Robert R. Cadmus, MD (1914 - 1995) - Papers, 1966 - 1971

Revised 2003

Biographical Sketch

Robert R. Cadmus, MD [1] was born June 16, 1914 in Little Falls, NJ. Originally intending to enter the Presbyterian ministry, he attended Wooster College in Ohio, where he changed to medicine in his last two years. Dr. Cadmus received his MD from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, interrupting his schooling for services in the United States Army Air Corps during World War II. Following the War, Dr. Cadmus returned to Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital intending to continue his surgical residency. Instead, he became director of the Outpatient Department, Vanderbilt Clinic from 1945-1948 and became "hooked on Administration."

From 1948-1950, Dr. Cadmus was assistant director of University Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1950, accepting a position as hospital director, he moved to the University of North Carolina, which was planning a new hospital along with a new medical school, dental school, and nursing school.

Cadmus, Robert, MD, yearbook 1967

The Seton Hall College of Medicine and Dentistry was purchased by the state of New Jersey in 1965 and renamed the New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry (NJCMD). Dr. Cadmus was selected by the Board of Trustees to serve as president of the NJCMD in 1966. His immediate objective was to prevent NJCMD from loosing its accreditation by the Association of American Medical Colleges. During his five years as president of NJCMD, Dr. Cadmus oversaw the selection of a new site for the school, the relocation to Newark, the planning and early phases of construction of the new campus, and the merger of the New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry with Rutgers Medical School to form in 1970 the College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. In June 1971, he left the College to take the position as director of the Medical Center of Southeastern Wisconsin.

Dr. Cadmus lived in Milwaukee with his wife, Lorna, until his death on August 12, 1995, at age 81.


[1] For an in-depth account of Dr. Cadmus' career, see the oral history interview conducted in 1983.

Scope and Content Note

The Robert R. Cadmus, MD papers are composed of materials donated to the UMDNJ-Archives by Dr. Cadmus. The materials were part of Dr. Cadmus' personal papers, which he maintained when he left the institution in 1971. Not all of the material, which was accessioned as part of this donation has been placed in this collection. The collection contains materials on Dr. Cadmus and his direct contact with and operation of the college. The materials, which were related to the college but not Dr. Cadmus directly, were placed in the record group for the New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry (RG/B).

The collection is strongest in the areas of speeches made by Dr. Cadmus (23 total) and newspaper clippings. The speeches reflect Dr. Cadmus' "Thrust" while at Newark. The newspaper clippings are extensive, covering topics dealing with nearly every aspect of the College's history during the five years of his presidency.

Though the collection includes series on correspondence and photographs, these are rather limited in their quantity and topics. For additional material of this nature, see RG/B New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry.

Of interest are two cassettes of recorded radio and television broadcasts concerning the College during the crucial period surrounding the selection of the Newark site.

The collection is composed of seven series. The inclusive dates are 1966 to 1971, the complete time of Dr. Cadmus' tenure at the New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry, and occupy two linear feet.

For additional information on Dr. Cadmus' life and career, see the oral history interview conducted with him in 1983, available in UMDNJ Special Collections.

Series Description

Series A: Correspondence, 1955, 1966-1971

The series consists of general correspondence to and from Dr. Cadmus. A large section (1968) deals with his article, "Interaction with the Inner City", a reprint of the article and a copy of Urban Crisis Monitor in which it was reprinted, are included in the series. The series is arranged chronologically.

Some of the correspondents in the series are:

George F. Smith, Chairman of the Board of Trustees-NJCMD

Richard Hughes, Governor of New Jersey

Paige D. L'Hommedieu

Alden Mills

Quantity: 4 folders

Series B: Speeches, 1966-1970 and undated

The series is composed of speeches given by Dr. Cadmus while at NJCMD. The material was received with a note attached from Dr. Cadmus, "...speeches I made at Newark which show my thrust!" The audience to whom the speech was delivered and/or the place are included in the listing, when available. The series is arranged chronologically.

Quantity: 23 folders

Series C: Reports, 1966-1970

The series is composed of reports prepared by Dr. Cadmus on the direction and development of the college. The series is arranged chronologically within 4 sub series. Sub series 2 contains correspondence directly related to the report, "State Wide System for Health Education in New Jersey." The material for this sub series was received as a complete folder titled as above, the Archivist judged it best to maintain the entire folder's original order and content rather than place the correspondence in Series 1.

Quantity: 5 folders

Series D: Newspaper Clippings, 1966-1970

The series is composed of newspaper clippings dealing with the NJCMD, its faculty and staff, construction, relocation, and with Dr. Cadmus. The series is arranged in chronological order. Almost all of the clippings are identified as to source and date. Those clippings appearing without a date have been placed at the end of the year in which the surrounding dated clippings indicated. The following newspapers are the sources for the clippings:

The Hudson Dispatch

The Jersey Journal

Morris County's Daily Record

The Newark Evening News

The Newark Star Ledger

The New York Times

The Paterson News

Quantity: 12 folders

Series E: NJCMD Extramural Activities, 1967-1970

The series is composed of material that represents Dr. Cadmus' activities outside his administrative duties. The material in the series consists of brochures, speeches, and leaflets, and is arranged in chronological order.

