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Benjamin F. Rush, Jr. MD - Papers, 1961-1969

Benjamin F. Rush, Jr. MD
Papers, 1961-1969
A Guide to the Collection

March 1983; Revised July 2004

Biographical Sketch

Benjamin Rush, MD

Benjamin Franklin Rush, Jr., was born January 14, 1924 in Honolulu, Hawaii. His family bears no relationship to the famous 18th century physician. He received an A.B. degree from the University of California at Berkeley in 1944, and a M.D. degree from Yale in 1948. During the Korean conflict, Dr. Rush was assigned to a MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) and then to a surgical research unit. From 1954 to 1957, he received surgical training at the Sloan Kettering Division, Medical College, and Cornell University. In 1957, Dr. Rush was an instructor of surgery and assistant professor of Surgery at Johns Hopkins University; where later he became an assistant professor of surgery from 1959 to 1962.

Dr. Rush moved in 1962 to the University of Kentucky at Lexington, where he was appointed an associate professor of surgery at the new College of Medicine. The college recruited students mainly from rural communities. His varied work at the University of Kentucky included research in the areas of hemorrhagic and traumatic shock, and renal physiology. The Army and National Institute of Health (NIH) supported this research. Dr. Rush was made professor of surgery at the University of Kentucky.

In the spring of 1969, he accepted the chairmanship of the Department of Surgery, New Jersey Medical School, at the New Jersey College of Medicine & Dentistry, a forerunner to UMDNJ. At that time, the house staff was comprised primarily of foreign residents. By 1982, the surgical training program had recruited a house staff drawn totally from American medical schools. Also between 1969 and 1982, annual grant support increased from zero to $1 million, one half of this funding from NIH. In 1980-1981, the Department of Surgery, under Dr. Rush's leadership, was responsible for more than 300 publications.

Dr. Rush has held two chairs at UMDNJ: the Johnson & Johnson Chair from 1971 to 1980 and the Wesley Howe Chair from 1988 to 1991. He is held in high regard nationally for his research activity in the two areas of fluid balance and renal physiology in relation to surgery, and surgical oncology. After Dr. Rush stepped down as department chair, he remained on the faculty as a Distinguished Professor of Surgery before retiring from active faculty on June 30, 1996.

Scope and Content Note

The Benjamin F. Rush, Jr. Papers span the years from 1961 to 1969. The bulk of the material covers 1962 to 1969, when Dr. Rush was at the University of Kentucky. It consists of one sub-series, and occupies four and a half linear feet.

The collection includes correspondence, reports and drafts of reports, grant proposals, operative records, surgical protocols, pamphlets and brochures, and photographs. Correspondents include medical researchers and educators, foreign medical students, equipment vendors, Dr. Rush's relatives, and surgery patients. The operative records, correspondence with family members, and correspondence with surgery patients are restricted.

The collection documents Dr. Rush's many activities while he was at the University of Kentucky. The National Institute of Health, the Army, and the American Cancer Society supported research and training conducted by him. Documented topics of research include hemorrhagic and traumatic shock, and renal physiology.

Also reflected is the fact that the University of Kentucky Medical Center was a referral hospital, where as a member of the Department of Surgery, Dr. Rush supervised an oncology section and an outpatient department. In addition to his activities at the university, he was an active member of the American Cancer Society, and was president of its Kentucky Division in 1969. The collection reflects his membership in many other professional societies.

An oral history interview dealing mainly with Dr. Rush's tenure at UMDNJ is available and was conducted in 1982.

Provenance: Dr. Rush donated the collection in March 1983.

Series Description

Series A: Alphabetical Subject File

Sub-series:   1 University of Kentucky
The sub-series contains material on Dr. Benjamin F. Rush's tenure at the University of Kentucky. It is arranged alphabetically by topic or correspondent's name. Folders for letters "A", "B", and "C" appear to be missing.

