Guidelines for Access and Use

We ask that you follow the guidelines below when using and handling IJS materials.  If at any time you are unsure how properly to handle IJS materials or have questions about these guidelines, please do not hesitate to ask IJS staff for assistance. 

  • No food or drinks are allowed in the reference room or sound booths.  Please dispose of any food-contaminated trash outside of IJS facilities (i.e., in the bathroom or hallway trash receptacles).
  • Wash your hands before handling collections, especially after you eat or smoke.
  • Only one box of material will be provided at a time.  Once you finish with your box, IJS staff will deliver another one at your request.
  • Only remove one folder at a time from the box and lay it flat on the table to peruse its contents, carefully turning one page at a time.  Mark the folder’s proper placement in the box with acid-free strips.
  • Do not change the order of the materials within the folder or the order of the folders within the box.  If you suspect materials are out of order, please report your observation to IJS staff. 
  • Do not hold up a document without supporting it.  Lay materials flat on the table to examine them.
  • Do not lick your fingers or rifle through documents, folders, or periodicals.
  • Turn the pages of bound materials from the top or bottom corners of the page or in the middle of the outside edge.  Do not turn pages close to the spine.
  • Do not put anything on top of the folder or the documents when they are on the table.
  • Do not write on materials or attempt to erase any existing markings.
  • When placing materials back in a folder to put it back in the box, do not tap folder edges or a stack of papers on the table to align the page edges evenly.  Make sure that all edges of the materials are inside the folder by aligning the papers individually with your hands.  Do not smear one paper against another.
  • Use pencil only when working with archival materials.  No pens should be in the reading room.  Pencils and a pencil sharpener are available at the IJS reference desk.
  • Wear white cotton or nitrile gloves when handling photographs and photographic negatives not encased in Mylar, any metal or glass objects including instruments, and magnetic media.  Wear nitrile gloves when an item is slippery to limit the chance that you may drop it.  IJS staff will provide you with gloves.
  • When photocopying or moving individual items, carry them on a rigid support like a folder or binder to the photocopy area.  IJS staff will provide appropriate supports for this purpose.
  • Never use the automatic feeder to make photocopies.
  • Do not press down on the spine of bound materials when copying them.  This will damage the spine.
  • Damaged, torn, or weak paper should be handled with two hands to offer support when moving it or turning a page.  Access to extremely fragile collections may be restricted. 
  • Handle all recorded disks and cylinders by the edges being careful not to touch any grooves or surface with imprinted sound information.
  • Do not place any collections materials or storage boxes on the floor.  Make sure there is enough space on the work area for the materials to be handled properly.
  • When leaving your table for more than a few minutes, please return all materials to the correct folder and box. 
  • Please alert IJS staff to potential preservation issues you notice.  We would appreciate your assistance keeping IJS collections intact and undamaged.

Thank you for following these guidelines.  By doing so, you are contributing to the preservation of IJS collections and making them accessible in the future.