Visit and Use the Collections

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IJS is currently closed to in-person visitors. Faculty and staff are working remotely, with limited access to physical collections, to support research and instruction. Please contact us for assistance.

Research assistance

The Institute of Jazz Studies offers research assistance in person, via email, video chat, and over the phone. The best starting place for research assistance is the IJS Research Guide. This guide provides helpful information about available jazz resources at the IJS and how to find them as well as resources at other libraries, archives, and museums, and on the web.

Preparing for your visit

If you plan to visit the IJS we require that you make an advance appointment. The IJS helps hundreds of researchers every year, and scheduling a research appointment helps us accommodate your needs. Please let IJS staff know what materials you would like to use and your research interest(s) when you make your appointment. To do so, please email us or call 973-353-5595 during business hours.

Preparing for your visit by requesting in advance the materials you would like to use will help you make the most of your time at the IJS. We can have everything ready for when you arrive so that you can begin your research right away. We are always happy to discuss your research and help you identify the most useful materials, but “doing your homework” before you come to the IJS will definitely improve your experience and efficiency. 

Scanning, copying, and reformatting services

U.S. Copyright Law applies to all materials at the Institute of Jazz Studies; see "Warning Concerning Copyright Restrictions," which appears in the Rutgers University Libraries' Copyright Policy as well as on IJS Photocopy and Reproduction Agreement. In addition, reproductions of material from the Institute may not be published in any form including placement on publicly accessible storage and retrieval systems (i.e., CDs, video disk, external hard drives, etc.), or the Internet without written permission for use by the rights holders.

  • Some materials may be copied by patrons by purchasing a copy card on the first floor of Dana Library.
  • Fragile materials may be copied only by the IJS staff. Please consult with the reference staff before making copies.
  • Some materials may not be photocopied, including: fragile, oversized and bound manuscripts. Consult reference personnel for possible alternatives.
  • Digital cameras are permitted in the Reading Room, but only for use in accordance with the library unit's Copyright and Reproduction Policy. 
  • Flatbed and other scanning devices are not permitted in the Reading Room, and scanning of materials by patrons in not permitted. Please consult reference personnel regarding alternatives.