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Medical History Society of New Jersey - Records - 1959-1976, 1980

Medical History Society of New Jersey
1959-1976, 1980-


91-149; 92-145;92-150;93-17;93-25;


The records of the Medical History Society of New Jersey (MHSNJ) date from 1959 to the present. Files from 1959-1976 document earlier attempts to organize the society prior to its official founding in 1980. The files from the beginning of the society include records dated from 1980 to the present. The records are open for research without restrictions under the conditions of the Archives' access policy.

Size of the collection: 4 linear feet


(Based on an article, Allen B. Weisse, "The Medical History Society of New Jersey at Twenty-Five," Medical History Society of New Jersey Newsletter 2005; 25(01): 2-6)

No account of the Medical History Society of New Jersey (MHSNJ) would be complete without mention of Morris H. Saffron, MD (1905-1993). Indeed the advancement of interest in medical history throughout the state even before the establishment of the MHSNJ was, in large part, due to his untiring efforts.

Saffron was born in Passaic in 1905. He received his bachelor's degree from Columbia University in 1925 and his MD from the University of Maryland in 1928. Later in his career, as his interest in medical history matured, he obtained a master's degree in history and, at the age of 63, a PhD, both from Columbia. His medical specialty was dermatology, which he practiced both in New York City and New Jersey. His knowledge of medical history was broad, although his major interest was the American colonial period.

With the opening of the first permanent medical school in New Jersey, the Seton Hall College of Medicine in Jersey City in 1956, Dean Charles L. Brown appointed Dr. Saffron professor of medical history. This became a required course at the school until Dean Brown's retirement five years later. His successor as dean insisted on full-time faculty only on the staff, ending Saffron's appointment and the formal inclusion of medical history within the curriculum.

In 1962, with the establishment of the Rutgers Medical School, Dean DeWitt Stetten, Jr., appointed Saffron as a lecturer in medical history. Dr. Saffron continued contributing in this way until a coronary attack sharply limited his activities. He did however continue to give occasional lectures at Seton Hall College of Medicine (now the UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School) until his death in 1993. At the New Jersey Medical School for a number of years non-credit noontime electives in medical history have been offered by Drs. Francis P. Chinard and William D. Sharpe.

Before the formal organization of the MHSNJ, a number of other attempts were made by Saffron and others to stimulate interest in medical history throughout the state. In 1959 the Academy of Medicine of New Jersey established a section on Historical and Cultural Medicine, chaired initially by Dr. Saffron. The first meeting was held in 1960. Edward F. Sciorsci, MD, served as the next chairman (1964-67), succeeded by Dr. Sharpe (1967-69). After this no further mention or listing of this section appears in the bulletin of the Academy.

The New Jersey Academy of Science established a section on The History of Science and Technology in 1965. Annual meetings took place for two or three years, after which such efforts petered out by 1966 or 1967.

A New Jersey Society of Medical Historians was formed in 1970. Records are available concerning two symposia, one in 1970 and another in 1973. This group thereafter also became inactive. In 1975 a noteworthy event took place, a bicentennial symposium entitled “American Medicine During the Revolution,” at which a number of excellent papers were presented. The Medical Society of New Jersey, the Academy of Medicine of New Jersey, and the College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey sponsored it jointly.

Finally, in May 1980, a group of 35 determined physicians and others formed what has become a permanent and valuable fixture in the intellectual medical life of our state: the Medical History Society of New Jersey. Some of the founders are still alive and active within the society: Francis P. Chinard, Vincent J. Cirillo, David L. Cowen, William F. Helfand, William D. Sharpe and Richard P. Wedeen among others.

The membership of the society has grown over the years, leveling off at approximately 100 active members. With a two-year term for the elected officers, 13 individuals have now served as president since the start of the organization (Table. 1). As of this writing all but Dr. Guthorn are alive and active. Frank F. Katz, PhD, has effectively toiled away for a number of years as secretary-treasurer. As important were the contributions of the elective officers there were those of medical archivist/librarians. Barbara Smith Irwin, MLS, performed admirably in this role for nine years (1988-1997) and has been succeeded by the equally effective Lois Densky-Wolff, MAL Irwin also was responsible for the publication of the Newsletter until 1992 at which time Densky-Wolff took on this task. Sandra Moss, MD, following her presidency has insured, as program committee chairperson, that superb visiting speakers appear as guests at the semiannual meetings of the society. For many years, Mr. Charles Heitzmann of the Academy of Medicine of New Jersey offered worthy support for our endeavors.

