences (NRC) Correspondence
  21 National Advisory Cancer Council. Comm. on Cancer in the Medical School Curriculum. Nat'l. Cancer Institute, 1946
  22 Newsletters, President's Letters, Executive Comm. Minutes, Agendas, Memoranda Feb. 1976- Nov. 1985 (Bd. Vol.)
  23 Newsletter (1985-6), Minutes, Executive Council (1985-91 with gaps)
  24 Regional Meetings. L.A. 1978 (USC/LAC) Six slides re Cancer Ed. Project
  25 Reprints re status of Cancer Education 1947-1959
  26 Sherman, Charles, MD, 1968-1985, Correspondence re Cancer Teaching Project
  27 Wood, David Alrva, MD. AACE, 1967-1985: 1986- typewritten manuscript, 26 pp.
Box Folder Contents
4 1 Publications: Am. Fed. Clinical Oncologic Societies, Newsletters, 1970-1983 with gaps (no Journal of Cancer Education, Vol 1 #1 folder) 1986- Vol 6 # 2, 1991, with gaps
  2 Hill, G. J. Papers. 1994
  3 Hill, G. J. Papers, 1993
  4 G. J. Papers, 1992
  5 Hill, G. J. Papers, 1991
  6 Hill, G. J. Papers, 1990
  7 Hill, G. J. Papers, 1989
  8 Hill, G. J. Papers, 1988
  9 Hill, G. J. Papers, 1987
  10 Hill, G. J. Papers, 1968-1986
  11 Hill, G. J. Papers, AACE Poster
  12 Hill, G. J. Papers, AAUP- Academic Freedom Statement
  13 Hill, G. J. Papers, Correspondence, Membership, Survey of Cancer Education
  14 Hill, G. J. Papers, Executive Comm.
  15 Hill, G. J. Papers, Executive Comm., 3/13/86 Newark, NJ and 1985
  16 Hill, G. J. Papers, 1984-5 Feedback from Evaluation Forms
  17 Hill, G. J. Papers, History
  18 Hill, G. J. Papers, "Lost" Members
  19 Hill, G. J. Papers, Mashber, Debra-Application of Membership
  20 Hill, G. J. Papers, Memos, AACE 1985-1986
  21 Hill, G. J. Papers, Newsletters, AACE (originals) 1986
  22 Hill, G. J. Papers, Presidents
  23 Hill, G. J. Papers, Proposed By-laws Change 1986-7, correspondence
  24 Hill, G. J. Papers, Stowe, S., Secretary 1985-1986, (Lautenberg letter)


American Association for Cancer Education Records, 1987, 1991-1996
.50 l.f.
Box Folder Contents
5 1 Award. 'Honorable Mention to the AACE from European Association for Cancer Education,' n.d.
  2 Brochures, 1992.
  3 Brochures, 1994.
  4 Cancer Education Survey II: Cancer Education in United States Medical Schools. Conducted by the AACE for the American Cancer Society Department of Detection and Treatment, 1992.
  5 Hill, JG. Papers, 1992, 1994-1996.
  6 Membership Directory, 1987, 1991, 1994.
  [no folder] Journal of Cancer Education, Vol. 6 No. 3 (1991)-Vol. 11 No. 2 (1996).
  [no folder] Kahn, S.B., et al, eds. Concepts in Cancer Medicine. Sponsored by the AACE. Orlando, FL : Grune & Stratton, 1983, 700 pp.

