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Miscellaneous Medical Manuscripts include those materials acquired by UMDNJ-Special Collections that do not constitute separate manuscript collections. They may include single manuscript volumes, one-folder collections or individual items. All miscellaneous materials have New Jersey content, usually documenting an individual, but organizations are also documented. Materials date from the 18th Century.

Bidwell, Edwin Curtis, MD (1821-1905). 96-04
Pharmacy Manuscript, 1866-1868, Vineland, NJ. 1 Vol.

Manuscript volume contains over 575 prescriptions and formulas primarily written by Dr. Edwin C. Bidwell, an 1844 graduate of the Yale College of Medicine who practiced in Vineland. Prescriptions are pasted over an earlier 1856-1860 daybook and, where legible, provide information about an unidentified pharmacist's personal and business accounts. Some medical conditions treated include St. Vitus' Dance, piles, catarrh, asthma, herpes, gonorrhea, and rheumatism.

Blake, Duncan W., MD (1844-1931). 92-18
Daybook of Accounts for Medical Services, 1869-1870, Absecon, Atlantic County, NJ. 2 Vols.

Duncan W. Blake, MD, an 1876 graduate of Jefferson Medical College, was a general practitioner. Dr. Blake was a past president of the Camden County Medical Society (1891). He served in the Surgical 4th, NJ Infantry, during the Civil War. Dr. Blake's manuscript daybooks lists patient names, fees paid, and medicinal recipes.

Bloomfield, Moses, MD (1721-1791). 95-98
Manuscript signed (MsS), August 10, 1776. Dr. Bloomfield certified that Caleb Shreve was present as a deputy at the meetings of the Provincial Congress of New Jersey in Burlington, Trenton, and New Brunswick from June-August 1776 and for which he was paid 10 £, 10 s. 1 Item.

Dr. Bloomfield was an original signer of the Instruments of the Association & Constitution of the New Jersey Medical Society. He was elected the second secretary of the Society; in 1785, he was elected president. Dr. Broomfield was commissioned a surgeon in the U.S. Hospital of the Continental Army.

Bloomfield, Moses

Bonynge, Henry Arthur, MD (1883-1956). 92-113; 94-35
Misc. Papers, ca. 1905-1944, n.d. 1 Folder and 11 photographs. Of note are Dr. Bonynge's Operation Book, Nos. 1068-1696, 1927-1944, Daybook of Professional Calls and Visits, 1907-1908, and photographs of Christ Hospital in Jersey City, NJ.

Dr. Bonynge was born in Hoboken, NJ, and graduated in 1905 from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. He interned at Christ Hospital in Jersey City. His medical practice was in Ridgewood, NJ.

Bonynge, Henry A.

Brodkin, Eva Topkins, MD (1899-1994).
Autobiographical Sketch, 1899-1939. 3 pp. 88-11

Dr. Brodkin, a 1924 graduate of the Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania, was the first woman dermatologist to practice in New Jersey.

Brodkin, Eva Topkins

Cook, Joseph, MD (1825-1895). 95-115
Ledger Book of Medical Practice, Salem County, NJ, 1857-1865. Includes name index and inventory of medicines. 1 Vol.

Manuscript ledger primarily contains notations for "medical attendance" and "obstetrical attendance/labor complications." Other notations include medical advice, adjusting ulna and radius, consultations, bottle liniment, box citrine ointment, dressing head wound, dressing face wound, medical and surgical, vaccination, volital liniment, arm fracture, dressing horse leg, teeth extraction, reducing dislocation, obstetrical use of forceps, thigh fracture, and dressing gunshot wound to shoulder.

Dr. Cook, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, was born in Harrison Township, Gloucester County, NJ. Following medical school, he set up practice in Salem County, NJ, from which he retired in 1866.

An abstract of names in the ledger was prepared by the Genealogical Society of New Jersey and published in two-parts in The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, Vol. 72 (3), September 1997, pp. 97-104 and Vol. 73 (1), January 1998, pp. 5-12.

Elmer, Ebenezer, MD (1753-1843). 98-95
Autographed letter signed (ALs), dated November 9, 1801, to George Burgin, expressing Dr. Elmer's criticism of the election of Joseph Bloomfield as governor of New Jersey, and showing the bitter feelings existing between the Republicans and the Federalists.