The annual schedule of meetings (in addition to executive committee meetings) was established early: a fall and spring meeting at each of which, following a business session, several short papers are delivered, usually by society members, and then a major dinner address by a national or international authority on some aspect of medical history. The location of these meeting varied for some time with the Academy of Medicine, Rutgers Medical School or the New Jersey Medical School supplying space. Thanks mainly to the efforts of Robert L. Thompson, EdD, a past-president of the Society, The Nassau Club in Princeton became the permanent dinner meeting site for the group in 1991.

As the society has matured and grown it has become a constituent society of the American Association for the History of Medicine (1988). A number of steps have been taken to improve and expand our scope:

Lecture Related Activities

From the time of the first meeting, thanks to the generosity of Dr. Saffron, a lecture endowed by him and carrying his name is featured at every spring meeting. The first of these was delivered by Prof. Genevieve Miller and entitled “The Control of Smallpox in Colonial America.” For the fall meeting support for the invited lecturer has been provided from various sources. New Jersey based firms for a time supported this as the Corporate Lecture. This was succeeded by our own support as the Society Lecture. Since 2002 the Foundation of UMDNJ has underwritten this event. Outstanding medical historians who have appeared before the society include Lester King, Gert H. Brieger, Gerald I. Geison, W. Bruce Fye, Nancy Tomes, Sherwin Nuland, Michael Bliss and Charles E. Rosenberg.

Since 1992 video recordings of the talks have been recorded by Christine E. Haycock, MD These have been made available to members unable to attend a meeting and are retained as a permanent record of each event. In the same year Frederick C. Skvara, MD, began to present philatelic exhibits dedicated to the subjects to be discussed, adding another important dimension to the proceedings.

In the future the MHSNJ will assume responsibility for the Annual Weisse Lecture on the History of Medicine, held at the New Jersey Medical School and endowed through the Foundation of UMDNJ.

Awards and Prizes

In 1984, a student essay prize was established to honor Dr. Stephen Wickes (1813-1889), a New Jersey pioneer in the field of medical history. This is open to undergraduate and graduate students at the college level. In 1994 the Pasteur Prize for an essay on a subject or subjects chosen for the year by the MHSNJ was opened to high school students. This is currently inactive.

In 2001 the Society established the David L. Cowen Award for Achievement in Medical History and named Prof. Cowen as the first recipient.

Other Support

In another contribution to the cause of medical history, Dr. Saffron left an endowment “to enhance the study and teaching of medical history at UMDNJ”. In 2001 an Education Fund was established to insure the financial solvency of the society, make special purchases possible and allow for it to meet unanticipated expenses.

Other Activities

In 1982 an oral history project was initiated to record the reminiscences of prominent New Jersey medical figures during the period of the Great Depression, 1929-1939. These interviews, however, also included many other aspects of New Jersey medicine during this time.

A number of symposia have been held to highlight special aspects of medicine. One was a Symposium on Women in Medicine (1988); another a Salute to Radiology (1995); another dedicated to Civil War Medicine (2000). Also in 2000 there was held a symposium entitled “First Do No Harm,” dedicated to the evolution of human consent in the performance of medical research. A combined session was held with the Theobold Smith Society in 1991. In 1993 a book entitled Toxic Circles: Environmental Hazards from the Workplace into the Community, was published to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Society. (1)

The year of 1999 was a banner one for the Society. Although the American Association for the History of Medicine had held several meetings in Atlantic City between 1926 and 1946 to coincide with the clinical meetings held there, it was in 1999 that the MHSNJ hosted the AAHM for the first time in New Brunswick, combining our spring meeting with that of the larger organization. In addition to the regular program of the AAHM special lectures on New Jersey medicine were held along with an optional tour of the Ellis Island medical facilities. An added feature was an exhibit developed by Karen Reeds, PhD, and entitled “A State of Health: New Jersey's Medical History,” and resulting in a book by the same name (2). In the same year a Guide to Resources in Medical History in New Jersey was published with Frank Katz as the project director (3).

Keeping up with the times, we established a website that went on line in February 2001 (www.mhsnj.org). This provides access to the Newsletter, the officers and other important information for interested parties.

