How Do I find electronic books (e-books)?

To find electronic books (e-books) in the .

  1. Select a search type, enter your search term(s), and use the drop-down menus to further define your search.
  1. Once you have a list of results, use the options at the left to narrow your search to e-books.
    • Select 'Book' from the Format list.
    • Select 'RU-ONLINE' from the Library list or 'ONLINE' from the Sub-location list.
  1. Select any title from the results list to view the complete details for that item including the link for online access.

You can also use the limits on the 'Advanced' search page to narrow your search to electronic books. Enter your search terms and select 'RU-ONLINE' from the Library list and 'book' from the Format list.