Processed by

Lois R. Densky-Wolff

American Association for Cancer Education Records, 1993-1997
BoxFolder Contents
5 7 Membership Directory, 1993
  8 Membership Directory, 1994
  9 Membership Directory & ByLaws, 1995
  10 Membership Directory & ByLaws, 1996 [99-69]
  11 Annual Meeting, October 1997.
SAH 02/17/99



American Association for Cancer Education Records,
1980-1985, 1987, 1994-1998
Box Folder Contents
5 12 Archives' Red Book, Table of Contents 1-28.
  13 Archives' Red Book, Samuel C. Harvey Lecturers 1947-1990.
  14 Archives' Red Book, "Current Bylaws," March 9, 1989.
  15 Archives' Red Book, Contents 1-9, 1984-1985.
  16 Archives' Red Book, Contents 10-16, 1980-1985.
  17 Archives' Red Book, Contents, 17-28, 1980-1985.
  18 50th Anniversary Meeting in Chicago (preparation for), 1987, 1994-1996.
  19 Strategic Planning Meeting. Summary, March 5, 1994.
  20 Annual Business Meeting. Minutes, Oct. 19, 1996.
  21 Executive Council Meeting (Chicago). Minutes & Addendum, Oct. 17, 1996.
  22 National Cancer Institute. Cancer Education Awards (R25). Annual Report, 1996.
  23 Budgets and Financial Documents, 1996-1997.
  24 Executive Council Interim Meeting (New Orleans). March 22-23, 1997, Feb.-March 1997.
  25 32nd Annual Meeting of AACE (Portland, OR). Nov. 5-8, 1998, Jan.-Nov. 1998.
  [no folder] 4 Totebags: 28th, 29th, 31st, 32nd Annual Meetings, 1994-5, 1997-8.
SAH 03/30/99

American Association for Cancer Education Records Adenda, 1995-2001

.50 l.f.

This addendum was arranged and described by Tracy Holster, an undergraduate student at Rutgers University, under the supervision of Lois Densky-Wolff. The project is part of a one-semester internship in archival administration conducted during the spring semester, 2005.

Scope & Content Note

These files contain records from the American Association for Cancer Education from 1995-2001. The files contain minutes from annual meetings of the AACE, 1995-2000;  working files generated by Richard Gallagher, PhD as chair of the AACE Editorial Committee, 1996 to 1999; working files of Richard Gallagher, PhD during his service as president of the AACE, 2000-2001; publications, including e Cancer Education Journal, 1997-2001, as well as a 1999 membership directory and bylaws. Some correspondence, emails, and special interest section data, 1995-1996, were out of order and filed separately.


Box Folder Contents
6 1 Executive Council Meeting. Tampa, FL. Nov 9-12, 1995.
  2 Executive Council Meeting. Bethesda, MD. March 23-24, 1996.
  3 Executive Council Meeting. Chicago, Illinois. October 17-21, 1996.
  4 Executive Council Meeting. New Orleans, LA. March 22-23, 1997.
  5 Executive Council Meeting. Atlanta, Georgia. October 23-26, 1997.
  6 Executive Council Meeting. Atlanta, Georgia. May 30-31, 1998.
  7 Executive Council Meeting. Portland, Oregon. November 5-6, 1998.
  8 Executive Council Meeting. Houston, Texas. March 13-14, 1999.
  9 Executive Council Meeting. Cleveland, Ohio. October 7-10, 1999.
  10 Executive Council Meeting. Washington, D.C. March 4-5, 2000.
  11 Executive Council Meeting. Washington, D.C. November 2, 2000.
  12 Letters of Appointment and Other Correspondence from AACE President, Ajit Sachdeva, MD. 1996.
  13 Reports of Special Interest Sections. (Agenda Item 24) 1996.
  14 Advisory Committee Report. 1996.
  15 Opportunities to Enhance Internal Collaboration. (Agenda Item 22) 1995-1996.
  16 Richard Gallagher PhD Files as AACE Editorial Committee Chair. 1996-1999.
  17 Richard Gallagher PhD Files as President of AACE. 2000.
  18 Richard Gallagher PhD Files as President of AACE. March-Septemeber 2001.
  19 Richard Gallagher PhD Files as President of AACE. October-December 2001.
  20 Membership Directory and Bylaws. January 1999.
  [no folder] Journal of Cancer Education, Vol. 12 No. 2 (1997)- Vol. 16 No. 3 (2001).

Page Revised: 5/6/05

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