The MHSNJ is somewhat unique when compared to other medical history societies throughout the country. Although we had some interaction with UMDNJ and a number of our members have been employees of the university, the society is a completely independent, freestanding organization. A recent polling by e-mail and the internet of the other 49 states and the District of Columbia revealed that only two other medical history societies in the nation seem to fit this description: The Charles F. Reynolds Medical History Society in Pittsburgh and the Beaumont Medical Club of New Haven, Connecticut. Like us, these two societies seem to be thriving. No doubt such success derives from a similar determination and enthusiasm; a dedication that has guided us for the first 25 years of our existence and promises to propel us into many more years of fruitful endeavors in the interest of medical history.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Over a period of twenty-five years papers can become lost or misplaced; memories can dim or distort. A number of people have helped in dealing with these problems in the preparation of this paper. I am especially indebted to David L. Cowen, Vincent J. Cirillo, William D. Sharpe, Lois Densky-Wolff and Frank F. Katz.


  1. Helen E. Sheehan and Richard P. Wedeen, Eds. Toxic Circles: Environmental Hazards from the Workplace into the Community (New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 1993)
  2. Karen Reeds. A State of Health: New Jersey's Medical History (New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 2001)
  3. Frank F. Katz. A Guide to Resources in Medical History in New Jersey (Princeton Junction, New Jersey: The Medical History Society of New Jersey, 1999)

PRESIDENTS: 1980-2006

1980-1982         Peter J. Guthorn, MD
1982-1984         David L. Cowen, MA, LittD
1984-1986         Francis P. Chinard, MD
1986-1988         Vincent J. Cirillo, PhD
1988-1990         Richard P. Wedeen, MD
1990-1992         Robert L. Thompson, EdD
1992-1994         Sandra W. Moss, MD
1994-1996         William C. Campbell, PhD
1996-1998         Murray Rosenberg, MD
1998-2000         Helen E. Sheehan, PhD
2000-2002         Allen B. Weisse, MD
2002-2004         Frederick C. Skvara, MD
2004-2006         Daniel P. Greenfield, MD


Gift of Morris Saffron, MD via Robert Thompson, PhD, February 21, 1991 (91-91), June 25, 1992 (93-17); Gift of Richard Wedeen, MD, March 15, 1991 (91-101); Gift of Peter Guthorn, MD, April 19, 1991 (91-127), June 4, 1991 (91-145); Gift of David L. Cowen, MA, LittD, May 9, 1991 (91-134), June 11, 1991 (91-149), May 19, 1992 (92-145); Gift of Barbara S. Irwin, May 27, 1992 (92-150), June 2, 1994 (95-07); Gift of Robert Thompson, EdD, July 30, 1992 (93-25), June 2, 1994 (95-08); Gift of Vincent Cirillo, PhD, October 28, 1992 (93-73); Gift of Francis P. Chinard, MD, July 13, 1993 (94-08); Gift of Medical History Society of New Jersey via Sandra Moss, MD, May 11, 1994 (94-112), June 12, 1994 (95-06); Gift of Medical History Society of New Jersey via Academy of Medicine of New Jersey from Fredrick Skvara, MD, 2004 (05-14).


The records of the MHSNJ date from 1959 to the present. Records from 1959-1976 are records documenting earlier attempts to form a similar society, but not formally organized and founded as it was officially in 1980. The records from 1980 through 2005 document the span of the MHSNJ's founding though its current activities today. The society continues to be active and, therefore, updated records will be added periodically. Records are organized into five series: I. Subject files II. Publications III. Presidential files IV. Academy of Medicine of New Jersey, MHSNJ Records, and, V. Videocassettes of MHSNJ meetings.


SERIES I. Subject Files, 1959- . Arranged alphabetically.

Series is arranged by subject beginning with the Constitution and Bylaws of the society from its founding in 1980 and includes revisions.

The series also contains correspondence and records created by Morris H. Saffron, a founder of MHSNJ, from 1959 through 1991. These files pertain to ideas and proposals for the founding of the society. Dr. Saffron's records document another medical history group in the 1970s that was similar to the MHSNJ called the New Jersey Society of Medical Historians. Also included is correspondence from the founding in 1980 of the MHSNJ to the present.

In 1988, a proposal was made to create a collection of essays on "Industrial Health and Environmental Policy" in New Jersey to inspire interest and increase membership in the MHSNJ for its tenth anniversary celebration in 1990, and is documented in the series.

Documentation also includes textual files relating to administrative and organizational records for the society. Logo information, membership brochures, membership lists, meeting announcements, minutes from meetings, and financial statements are all included.

