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Aaron E. Parsonnet Collection, 1926-1943

Aaron E. Parsonnet Collection, 1926-1943
A Guide To The Collection

August 1982; Revised 2002

Aaron E. Parsonnet, MD


The Aaron E. Parsonnet Collection is divided into nine series. Though the collection is small it does represent a rather complete cross section of Dr. Parsonnet's life. The collection contains examples of his published professional work in medicine, interests and hobbies, and his recognition within the medical profession.

Dr. Morris Saffron and Dr. Arthur Bernstein donated the material in the collection to the UMDNJ-Archives.

PC/3, Series A
Correspondence: Series contains six letters to Dr. Parsonnet arranged in chronological order. The correspondence deals with the establishment of the Newark Beth Israel Hospital Library and Dr. Parsonnet's writings on cardiology. 1926-1933.
Box Folder Contents
11Correspondents are:
Bierring, Walter L. M.D.
Brooks, Harlow M.D.
Ewing, James M.D.
Fester, Willis M.D.
Loveland, B.R. M.D.
Yates, Wallace M. M.D.
PC/3, Series-B
Publications: Series contains five articles by Dr. Parsonnet arranged in alphabetical order. The articles represent four professional writings on cardiology and one on the value of rare books of medicine. 1939-1943.
Box Folder Contents
12Ayerza's Syndrome, 1943
3Herpes Zoster and Coronary Disease, 1939
4The Management of Cardiovascular Syphilis, 1942
5Syphilitic Aortites. Its Early Recognition, 1940
6Treasures of the Academy of Medicine of Northern New Jersey, undated


PC/3, Series-C
Box Folder Contents
17Book Reviews by Dr. Parsonnet: Series contains clippings from professional journals in which Dr. Parsonnet contributed book reviews. The material is arranged in chronological order. 1940-1941.


PC/3, Series-D
Box Folder Contents
18Review of Dr. Parsonnet Book: Series contains a review of a book by Dr. Parsonnet titled Cobra Venom: It's Use in Stenocardia. 1940.


PC/3, Series-E
Pamphlets: The Series contains five pamphlets arranged in alphabetical order. The pamphlet topics range from medicine to the united war effort. 1927-1942.
Box Folder Contents
19Graeme Mitchell's Collection of Medical Caricatures, 1942
10Instructions for use of Cambridge Exploring Chest Electrodes, undated
11The Old World and the New in Common Cause, 1941
12Standardization of Primordial Leads, 1938
13United States Coins and Medals, 1927


PC/3, Series-F
Box Folder Contents
114Eulogy: A eulogy by Dr. Parsonnet for Dr. Sydney Keller. Undated


PC/3, Series-G
Box Folder Contents
115Illustrations: Series contains eleven watercolor prints of 19th century New York City Hospitals with narratives, undated.


PC/3, Series-H
Box Folder Contents
116Clippings: The series contains miscellaneous clippings arranged in chronologically order. 1940-1941


PC/3, Series-I
Box Folder Contents

Page Revised: 6/24/02

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