How Do I know if RU has a particular journal?

First, check the (see below for help);

then check the

if the Libraries do not have this journal or if it is only available in print, use InterLibrary Loan and Article Delivery.

Help finding a journal title in the Library Catalog

  1. Go to the , and click on the "Journals" tab.
  1. Enter the title of the journal (NOT the title of the article) in the search box. Select Journal Title begins with from the pull-down menu located to the right of the search box, then click on the Search button.
  1. The Library Catalog will display an alphabetical list of periodical titles. Click on the one that most closely matches your search.
    Note: If the periodical you select is available in more than one format, you may, at this point, see multiple listings for the same title. Click on the periodical title in any listing to view the complete details for that record.
  1. A results screen will appear indicating which libraries have the title. To see more detailed information, click on the Title.


If you entered "Journal of the Rutgers University Libraries" as your periodical title, you would retrieve the following record:

Notice the Online Access link that appears before the first library listing. The link indicates that some portion of the journal is available electronically. To find out if the volume/article that you are looking for is available electronically, click on the link. NOTE: Some titles may have multiple Electronic Access links.

The most important information to note is the Location and Volume information listed under each library. This information tells you where to find the journal and indicates the volumes or years of the journal that are located at each of the Rutgers University Libraries.

The notation of "Current" in the Location line indicates that a particular library is currently receiving the journal. The associated Holdings line lists the most recently received issues.

NOTE: You must enter the entire title or the first few words of the title of the journal in order to search the Library Catalog. If you need help deciphering an abbreviation for a journal title, please speak with a reference librarian, or write to Ask A Librarian.