Two photographs are included. The first is dated May 10, 1989 and depicts from left to right Peter J. Guthorn, MD, David Cowen, MA, Francis P. Chinard, MD, Morris Saffron, MD, PhD, Vincent Cirillo, MS, and Richard Wedeen, M.D. The second photograph is a collage of scenes from the fall 1992 meeting of MHSNJ at The Nassau Club in Princeton, New Jersey.

In Series I are records created by Barbara S. Irwin when she served as Secretary/Treasurer from 1992-1994. Her records include correspondence and information regarding her participation in the annual meeting on May 13, 1992 entitled "Bibliophilia and Medical History."

The series also contains documentation on two society prizes: the Wickes Prize for undergraduate, graduate, or professional students, and the Pasteur Prize for high school students.

SERIES II. Publications, 1981- .

Publications within this series include newsletters, a booklet published by the society, and conference brochures. The newsletters date from 1981 through the present, and folders are provided for additional issues. Newsletters are published twice annually in May and October.

The MHSNJ published a booklet to aid New Jersey libraries and researchers to locate resources on medical history. A Guide to Resources in Medical History in New Jersey (1999) was complied by Frank F. Katz and copies were donated to libraries and resource centers throughout the state of New Jersey.

The series also includes conference notes from "Public Health in New Jersey: Current Issues in Historical Perspective," held at UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School on October 24, 1984.

SERIES III. Presidential Files, 1980-. Arranged chronologically by year of term served by each president.

The series currently contains the files of each president of the MHSNJ from 1980 through 2002. Record types within the presidential files include correspondence, meeting records, election records, student projects from essay contests, membership records, financial records, and death notices of deceased members of the society.

SERIES IV. Academy of Medicine of New Jersey, MHSNJ Records, 1996-2002. Arranged chronologically by year and within each year files are arranged alphabetically by subject.

The fourth series from 1990-2002 is a recent addition to the collection. The files that were maintained by the Academy of Medicine of New Jersey that were transferred to the UMDNJ-Special Collections after the Academy no longer acted as the MHSNJ administrator. The Academy's files for the MHSNJ were kept in original subject arrangement, but rearranged to create a series filed by chronological year. Duplicate documents were discarded.

The series contains textual files that document high school lists, Wickes Prize and Pasteur Essay, meeting lectures, membership lists, meeting information, records regarding the Ellis Island trip organized by the Society in 1999, grant information, elections, invoices, membership dues, and lists of past presidents and officers.

SERIES V. Videocassettes of Meetings of the MHSNJ, 1992- . Arranged chronologically.

Beginning May 1992 through the present, video recordings of meetings held by the MHSNJ have been recorded by Christine Haycock, MD. Missing videos for meetings that were not recorded are noted on the container list.