While attending medical school, Dr. Elmer took part in the tea burning at Greenwich, NJ. During his career, he served as Adjutant General of the New Jersey Militia and spent the winter at Valley Forge during the American Revolution. He practiced in Bridgeton, Cumberland County, NJ. He joined the New Jersey Medical Society in 1789. His brother, Jonathan Elmer, MD (1745-1817) was president of the New Jersey Medical Society and served in the U.S. Senate.

Finke, John H.D., MD (ca. 1884-1970). 96-48
Prescription Book, ca. 1940, with enclosures, and accounts for examining insurance company patients from Metropolitan and Prudential Life Insurance Companies, 1912-1913. 1 Vol. [Ms.]

Dr. Finke, a 1910 graduate of Long Island College of Medicine, practiced in Hackensack, NJ.

Geiger & Smith, Druggists, Morristown, NJ. 05-03
Scrapbook of Veterinary Prescriptions, 1881-1884, filled for James C. Dustan. 1 Vol. [Ms.]

Dr. Dustan (ca.1837-1898), a non-graduate veterinary surgeon, practiced in Morristown, NJ. He served as president of the Veterinary Medical Association of New Jersey, 1891-1893, later renamed the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association.

Haines, George, MD (1798-1877). 95-87
Ledger and Daybook of Medical Practice, 1821-1823, Medford, Burlington County, NJ. 1 Vol.

Dr. Haines graduated from the University of Pennsylvania College of Medicine in 1821 and became the first resident physician in Medford. Dr. Haines was a member of the local and state medical societies, and was a member of the Upper Evesham Monthly Meeting. The manuscript ledger and daybook document the first three years of his medical practice. The ledger and daybook lists patient names, medications prescribed, treatments, and fees paid; some entries document healthcare to African-Americans.

Halsey, Seymour, MD (1802-1852). 97-27
Daybook of Medical Practice, 1824-1827, Sparta, Sussex County, NJ. 1 Vol.

Dr. Halsey graduated from the New York Medical College and practiced in Sparta, NJ. The manuscript daybook records patient names, medications dispensed, treatments, fees paid and purchases made.

Harrison, Charles William (1828-1901). 97-51
Book of Receipts [sic], Newark, NJ, 1845. 1 Vol. [Ms.]

C.W. Harrison, a former Freeholder from Irvington, NJ, intended to become a physician and studied under two local physicians. He continued his studies for two years at the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, but was obligated to abandon medicine to settle his father's large estate. He later became a farmer and settled in Irvington.

Johnston, Lewis, MD (1704-1773). 91-96
Misc. Papers, 1739-1779, n.d., 34 items. Collection contains accounts, bills, receipts, a deed, a letter, and promissory notes primarily documenting Dr. Johnston's shipping interests in New York Harbor and the West Indies. Some information on the Sloop Catherine is included. There is scattered information on slavery. Only the account to Benjamin Burleigh (July 1733-July 1734) specifically deals with medicine.

Dr. Johnston of Perth Amboy, Middlesex County, NJ, received his medical education in Leyden, Holland. A practicing physician, he apparently had a large estate and diverse business interests.

Johnston, Lewis

Larison, Cornelius W., MD (1837-1910). 95-96
Physician affidavits for disability payments to Civil War veterans. Autographed Manuscripts Signed (AMsS), 1889-1905, 13 items.

Dr. Larison of Ringoes, Hunterdon County, NJ, was a proponent of phonic spelling. Many of the manuscript affidavits are written phonetically.

Larison, Cornelius

McCauley, Francis J., MD (1891-1977). 88-09
Autobiographical Sketch, ca. 1972. 53 pp.

Dr. McCauley recounts episodes at St. Benedict's Academy in Newark, NJ, University of Pennsylvania Medical School, and medical service in the navy during WWI with references to race relations in Washington, DC. Other subjects include Harrison S. Martland, MD, Frank Pineo, Frank Devlin, and Henry J. Wallhauser, MD.

Melchor, William Palmer MD (1849-1914). 98-39
Medicinal Recipes, ca. 1885-1892. 1 Vol., includes index.