Dates: 1961-1969
Quantity: Four and one half linear feet

Container List

Box Number Folder Number Contents
11Untitled (breast cancer), 1968-1969.
2Cancer Coordinators, 1962.
3D Correspondence, 1963-1969.
4Disaster plan, 1962-1968.
5E Correspondence, 1964-1969.
6F Correspondence, 1962-1969.
75-fluorouracil gastric adjuvant study, 1962-1967.
85 FU colorectal study, 1962-1964.
9G Correspondence, 1962-1968.
10General Electric (RTV-200 & CE-1025), 1962-1963.
11AGrants, 1968-1969.
12(Grants) - Army Contract, 1962-1968.
13(Grants) - 1966 Army Annual Progress Report, 1966.
14(Grants) - 1965 Army Annual Progress Report, 1965.
15(Grants) - Public Health Service, 1968.
16(Grants) - N.I.H. grant material completed, undated.
17(Grants) - NIH grant AMO6956-02 aa/62 - 10/63, undated.
18(Grants) - NIH grant AMO6956-05 11/62 - 10/63, undated.
19(Grants) - NIH grant AMO6956-04 11/164 - 10/65, undated.
20(Grants) - NIH grant AMO6956-03 11/63 - 10/64 (and other grants), 1962-1963.
21(Grants) National Institutes of Health, 1967.
22(Grants - untitled) , 1963-1969.
23(Grants) - NIH Grant AMO6956-06 11/1/67 -10/68, 1967.
24(Grants - untitled) ,1968-1969.
25(Grants) NIH 9/1/69 - 8/31/75 renewal AMO6956, 1967-1968.
26(Grants) NIH AMO6956-06 11/1/66 - 10/67, undated.
27(Grants - untitled), 1969.
28(Grants) NIH 5/1/69 - 4/30/72, 1969.
29(Grants) NIH new grant request 7/68:1/69 - 12/74, 1968.
30A(Grants - untitled), 1967-1968.
31H Correspondence, 1963-1969.
32Hartmann's Study, 1968.
33Harvard Apparatus Company, 1964-1966.
34(Hawaii, University of), 1962-1967.
35(Hemodilution, effect on Cardiac work), undated.
36House staff, 1964-1969.
37I Correspondence, 1962-1968.
38Imferon study, undated.
39Infusion pump, 1964.
40Instruments (faculty and returned), 1963.
41Insurance (University of Kentucky), 1964.
42Insurance (U.S. Department of Health, Education & Welfare), undated.
43J Correspondence, 1963-1969.
21K Correspondence, 1961-1968.
2L Correspondence, 1962-1968.
3London Co., 1962-1963.
4Mc Correspondence, 1963-1967.
5AM Correspondence, 1964-1969.
6Medical center, 1962-1968.
7Membrane oxygenators, 1963.
8N Correspondence, 1962-1968.
9Narco project, 1963-1965.
10O Correspondence, 1963-1968.
31AOperative reports - restricted, 1964-1965.
1BRestricted, 1962-1965.
1CRestricted, 1962-1964.
2(Operative reports) - Dr. Rush restricted, 1967-1968.
3(Operative reports) - Dr. Rush restricted, 1967.
4(Operative reports) - Dr. Rush restricted, 1967-1969.
5A(Operative reports) - Dr. Rush restricted, 1965-1967.
5BRestricted, 1964-1967.
6APersonal - Dr. Rush restricted, 1966-1969.
6BRestricted, 1962-1967.
7A(personnel), 1965-1969.
7B(personnel), Dr. Gemil Coskun, 1965-1966.
7C(personnel), Wenonah Francis Carris, 1965-1966.
7D(personnel), Dr. Fayek Ghabrial Yassa, 1966.
7E(personnel), Das, Sujit Kumar Fellow-India, 1964-1967.
8A(personnel), Karen Sue Richardson, 1966.
8B(personnel, Horie, Norihiko Fellow-Japan, 1964-1965.
8C(personnel), Mary Ann Tanner, 1965-1966.
8D(personnel), Ertugrul, Dr. Gultekin, 1964-1967.
8E(personnel), Dr. Sedat Ustaoglu, 1964-1965.
8F(personnel), 1963-1966.
9Preparation for Pts. For operation with use of Dibenzyline, 1966.
10Protocol for Patients treated with blood vs. Hartman's solution, 1966.
11Protocol for arterial infusion of inoperable lung T's, 1966.
12Protocol for dilution studies, 1966.
13Protocol for the treatment of warts with 5 -FU, undated.
14R Correspondence, 1964-1969.
15Retirement, undated.
16S Correspondence, 1963-1969.
17Sage Instruments, Inc., 1962-1963.
18Salaries - other departments of surgery, 1962.
19Salaries Systems, 1966.
20Shock grant, 1966.
41(Shock, Oxygen), 1962-1964.
2Shock study - University of Maryland, 1966.
3Shock Unit, 1966.
4Slide collection, 1962.
5ASocieties - American College of Surgeons, 1966-1969.
6(Societies) American College of Surgeons (Ky. Chapter), 1966-1969.
7(Societies) American Cancer Society (Mr. Ringel), 1962-1969.
8(Societies) American Cancer Society (Dr. Rush Pres. Ky.), 1969.
9A(Societies) American Cancer Society (Col. Charles Tucker), 1965.
10(Societies) American Cancer Society (Medical center), 1964-1966.
11(Societies) American Cancer Society (Fayette County), 1963-1969.
12A(Societies) American Cancer Society, 1968-1969.
13(Societies) American Federation for Clinical Research, 1963-1965.
14(Societies) American Medical Association, 1963-1965.
15(Societies) American Society for Experimental Pathology, 1964-1966.
16(Societies) American Surgical Association, 1964-1969.
17(Societies) Central Surgical Association, 1963-1968.
18(Societies) Fayette County Medical Association, 1962-1967.
19(Societies) James Ewing Society, 1962-1967.
20A(Societies) Kentucky State Medical Association, 1962-1968.
20B(Societies) Kentucky State Medical Association (C.V. for T. V.), undated.
21(Societies) Kentucky Surgical Society, 1965-1969.
22(Societies) Liason Fellow American College of Surgeons, 1964-1967.
51(Societies) Directory for Regionalization Program (American College of Surgeons), 1966.
2(Societies) The New York Academy of Sciences, 1968.
3(Societies) Pan American Medical Association, Inc., 1964.
4(Societies) Pan -Pacific Surgical Association, 1964.
5(Societies) Society for Head and Neck Surgeons, 1964-1968.
6(Societies) The Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract, 1963-1966.
7(Societies) Society of University Surgeons, 1962-1968.
8(Societies) Southeastern Society of Clinical Surgeons, 1963-1964.
9(Societies) Southern Society of Clinical Surgeons, 1963-1964.
10(Societies) The Southern Surgical Association, 1965-1969.
11Surgery, Dept. of, Annual Report 1969.
61Surgery, Department of 1963-1964.
2Surgery, Department of - Printed Annual Reports, 1964-1968.
3T Correspondence, 1967.
4AThemis Project - U.S. Army, 1969.
5Trauma and Shock Project, 1966-1967.
6ATumor Clinic Patient Correspondence restricted, 1964.
7ATumors of the Head and Neck, 1969.
8U-V Correspondence, 1962-1968.
9Vincristine Study, 1963.
10W Correspondence, 1962-1969.
11Wilder, Robert, MD, 1962-1966.
12X-Y-Z Correspondence, 1963-1968.
13Rush, Jr., Benjamin F., Collected Works. 2 vols., 1950-1993.

For reference service and information contact:
Robert Vietrogoski
Special Collections
FAX 973-972-7474