Box Folder Contents
1 1 Constitution, Sept 10, 1980. Revision, Oct 11,1991.
  2 Morris H. Saffron, M.D. Correspondence, 1960-76 w/gaps.
  3 Morris H. Saffron, M.D. Records, 1959-1991.
  4 Misc. Correspondence, 1980-88 w/gaps.
  5 Financial Statements, 1985 - .
  6 "Industrial Health and Environmental Policy"; re: book, 1988-90.
  7 Logo
  8 Membership Brochures, [1984] - .
  9 Membership Lists, 1980 - 1999.
  10 Membership Lists, 2000-2005.
  11 Membership Lists, 2006-
  12 Meeting Announcements, 1980 - .
  13 Minutes, 1980 - .
  14 Minutes, 1990-1995.
  15 Minutes, 1995-1999.
  16 Minutes, 2000-2005.
  16A Minutes, 2006- .
  17 Photograph, 5/10/89, l. to r.: Peter J. Guthorn, M.D., David L. Cowen, Francis P. Chinard, M.D., Morris H. Saffron, M.D., Vincent Cirillo, M.S., Richard Wedeen, M.D., Photograph Fall 1992.
  18 Morris H. Saffron Lecture, 1991. David L. Cowen, "Pharmacists and Physicians: A Hate-Love Relationship," Typescript, 31pp.
  19 Pasteur Essay Prize, 1994.
  20 Barbara S. Irwin. Records, 1992-94.
  21 Barbara S. Irwin. Annual Meeting, May 13, 1992,"Bibliophiles & Medical History."
  22 Stephen Wickes Prize, 1990-1993.
  23 Newsletter, V.1 No1 (Jan. 1981)- Vol.10 No1 (1990)
  24 Newsletter, V.11 No1 (May 1991)- Vol.15 No2 (October. 1995)
  25 Newsletter, V.1 No16 (May 1996)- Vol.19 No2 (October 1999)
  26 Newsletter, V.20 No1 (May 2000)-
  27 A Guide to Resources in Medical History in New Jersey,1999.
  28 A Guide to Resources in Medical History in New Jersey,1999.
  29 A Guide to Resources in Medical History in New Jersey,1999.
  30 A Guide to Resources in Medical History in New Jersey,1999.
  31 A Guide to Resources in Medical History in New Jersey,1999.
  32 "Public Health in New Jersey: Current Issues in Historical Perspective," Conference held at UMDNJ/RMS, October 20, 1984.
Box Folder Contents
2 1 Peter J. Guthorn, M.D. Correspondence, 1980-1982.
  2 Peter J. Guthorn, M.D. Correspondence, 1983-1984.
  3 David L. Cowen. Correspondence with Lucy L. Aiello re; NJ Society of Medical Historians, 1969-1973.
  4 David L. Cowen, MA, LittD Meeting, May 7, 1980.
  5 David L. Cowen, MA, LittD Program Committee, 1981-1983.
  6 David L. Cowen, MA, LittD Correspondence, 1982-1983.
  7 David L. Cowen, MA, LittD Correspondence, 1982-1983.
  8 David L. Cowen, MA, LittD Oral History Program, 1982-1983.
  9 David L. Cowen, MA, LittD Miscellany, 1981-83.
  10 Francis P. Chinard, M.D., Records, 1984-1985.
  11 Vincent Cirillo, Ph.D. Records, 1980-82.
  12 Vincent Cirillo, Ph.D. Records, 1982-83.
  13 Vincent Cirillo, Ph.D. Records, 1983-85.
  14 Vincent Cirillo, Ph.D. Records, 1985-Sept 1986.
  15 Vincent Cirillo, Ph.D. Records, Oct 1986-1987.
  16 Vincent Cirillo, Ph.D. Records, 1987-June 1988.
  17 Vincent Cirillo, Ph.D. Records, July 1988- 1992.
  18 Vincent Cirillo, Ph.D. Records. Oral History Program, "The Health Professions in NJ During the Great Depression, 1929-1939," 1983-1986.
  19 Dr. Richard Wedeen, M.D. Correspondence, 1980-1990.
  20 Robert Thompson, Ed.D. Records, 1980-1988.
  21 Robert Thompson, Ed.D. Records, 1988-1989.
  22 Robert Thompson, Ed.D. Records, Oct 7, 1989 MHSNJ Meeting.
  23 Robert Thompson, Ed.D. Records, Oct 7, 1989 MHSNJ Meeting.
  24 Robert Thompson, Ed.D. Records, 1989-1990.
  25 Robert Thompson, Ed.D. Records, MHSNJ Student Project, 1990.
  26 Robert Thompson, Ed.D. Records, May 16, 1990 MHSNJ Meeting.
  27 Robert Thompson, Ed.D. Records, 1990-1992.
  25 "Public Health in New Jersey: Current Issues in Historical Perspective," Conference held at UMDNJ-RMS, May 20, 1984.
Box Folder Contents
3 1 Robert Thompson, Ed.D. Morris H. Saffron, M.D. Endowment at UMDNJ, 1990.
  2 Robert Thompson, Ed.D. Program Correspondence, 1990-94.
  3 Robert Thompson, Ed.D. Annual Meeting, May 8, 1991.
  4 Robert Thompson, Ed.D. Fall Meeting, Oct 16, 1991.
  5 Robert Thompson, Ed.D. Annual Meeting, May 13, 1992.
  6 Robert Thompson, Ed.D. Annual Meeting, May 19, 1993.
  7 Robert Thompson, Ed.D. Fall Meeting, Oct 20, 1993.
  8 Robert Thompson, Ed.D. Annual Meeting, May 11, 1994.
  9 Sandra Moss, M.D. AAHM, 1988, 1993.
  10 Sandra Moss, M.D. Committees, 1992-94.
  11 Sandra Moss, M.D. Corporate, 1992-94.
  12 Sandra Moss, M.D. Correspondence-Miscellaneous, 1991-94.
  13 Sandra Moss, M.D. Deaths, 1993.
  14 Sandra Moss, M.D. Elections, 1992-93.
  15 Sandra Moss, M.D. Financial, 1992.
  16 Sandra Moss, M.D. Future Meetings, 1990-93.
  17 Sandra Moss, M.D. Membership, 1992-93.
  18 Sandra Moss, M.D. NJ Historical Commission, 1993.
  19 Sandra Moss, M.D. Presidential Letters, 1992-93.
  20 Sandra Moss, M.D. Programs, 1991-93.
  21 Sandra Moss, M.D. Roetgen Centennial, 1993.
  22 Sandra Moss, M.D. Saffron, Morris, 1991-93.
  23 Sandra Moss, M.D. UMDNJ Libraries, 1993.
  24 Sandra Moss, M.D. Stephen Wickes Prize, 1990-93.
  25 William C. Campbell, PhD Records, May-December 1994.
  26 William C. Campbell, PhD Records, Jan-June 1995.
  27 William C. Campbell, PhD Records, July-Dec 1995.
  28 William C. Campbell, PhD Records, Jan-June 1996.
  29 William C. Campbell, PhD Records, July-Dec 1996.
  30 Murray Rosenberg, M.D  Records, 1999.
  31 Helen E. Sheehan Ph.D., Correspondence July 1999.
  32 Allen Weisse, M.D Records, 1999-2002.
  33 Pasteur Essay High Schools Updated List, November 1996.
  34 Saffron Lecture, 1996.
  35 Annual Spring Meeting, May 14, 1997.
  36 Executive Meeting, April 26, 1997.
  37 Fall Meeting, October 22, 1997.
  38 Pasteur Essay Contest, 1997.
  39 Annual Spring Meeting, May 20,1998.
  40 Executive Meeting, June 23, 1998.
  41 Executive Meeting, September 10, 1998.
  42 Fall Meeting, October 28, 1998.
  43 Membership Drive, May 1998.
  44 Pasteur Essay Contest, 1998.
  45 Pasteur Essay Contest Winners, 1998.
  46 Nomination of Candidates, 1998.
  47 Saffron Wickes, 1998.
  48 Executive Meeting, January 6,1998.
  49 NJ Historical Commission and Grant Information, 1998.
  50 Correspondence, 1996-1999.
  51 Ellis Island Trip, May 6, 1999.
  52 Fall Meeting, October 27, 1999.
  53 A Guide to Resources in Medical History in New Jersey, mailing list, May 1999.
  54 A Guide to Resources in Medical History in New Jersey, Thank you letters from recipients, May 1999.
  55 Invoice Nassau Club, October 27, 1999.
  56 Dr. Steve Maron Grant Request, January 1999.
  57 Membership Lists, 1989-1999.
  58 Saffron Lecture (Dr. Bliss), May 1999.
  59 Registration Invoice for UMDNJ Students, December 1999.
  60 Education Fund, 2001.
  61 Executive Meeting, August 15, 2001.
  62 Fall Meeting, October 2001.
  63 Annual Spring Meeting, May 2002.
  64 Executive Meeting, July 2002.
  65 Elections, May 2000.
  66 Lecture Series, 1980-
  67 Membership Dues, 1996-
  68 Past Presidents and Officers, 1996-
4   Videocassettes of MHSNJ Meetings, May 1992-