Dr. Melchor, an 1886 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania College of Medicine, compiled these manuscript recipes for use in his practice in Mt. Holly, Burlington County, NJ.

Melchor, Wm. Palmer

Newark Scientific Association. 92-08
Minute Book, January 21, 1875 (organized) - May 26, 1878. 1 Vol. Manuscript includes minutes of the regular and annual meetings, constitution, and newspaper clippings regarding Association activities.

Newark Scientific Assn Constitution

Pharmacy Prescription Daybooks, Monmouth County [Red Bank area], NJ,
1906-1909, 1915-1917. 2 Vols. 96-72

Unknown pharmacist's manuscript daybook entries for prescriptions filled from area physicians' Rx's. Sample entries from E. Field, MD, Red Bank; Biddle Hiles Garrison, MD, Red Bank; Henry Augustus Hendrickson, MD, Atlantic Highlands; E.L. Knight, MD; McCaffrey, MD; Peter Phillip Rafferty, MD, Red Bank.

Pharmacist's Bill of Accounts Payable, Received July 6, 1838. 97-15
Charles Suydam (debtor) to C[ornelius] C. Suydam (ca. 1800-1859) [of Hunterdon County?] for pharmaceutical accounts, January 1835 to January 1836. 1 Item, Ms.

Physician's Daybook, 1841-1845. 1 Vol. 92-95
Unidentified physician's manuscript daybook recording accounts of medical services in Nottingham, West Windsor, and Hamilton Townships, NJ.

Scott, Moses, MD (1738-1821). 95-98
Manuscript signed (Ms), December 27, 1790. Dr. Scott signed affidavit as a Judge of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas, Somerset County, NJ, acknowledging filing of deed from Nicholas Rever to Hendrick Booram, dated August 29, 1790.

Dr. Scott served as president of the Medical Society of New Jersey in 1789 and treasurer in 1807. He was known for presenting unusual cases at Society meetings. Dr. Scott was a surgeon in the General Hospital of the Continental Army and the Jersey Militia. He was one of the founding members of the Somerset District Medical Society, the first of five societies formed in 1816.

Scott, Moses

Wallhauser, Henry J., MD (1865-1945). 96-71
Misc. Papers, 1918-1938, with gaps. 5 Items.

Dr. Wallhauser was founder (1888-89) of the Outdoor Clinic for Medicine and Surgery in Newark, founder of the Newark Skin Clinic, president of the New Jersey Academy of Medicine (1923-25), and first president of the New Jersey Dermatological Society.

Wallhauser, Henry JF

Warren County Medical Society. 97-15
By-Laws Rules and Regulations of the district Medical Society for the county of Warren in the state of New Jersey, 1825 - 1925. 1 Vol.

Manuscript volume contains details of duties of secretary; by-laws 1825; "A List of Candidates Examined & Recommended to the Practice of Physic & Surgery" (1826-1830); minutes, 1826-1925 with gaps; by-laws adopted 1835 and 1892; listing of students beginning medical study, 1842-1848; dues notations, 1826-1828; and, inserts -- 1900 obituary of John S. Cook, MD, NJMS President, 1878, 1900 obituary of William Stites, MD, President of District Medical Society of Warren County, 1892.

Whitenack, Miller Royal, MD (1875-1922). 97-05
In Memory of Dr. M. Royal Whitenack, a scrapbook of clippings, obituaries, and photographs regarding Dr. Whitenack's death and funeral, 1917-1923.

Dr. Whitenack was a graduate of the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. A prominent Newark pediatrician, he was long associated with Newark Babies' Hospital.

Young, Irenee Dupont, MD (ca. 1825-1907). 98-40
Obstetric Register, October 3, 1849-December 20, 1880. 1 Vol.

The manuscript volume records 2,500 obstetric cases attended by Dr. Young during his practice in Bordentown, NJ. Dr. Young was an 1848 graduate of Jefferson Medical College. He was a member of the Medical Society of New Jersey and of the Burlington County Medical Society of which he was the historian.

Zabriskie, Simeon J., MD (1830-1915). 97-58; 98-38
Physician's Daily Pocket Record [daybook], 1886; Visiting List [daybook], 1893-1894. 2 Vols. [Ms.]

Dr. Zabriskie practiced in Westwood, Bergen County, NJ.

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