Loans of IJS Materials

We loan materials from our collections to other archives, educational institutions, and museums for exhibits and special events subject to approval. The IJS does not loan items to individuals or organizations that do not have a preservation and security infrastructure to guarantee the integrity of the loaned item(s) throughout the loan period.

Loan requests must be submitted at least six months in advance

Requests may be denied based on preservation needs of any particular item.

Letters of request must include:

  • Completed American Alliance of Museums General Facilities Report
  • An itemized description of the requested item(s)
  • Plans for exhibiting individual items (e.g., wall-hung frames or display case)
  • Duration of the loan
  • A description of all transportation logistics, security provisions, and environmental controls at the host institution
  • A brief description of the purpose of the loan
  • Insurance documentation

Evidence of security procedures, insurance for the full market value of loaned item(s) for the duration of the loan period starting at the time of delivery and terminating upon return of the loan, and environmental control measures are required for loan approval.

The borrowing institution is responsible for all costs, including insurance, conservation treatment if required, conservator time and all costs associated with the installation and transit of borrowed items, including courier time.  The IJS must approve all transportation of loaned items, including professional fine art shipping services. 

Please contact us to submit a loan request.