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Felix H. Vann, MD - Papers, 1932 - 1992

Felix H. Vann, MD
Papers, 1932 - 1992

MC/26 91-139, 91-140
92-104, 92-146


Felix H. Vann (b. 1909) was born to American missionaries in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and soon moved back to the United States, where they settled in New Jersey in 1923. He was a 1930 graduate of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. His post-graduate training included New York Hospital, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, Margaret Hague Hospital in Jersey City, and the Free Hospital for Women in Brookline, MA. Dr. Vann was awarded the Alexander Cochran Bowen Scholarship from the NY Academy of Medicine and he continued his studies at Edinburgh University Medical School. He met and married Dorothea Deimel, MD, in 1935, in London, England.

Dr. Vann served in Europe during World War II as a Major in the Army Medical Corps and received the Presidential Unit Citation, 863d AAA (AW) Bn, Ardennes Campaign.

Dr. Vann began a long and successful obstetrics and gynecology practice in Englewood, NJ, from 1940 until his retirement in 1983, joining the staffs of Englewood, Holy Name, and Hackensack Hospitals. He delivered over 10,000 babies during his career.

Dr. Vann was a co-founder with the cooperation of the Bergen County Medical Society of the Bergen Community Blood Bank. He served as president of the New Jersey Blood Bank Association. He was a member of the Bergen County Planned Parenthood Association since 1946, and its honorary president since 1969. He served as president of the medical staff of Englewood Hospital for six years. Dr. Vann was a member of the American Medical Association, New Jersey Medical Society, American Fertility Society, American College of Surgeons, American Association of Blood Banks, and the American Maternal and Infant Welfare Commission.

Dr. Vann's post-retirement activities continued with his affiliations in county health-related organizations. During this time, he was active in many historical and genealogical societies, and researched his family history. Dr. Vann and his wife moved to North Carolina in 1992.

Scope & Content

The Felix H. Vann, MD papers date from 1932 to 1992 and contain textual records. The papers are divided into four series: Miscellaneous Records, 1942-1991; Biographical; Correspondence, 1933-1992; and Subject Files, 1932-1992. The records pertain to Dr. Vann's professional career as a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist in Englewood, New Jersey, his involvement in professional and community organizations, especially health-related, and his military career.

Series Description

Series I Miscellaneous Records, 1942-1991. Arranged chronological.

Series contains documentation on Dr. Vann's military career, correspondence, NJ Obstetrical & Gynecological Society, and Englewood Hospital. Material was received sporadically and prior to the last large accession, which are represented in the other three series.

Series II Biographical

Series contains material on Dr. Vann and his family.

Series III Correspondence, 1933-1992. Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

Series contains incoming letters and some outgoing copies of Dr. Vann's responses. Correspondents are primarily professional colleagues including Dr. Samuel A Cosgrove, Dr. Joanne E. Finley, and Dr. Morris S. Saffron, among others.

Series IV Subject Files, 1932-1992. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Series contains Dr. Vann's professional files but no patient records. Files document his activities in professional associations and volunteer commitments with national, state, and local organizations. Some of the organizations include American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), American Red Cross Northern Valley Chapter (NJ), Bergen Community Regional Blood Center, Bergen County Medical Society, Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital (Jersey City), New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners, North Jersey Professional Review, Planned Parenthood of Bergen County, Planned Parenthood of Greater Northern New Jersey, among others.

Provenance: Gift of Felix H. Vann, MD, May 15, 1991 and March 13, 1991

Size of Collection: 3 l.f.

Box Folder Contents
11Military Service Record. WWII, 1942-46.
 2Military Service Record. 863rd AAA AW Battalion. (Includes Period Report, Medical Department Activities, June 1943-June 1945.
 3"American Obstetrics Comes to France," Oct. 10, 1944
 4Correspondence Concerning Men in the Delivery Room, 1967-74.
 5Correspondence with Shirley A. Mayer, MD, 1982.
 6Correspondence with J. Richard Goldstein, MD, 1981-85.
 7NJ Obstetrical & Gynecological Society, 1976-90, w/gaps.
 8Englewood Hospital. Ethics Committee 1978-91, w/gaps.
 9Englewood Hospital Association. Medical Staff Application, 1984.
Processed by
Lois R. Densky, Archivist;


Felix H. Vann, MD
Papers, 1932 - 1992 (Addenda)