Quantity: 6 folders

Series F: Media Recordings, 1967-1968

The series consists of two audiotapes, which contain recordings of radio news broadcasts concerning NJCMD and a TV interview with Dr. Cadmus. The recordings were made at the end of 1967 and the early months of 1968. A content information outline on each tape is listed below. The series is arranged chronologically. The tapes are located in box 3.

Quantity: 2 cassette tapes

Tape One:

The tape consists of nine radio broadcasts (eight are news items and one an editorial) on WMTR Radio in Morristown, NJ and a recording of the television show Meet the Press. The sound quality of the recordings is very good. The contents of the tape follow and are in order of recording.

1. An editorial by Dr. Samuel Barkus, a member of the NJCMD Board of Trustees, on why he cast the only dissenting vote on the relocation of the College to Newark. In the editorial, Dr. Barkus gives a brief history of the school, stressing the difficulties that existed between Seton Hall and the Jersey City Medical Center, and asserting that the NJCMD will have the same problems in Newark. The procedures and conclusions reached by the independent Site Committee composed of deans selected by the AAMC and their selection of the Dodge Estate. The intervention of Mayor [Hugh] Addonizzio in the Newark site. The reaffirmation of the Deans Site Committee selection of the Dodge Estate. The political reasons for locating the College in Newark. (The important argument of George F. Smith was that if the Board put the school in Republican Morris County, the Democratic legislators of Hudson and Essex would refuse appropriations for the College and indefinitely delay building in Madison.) The price of land in Newark versus Madison. He goes on to outline the early removal to Newark, the Newark Riots' impact on land allocation. Dr.Barkus concludes with a summation of why he feels that the selection of Newark is a hoax to 1. the College, 2. The Negro Community, 3. The Citizens of New Jersey.

The editorial was probably broadcast on December 21, 1967.

2. News broadcasts on February 27, 28, 29, March 1, 4, 11, 12, 1968 relating the various developments that were occurring at the Site Hearing, the funding sources for the student body's appeal to Washington, DC on the relocation, use of prefabricated facilities, and the announcement on March 12, 1968 that the College would relocate to Newark.

3. A March 3, 1968 broadcast of Meet the Press in which six mayors discuss the recent urban riots. Though Addonizzio was one of the mayors, there is no mention of NJCMD in the incomplete recording.

Tape Two:

The tape is a recording of an interview with Dr. Cadmus on the WOR-TV news program, New Jersey Report, broadcast circa early 1968. The interviewers were John Scott of WOR-TV News and Carol Martin of United Press International's Trenton Bureau. The sound quality is very good. The recording is approximately 25 minutes in length.

The interview topics includes: size of the NJCMD; what NJCMD really is; history of the College; location in Newark; displacement of local residents; need for such a large tract of land; attitude of the community towards the school; size of population to be relocated; the school as a catalyst for the revitalization of the community; health services that will be provided by the College to the people of Newark; Site Selection Committee; recruitment of faculty; reasons for Dr. Cadmus coming to NJCMD; planning of the school on the initial 46 acres; future building on remaining land; money for salaries; relocation and construction schedule; move to facilities fall 1968; dental facilities in Jersey City; and permanent facilities construction.

Series G: Photographs, ca. 1968-1970

The series is composed of photographs, mainly of Dr. Cadmus taken at several functions at NJCMD. The photographs are placed in 5 sub-series according to their function or topic. Wherever possible the principle individuals in the photographs have been identified.