May 1992 - Medical Book Collecting

Bibliophilia or Bibliomania: A Case Study, Francis P. Chinard, MD

A Quiet Lover of Books: Dr. Samuel Lewis of Philadelphia and His Library, Thomas A. Horrocks, MA, MS, MLA

Enough Responsibilities for All: Collectors, Book Dealers, & Librarians, Estelle Brodman, PhD

An Historic Find: Charcot's Gift to Lancereaux, Richard P. Wedeen, MD

Medical Book Collecting and Scholarship: Past, Present, and Future, W. Bruce Fye, MD, Saffron Lecturer

October 1992

PCP and Me: The Small Joys & Great Satisfactions of Medical Sleuthing, Allen B. Weisse, MD

The Nobel Prize and Surgery, Kenneth Swan, MD

Their Bones Just Rotted, William D. Sharpe, MD

In Dr. Harrison S. Martland's Footsteps: The Radium Dial Episode, Ross Mullner, PhD, MPH

May 1993

Paradigm in Anatomy, Richard J. Wein, MD

'A Statement of Causes': The Court Martial of William A. Hammond, MD, Surgeon General, Murray A. Rosenberg, MD

New Jersey Cares for Civil War Veterans: A Model for the Nation, Helen E. Sheehan, PhD, and Richard P. Wedeen, MD

Spreading the Germ Theory, Nancy Tomes, PhD, Saffron Lecturer

October 1993

May 1994

'Blutwaschung' -- Building the Artificial Kidney, Sandra Moss, MD

A History of the Treatment of the Rupture: The Silent Plague, “Benjamin F. Rush, Jr., MD

