Guidelines for Fielding Requests to Film, Photograph, or Videograph in Libraries’ Facilities

Rutgers University Libraries endorses and promotes the “Filming & Photography on Campus” created by University Communications and Marketing:

This means that all requests to photograph, videotape, or film [Requests] in the Libraries or at a Libraries event, must be shared with and processed by the appropriate University contact: Office of Community Affairs of University Communications and Marketing in New Brunswick, Office of Communications in Newark, or Communications Office in Camden.

These guidelines apply to all Requests, including, but not limited to, requests from outside vendors, directors, student groups, classes. The only exceptions are requests from University Communications and Marketing and official Rutgers University entities like Rutgers Today or Campus Info.

The Rutgers University Libraries guidelines add the following notices:

  • The communications department of Rutgers University Libraries should be notified of any Requests and should be kept informed regarding the outcome of these Requests.
  • Each Library Group (Rutgers University-Camden, Rutgers University-Newark, Rutgers University-New Brunswick, Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences) should create a workflow that identifies who processes these requests and works with contacts at the appropriate University office. This workflow and these guidelines should be shared with faculty, staff, and student workers who work in the Library Group.
  • Requests from other departments and units at Rutgers can be processed by the Libraries without approval from the university communications offices. Process these types of requests through the workflow identified by your Library Group or send to the Libraries' communications department.
  • The communications department of Rutgers University Libraries is also available to process these requests on behalf of the Libraries.

If you are a department at Rutgers looking to photograph or videotape in a library or if you have additional questions, please contact the communications department (