Box Folder Contents
21Biographical File, personal & professional.
 2Correspondence, 1944-1982.
 3Ainslie, Dr. William H., 1941, 1987.
 4Bell, Dr. A.L. Loomis Jr., 1991.
 5Caldwell, Dr. Otis W., 1933.
 6Carvalho, Dr. Milton A. & Alfa, 1938-1990.
 7Casey, Dr. Tom, DDS, 1946-1989
 8Chesley, Dr. Leon, 1980-1992.
 9Cole, Alphaeus P., 1941.
 10Constantine, Dr. Frank and Betty, 1987.
 11Conway, Dr. David F., 1991.
 12Cosgrove, Dr. Robert A., 1984-1991.
 13Cosgrove, Dr. Samuel A., 1939-1941.
 14D'Esopo, Dr. Anthony, 1988.
 15Finley, Dr. Joanne E., 1981-1982.
 16Glaser, Dr. John W.H., 1981-1990
 17Heller, Drs. George (1901-70) and Dorothy (d1983), 1942-43, 1983.
 18Correspondence MacKenzie, Dr. Robert A. (b.1898), 1953-54, 1980-1992.
 19McCormack, Dr. Barbara, 1975-1990.
 20Neuwalder, Dr. Herbert, 1968-1991.
 21Preece, Dr. John, 1961, 1980.
 22Reilly, Dr. Christopher T., 1984-1986.
 23Ridley, Dr. James B. & Emma (Skip), 1985-1990.
 24Riggs, Dr. Joseph A., 1991.
 24aSaffron, Dr. Morris, 1992.
 25Shipps, Dr. Hammell P., 1986.
 26Saphier, Dr. Henry I., 1974.
 27Soule, Dr. William C., 1965-1990.
 28Station Hospital, Ft. Dupont, Delaware, 1942-1964. Re: WWII.
 29Thompson, Dr. James A., 1991-1992.
 30Todd, Dr. James S., 1991-1992.
 31Van Meter, Dr. Ralph H.
 32Wierum, Dr. Carl, 1987-1988.
 31Subject Files American Assn Planned Parethood Physicians, 1963-1991.
 32American Assn for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 1934-1960.
Box Folder Contents
31American Assn. Planned Parethood Physicians, 1963-1991.
 2American Assn for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 1934-1960.
 3American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), 1987-1992.
 4ACOG, 1937, 1951-1990.
 5ACOG. Case Reports for Certification, A-D.
 6ACOG. Case Reports for Certification, F-L.
 7ACOG. Case Reports for Certification, M-Z.
 8ACOG. Correspondence, 1971-1972.
 9ACOG. Correspondence, 1973-1974.
 10ACOG. Correspondence, 1975-1979.
 11ACOG. Correspondence, 1980-1991.
 12ACOG. Credentials Committee-New Jersey, 1965-1978.
 13ACOG. District III/Committee Health Care Delivery Meeting Transcript, Sept 14, 1974.
 14ACOG. New Jersey Chapter, 1954-1991.
 15ACOG. New Jersey Chapter. Program for Dec 4, 1971.
 16ACOG. Reports on Activities, 1977/78-1988.
 17ACOG. Silver Badge Club, 1986-1992.
 18American Fertility Society, 1947-89.
 19American Medical Assn, 1975, 1984-1989.
 20American Medicine 50 Year Club, 1985.
 21American Red Cross. Northern Valley Chapter, NJ, 1988-1992.
 22Annual Summaries-Professional [Statistical Analysis of Professional Services Rendered], 1946-1966.
 23Baker-Channing Society, 1940-1992.
 24Free Hospital for Women (B.L.I.), Boston, Mar-Sept 1939 (Brigham and Women's Hospital).
 25Bergen Community Regional Blood Center. Origins, 1953-1955.
 26Bergen County Medical Society, 1986-1991.
Box Folder Contents
41Bergen County Medical Society. "Responsibility" (Talk), 2/27/79.
 2Bergen County Medical Society. "Talk to New Members," 1978-79. Re: medical ethics.
 3Book Reviews by Dr. Vann, 1963-1965.
 4Case Studies during 1st Year in Practice, 1940-1941.
 5Columbia University Alumni Federation. Award of Alumni Medal, 1981.
 6Cornell University Medical College Alumni Assn. Dorothea D. Vann, MD, 1986-1991
 7Diethylstilbestirol (DES) Study, Vann/Columbia University, 1983-87.
 8DES Study, 1983-1987.
 9Englewood, Surgical Society,1974-90.
 10Fathers in Labor and Delivery Suite, 1970.
 11Hospital Service Plan of New Jersey. Contract, 1957-1972.
 12Internship Applications, 1932-1937.
 13Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital. Sacres Obsterical Society, 1940-1990.
 14Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital. Memoranda & Reports, 1937-1952.
 15Medical Education, 1940-1947.
 16Medical Inter-Insurance Exchange of New Jersey, 1980-1985. (Malpractice Insurance)
 17Medical Inter-Insurance Exchange of New Jersey. Brochures & Annual Reports, 1977-1980.
 18Narcotic Program Coordinator-Bergen County, 1970.
 19National Foundation March of Dimes, 1975-1979. (Proposal from E.H. re "High Risk Pregnancy Monitoring")
 20New Jersey, State of, 1987-1988.
 21New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners, 1972-1991.
 22New York Academy of Medicine. Alex C.Bowen certificate, 1934-1951.
 23New York Hospital. Case Summaries, 1933-1934.
 24New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, 1936-1991. [Alumni Assn.]
 25New York Obstetrical Society, 1945-1992.
 26North Jersey Professional Review (NJPR), 1989-1992.
 27[Perinatal Services, Standards and General Criteria for the Planning and Certification of Needs in New Jersey], 1976.
 28Planned Parenthood of Bergen County, 1989-1990.
 29Planned Parenthood of Greater Northern New Jersey. Resources Committee, 1990-1991.
 30Presbyterian Hospital of New York City (CPMC), 1947-1991.
 31"The P.R.O. - Damocles or Demosthenes?" 1985.
 32Professional Career - the Use of DES in Practice, Aug. 25, 1988.
 33Relative Value Index (Med Soc NJ & ACS), 1960-1970.
 35Retirement from Practice, July 1, 1983. (Letters received.)
 36Responses from Friends re: Announcement of Practice, 1939-1940.
 37SIECUS (Sex Information and Education Council of the US), 1989-1990.
 38Stanley and Fisher (Attorneys), 1977-1979.
 39Subject Files Therapeutic Index, 1940.
 40What it Costs to Go to College and Medical School, 1926-1932.
 41"What is the Future of Medical Practice in Bergen County?," March 10, 1984.
 42"What is the Future of Medical Practice?" Presented to the Englewood Hospital Medical Staff, March 21, 1984.
 43WW II - 863d AAA AW Battalion - Reunion, May 1947, NYC.
 44WW II - Requests for Affidavits from Former Members of the 863d AAA AW BN to FH Vann, 1945-1982.
Inventory Prepared by

Lois R. Densky-Wolff,
Archivist; July 14, 1992

Page Revised: 6/20/05

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Robert Vietrogoski
Special Collections
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