How Shall We Determine Whether a Treatment Works? -- A Brief History of Clinical Trials, Bart K. Holland, PhD

Nineteenth Century Addiction Cures, William H. Helfand, Saffron Lecturer

October 1994

Why Did New Jersey Become a Center for Pharmaceutical Innovation? The Case of the Merck Research Laboratories, Jeffrey L. Sturchio, PhD

Tuberculosis: Why the 'White Plague'?, Allen B. Weisse, MD

Latter Day Encounters with Radium: Changing Concepts of the Benefits and Evils of Radioactivity, M. Donald Blaufox, MD, PhD

May 1995 - Roentgen 100th Anniversary

Radiology: Past, Present and Future, Murray A. Rosenberg, MD, FACR

History of Radiological Societies in the U.S., Julie Kelter Timmins, MD

'Start Up at the Top and Work Down': Thomas A. Edison and the Fluoroscope, George Tselos, PhD

Early one morning, 50 years ago, nearly the entire staff of the X-ray department of Budapest's Jewish Hospital was led away, for no apparent reason, to the death camp at Auschwitz. No one survived. Judith K. Amorosa, MD

As Others See Us: The Artist Looks at the Doctor, Sherwin B. Nuland, MD, FACS, Saffron Lecturer

October 1995

Non-Surgical Uses of Ether and Chloroform in Mid-19th Century America, Donald Kent, MD, PhD

Breeches of Impropriety: Transvestite Woman Physicians, Gretchen Worden, AA, BA

The Interface of Jewish, Greek and Arabic Medicine as Exemplified by Three Physicians: Asaph, Maimonides and Amatus Lusitanus, Michael Nevins, MD

American Surgery and the Civil War: A Time of Revolution, Ira Rutkow, MD, MPH, DrPH

May 1996

The Worm and the Tumor: Did the Nobel Committee Make a Mistake,? William C. Campbell, PhD

Medicine, Hippocrates, and the Island of Kos: Some New Ideas for an Old Place, Christos B. Moschos, MD, F.A.C.C.

Bioethics Committees: Where They Came From, Where Are They Going, Joseph C. D'Oronzio, PhD, MPH

American Psychiatry: Past, Present, and Future, Gerald N. Grob, PhD, Saffron Lecturer

October 1996

Bleeding as a Treatment and Treatment of Bleeding, Benjamin F. Rush, Jr., MD

Taking Charge: The Unspoken History of Nursing, 1873-1920, Sandra Lewenson, EdD, RN

History of Caesarean Childbirth, Marco A. Pelosi, MD

A Medical Visit to Ellis Island, Vincent J. Cirillo, MS

Moving Pictures: Animal Experimentation and the Silver Screen in the 1930s and '40, Susan Lederer, PhD

May 1997

Misreading the Bitch: Consequences for Medicine and Society at Large, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Jöchle

The Death of General Albert Sidney Johnston, Kenneth G. Swan and Michael H. Tarlowe, BA

On the Centenary of Sir Ronald Ross' Discovery of the Role of the Mosquito in the Life Cycle of the Malaria Parasite, Frank F. Katz, PhD

Annals of Military Medicine: Galahad in Myitkyina -- Merrill's Marauders and Their Medical Problems, Murray A. Rosenberg, MD

Naval Medicine in the Age of Sail, J. Worth Estes, MD, Saffron Lecturer

October 1997

A New Jersey Doctor and the King of Siam, Sandra W. Moss, MD

Beth Hatefutsoth: History of Jews and Medicine -- Images and Commentary, Aaron J. Feingold, MD, F.A.C.C.

New Jersey Public Health: A Social and Historical Perspective, Sam Alewitz, PhD

Experiment Perilous: Forty-Five Years as a Participant Observer of Patient-Oriented Research, Renee S. Fox, PhD

May 1998

Getting Certified -- Before You've Done and Died, Allen B. Weisse, MD, F.A.C.C.

Patriotic Odor: Sanitation and Typhoid Fever in the National Encampments During the Spanish-American War, Vincent J. Cirillo, MS, PhD candidate

The Amazing Dr. Dinshah, Stephen Maron, MD

Anchor and Caduceus: the Creation of the United States Public Health Service John Parascondola, PhD, Saffron Lecturer

October 1998

Books Have Their Stories, David L. Cowen, PhD

Scalpel and Tongs: Medical Philately, Frederick C. Skvara, MD

Three Jewish Medical Menshen: Paul Ehrlich, Emanuel Libman, and Janusz Korczak Michael Nevins, MD

Medical and Collegiate: Student Life in the Golden Age of The Woman's Medical College of  Pennsylvania, Steven J. Peitzman, MD

May 1999- No videotape was made of this lecture.