Quantity: 39 folders

Sub-series FC/5-G-1 Retirement Party for Dr. Cadmus

Container List

Box Number Folder Number Folder Title
Series A: Correspondence
1 1955-1955-1967
  2 1968 includes "Interaction with the Inner City"
  3 1969
  4 1970-1971
Series B: Speeches
5 "Is a Medical School a Good Neighbor," Morristown Rotary, 1966
  6 "Your Health-Our Concern," Newark's 30th Anniversary, 1966
  7 "The Women's (sic) Auxiliary to the Morris County Medical Society of New Jersey", 1966
  8 "Administrative Mistique" Hospital Administrators, Hot Springs, VA, 1967
  9 "Site Visit," 1968
  10 "Trends in Hospital Service and Administration," Interagency Institution for Federal Hospital Administration, 1968
  11 "Suggested Statement and Course of Action regarding the Relocation of the College," Medical Executive Faculty Meeting, 1968
  12 "Opportunities for Physicians, Dentists and Nurses" Career Day, VA Hospital, East Orange, NJ, 1968
  13 "Group Practice and Effective Patient Management," Tri-State Hospital, Chicago, IL, 1968
  14 "Address to Nursing Graduates," Newark City Hospital, 1968
  15 "The Future of the Hospital in the Urban Center," American Association of Hospital Consultants, 1969
  16 "Can Confrontation be constructive?," American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 1969
  17 "Using Newer Factions in Community Reorganization," Monmouth County Welfare Board meeting, 1969
  18 "Tiptoe through the Problems," TB-Respiratory Disease Association of Central NJ, 1969
  19 "The volunteer's Commitment to a Changing Society," American Hospital Association, Hospital Auxiliary Lucheon, 1969
  20 "Delivering Health Care to the Disadvantage," TB-Respiratory Disease Association, 1969
  21 "Emerging Trends in Health Care Delivery," Hospital Pharmacy- Nursing Conference, 1969
  22 "Community Involvement As It Relates to Decision Making," Conference on Hospital Education and Training, 1970
  23 "The need for the Building Program at the NJCMD", 1970
  24 "The Communitee Factors," American College of Hospital Administration, 1970
  25 "Consumer Role in Delivery of Health Services," Ohio State University, 1970
  26 "Anatomy of Quality," AMSCO Central Service Seminar, 1970
  27 "What the New Board will Mean to Newark," Newark Rotary Club, 1970
  28 "Statement on Physicians-Hospital Relations," Committee on Medical Facilities AMA, undated
Series C: Reports
Sub-series FC/5-C-1-29 "A Report to the Board of Trustees on the Relocation to Newark, Outline the Immediate Needs," 1966
"State Wide System for Health Education in New Jersey," 1969-1970
  30a "State Wide System for Health Education in New Jersey," 1969-1970
"The NJCMD Plan for Curriculum Revision and Enlargement of Medical and Dental Student Bodies: A Report to the Board of Trustees," 1970
"A Proposal for the Planning and Development of Health Services and Facilities in a New Community," 1970
Series D: Newspaper Clippings
33 1966
  34 March-June 1967
  35 July-August 1967
  36 September-December and undated 1967
  37 January 1968
  38 February 1968
2 1 March-December and undated 1968
  2 January-April 1969
  3 May-December and undated 1969
  4 February-December 1970
  5 June-December and undated 1970
  6 January-June and undated 1971
Series E:
NJCMD Extramural Activities
7 Eighth Annual Honors Night, College of Dentistry, 1967
  8 New Jersey Humanities Award Dinner, 1967
  9 Dedication of Rutgers Newark campus, 1968
  10 What's Going on at NJCMD, 1969
  11 High School Art Show, 1970
  12 Academy of Medicine of New Jersey Annual Awards Dinner, 1970
Series F:
Media Recordings
  Audiotapes, 1967-1968
Series G: Photographs
1 Head Table-Robert Cadmus, John Kervick, John Kittredge, George F. Smith, 1971
  2 Head Table-Ian Bennett, Lorna Cadmus, Louise Epperson, Clive Sullivan, 1971
  3 Head Table-Lorna Cadmus, Robert Cadmus, John Kervick, George F. Smith, 1971
  4 Head Table-Robert Cadmus, Richard Hughes, George F. Smith, 1971
  5 Head Table-Robert Cadmus, John Kittredge, George F. Smith, 1971
  6 Head Table-Lorna Cadmus, Robert Cadmus, Louise Epperson, Clive Sullivan, 1971
  7 Head Table-Robert Cadmus, George F. Smith, 1971
  8 Robert Cadmus with Lorna Cadmus, John Kittredge, Rulon Rawson, 1971
  9 Robert Cadmus with Lorna Cadmus, 1971
  9a Robert Cadmus with Lorna Cadmus, 1971
  10 Robert Cadmus with George F. Smith, 1971
  11 Robert Cadmus with Richard Hughes,1971
  12 Robert Cadmus with Ann Browder, 1971
  13 Robert Cadmus with ?, 1971
  14 Robert Cadmus with George F. Smith, Clive Sullivan, 1970
  15 Robert Cadmus, 1970
  16 Robert Cadmus, 1970
  17 Robert Cadmus, ca. 1968
  18 Robert Cadmus, ca. 1968
  19 Robert Cadmus, ca. 1968
  20 Robert Cadmus, ca. 1968
  21 Robert Cadmus, ca. 1968
  22 Robert Cadmus, undated
  23 Robert Cadmus. Richard Cross, George F. Smith, ca. 1970
  24 Robert Cadmus, John Kittredge, Rulon Rawson, George F. Smith, ca. 1970
  24a Robert Cadmus, John Kittredge, Rulon Rawson, George F. Smith, ca. 1970
  25 Robert Cadmus, George F. Smith, ca. 1970
  26 Robert Cadmus, John Kittredge, George F. Smith, ca. 1970
  27 Robert Cadmus, Kenneth Dwyer, Rulon Rawson, ca. 1970
  28 Robert Cadmus, Kenneth Dwyer, Rulon Rawson, ca. 1970
  29 Bernard Briody, Robert Cadmus, Kenneth Dwyer, John Kittredge, Rulon Rawson, ca. 1970
  30 Robert Cadmus, ca.1970
  30a Robert Cadmus with Dr. R. Cross, ca. 1970
  31 Faculty, ca. 1970
  32 Faculty, ca. 1970
  33 Graduates, ca. 1970
  34 Graduates, ca. 1970
  35 Robert Cadmus with Deans Rawson and Tobin, ca. 1969
  36 Robert Cadmus with Desmond Bonneycastle and students, ca. 1968

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