No regular meeting was held. The MHSNJ instead sponsored two luncheon sessions at the annual meeting of the American Association for the History of Medicine, which met in New Brunswick. Medicine in New Jersey – An Historical View on Friday, May 7, featured Donald F. Kent, MD, PhD, and Allen B. Weisse, MD. Michael Bliss, PhD, presented the Twentieth Annual Saffron Lecture on Saturday, May 8, on What's a Doctor? How William Osler Practiced Medicine.

October 1999

The Murderer and the Parasite: A Reminiscence of Nathan Leopold, William Campbell, PhD

Using Cold Water for Health: A Century of Shifting Paradigms in Denville, NJ, Wolfgang Jöchle, DVM

From Amulets to Zodiac Man: History Resources at UMDNJ, Lois Densky-Wolff, MA

Dr. Franklin's Thoughts on Food, Drink, and Gout, Frances P. Chinard, MD

Thinkin' of Maybe Havin' a Baby…When I'm 64: Contemporary Reproductive Technology in Historical Perspective, Margaret Marsh, PhD and Wanda Ronner, MD

May 2000 - Civil War Medicine

James Bolton, Confederate Surgeon: External Fixation in Longbone Fractures, Joshua Beck, MD and Kenneth Swan, MD

The Identification and Autopsy of John Wilkes Booth: Myth and Reality, Jan K. Herman, PhD

Songs of the Civil War, Roberta Wedeen, BA, Folksinger, Songwriter

Dr. Samuel Mudd: Innocent or Guilty,? Marc Mappen, PhD

Middleton Goldsmith and Antisepsis, 1863, William D. Sharpe, MD, Saffron Lecturer

October 2000

The Red Cross and the Rising Sun: A Photographic Essay, Raffaele Roncalli, DVM, MS

Death by Dixie Diet: Did Pellagra Kill Many Civil War POWs and Who's to Blame? Barrett P. Brenton, PhD

The 25th Anniversary of the New Jersey Public Health Association: Building the Temple of Hygeia Sam Alewitz, PhD, NJ Public Health Association

Princes, Politicians, and Policy Makers: A History of Support for Traditional Medicine in India Helen Sheehan, PhD,

Photographing the Unseen: The Spanish-American War and Military Radiology, Vincent Cirillo, MS, PhD

May 2001

The Duty to Die: Lessons from History, Michael Nevins, MD

The Bases and Evolution of Specialization in Medicine, Daniel P. Greenfield, MD, MPH, MS

The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research and New Jersey's Antivivisection Laws, Frank F. Katz, PhD

Heart to Heart: A 20-Year Talk with Leaders in the 20th Century Battle against Heart, Allen B. Weisse, MD.

We Band of Angels: The Untold Story of American Nurses Trapped on Bataan by the Japanese, Elizabeth N. Norman, PhD, RN, Saffron Lecturer

October 2001 - No video tape of this lecture.

May 2002 - No video tape of this lecture.

October 2002

The Health of the People is the First Duty of the State, Sam Alewitz, Ph.D.

A Scrutiny of the Caduceus Symbol in Medicine, Cristin McKenna, UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School, Class of 2004,American Osler Society Student Essayist, 2002

The New Deal Body Politic: Landscape, Labor, and the Civilian Conservation Corps, Neil M. Maher, Ph.D., Federated History Department New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University

The Social Attitudes, Medical Research, and Clinical Experimentation: From Marcus Aurelius to the Present, Francis P. Chinard, MD, UMDNJ- New Jersey Medical School

Race and Racism in America: the View from a Medical History Library, Edward T. Morman, M.S.L.S., Ph.D., Director, Francis C. Wood Institute for the History of Medicine

May 2003

Neurosurgical Times: A Paterson Perspective, George Becker, MD, Neurosurgery

Selby Kiffer, Senior Vice President, Books & Manuscripts Department, Sotheby's By Special Invitation

Revisiting Dr. William Carlos Williams: Public Poetry and Private Persuasions of a Famous Rutherford Practitioner, Norman Sissman, MD, Pediatric Cardiology

The Strange Career of Race and Cancer in America, Keith Wailoo, PhD, Department of History, Rutgers University

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