Past Berger-Berger-Carter Awardees


Rutgers Jazz Master’s Program Students:

Cherise Renée Harris (Social Music is Jazz Evolved and Rediscovered: An Introspective Analysis of Jon Batiste and Stay Human)

Leslie K. Haynes: (The Nonagenarian - Roy Haynes: The First 45 Years)

Paul N. Kahn (Bandleader/pianist Luis Russell)

Matt Lavelle (Saxophonists Paul Gonsalves, Ornette Coleman, and Giuseppi Logan: common threads)

Michael Li (Louis Armstrong’s and Earl Hines’ collaborations in the late 1920s)

Other Scholars:

Michael Allemana (Musician/educator/Ph.D candidate, University of Chicago): Saxophonist Von Freeman

Lawrence Davies (Blues researcher/Ph.D candidate, King’s College, London): Blues singer Victoria Spivey within the context of contemporary race and gender politics

Matthew Nelson Holman (Musician/educator/DMA candidate, Manhattan School of Music): Compositional and improvisatory integration in the Jimmy Giuffre 3

Alyssa Mehnert (Conductor/educator/Ph.D. candidate, University of Cincinnati Conservatory): McKinney’s Cotton Pickers - business practices, musical style, and popular reception

Brian F. Wright (Educator/Ph.D candidate (musicology), Case Western Reserve): The electric bass, jazz, and the stigmatization of musical practice.


Rutgers Jazz Master’s Program Students:

Andrea Jackson-Alexander (The Jazz Scene in Cleveland: The 1960’s to Present)

Dylan Lagamma (The Personal and Musical Life of trumpeter Booker Little)

Zach Streeter (Guitarist Jimmy Raney)

Andrew A. Vogel (Kenny Wheeler’s Life and Music)

Elise Wood (The Life and Music of Pianist John Hicks)

Other Scholars:

Rashida K. Braggs (Assistant Professor, Africana Studies, Williams College: In the Shadow of Josephine: Migrating Jazz Women Negotiate Racial and National Identity)

Lucas Henry (Ph.D Candidate, Musicology, University of Illinois-Urbana: The Experiences of American Jazz Composer and Big-band Leader Thad Jones in Scandinavia)

Brian Lefresne (Ph.D Candidate in Literary Studies, University of Guelph: "A Critical Examination of the Intersection of Race, Class, and Art in the Life and Works of Jazz Musician and Poet Sun Ra")

Zachary T. Wiggins (Ph.D Candidate, Musicology, Arizona State University: The Role of the Accordion in Jazz)

Deanna Witkowski (Pianist/composer: "Jazz in Catholicism in the late 1960s/early 1970s")


Rutgers Jazz Master’s Program Students:

Adam Melville (Pedagogy of jazz pianist Connie Crothers)

Christopher Dennison (Analysis and expansion of musical references in Ira Gitler’s Swing to Bop)

Tony Lannen (Bassist Bob Cranshaw)

Daniel T. Peterson (Chronology of long form compositions in jazz)

Terrence McManus (Guitarist Ted Greene)

Other Scholars:

Kelsey Arlene Kline Klotz (Ph.D candidate, Washington University in St. Louis; dissertation: “Play it Cool: Race, Authenticity, and Cool Jazz Narratives”)

William Levine (Professor of English, Middle Tennessee State University; book project: The Hidden Thread: The Jazz Impulse in Shaping Nashville’s Music Culture, 1960-66)

Seth Lewis (Bassist and M.M. candidate, William Paterson University (memoirs and discography of Bob Cranshaw)

Darren Mueller (Ph.D candidate, Musicology, Duke University; dissertation research: "At the Vanguard of Vinyl: A Cultural History of the Long-Playing Record in Jazz")

Mischa Gerard van Kan (Ph.D. candidate, Musicology, University of Gothenburg, Sweden; Reception of Swedish jazz in the U.S.)


Rutgers Jazz Master’s Program Students:

Jonah Jonathan (Ethnography of Harlem Jazz Clubs)

Janelle Martin (History of Jazz in Elementary Education)

Jason Mitchell (Shorter Stories: The Life and Music of Wayne Shorter)

David Sanders (The Blues Aesthetic and Its Impact on Modern Musicians)

Karen Lee Schwarz (Jazz at the Jersey Shore: Then and Now)

Other Scholars:

Mario Dunkel (Researcher and instructor, Technische Universitat Dortmund (Germany), Department of Music and Musicology - Political function of jazz historiography from the beginning of jazz criticism to the publication of Stearns’ The Story of Jazz)

Willard V. Jenkins (Independent researcher/consultant – book projects: Ain’t But a Few of Us -- dialogues with historic and contemporary African American jazz journalists & critics; and Spinning the Platters: A History of the Storied Life of Jazz Music on the Radio [working titles])

Delfeayo Marsalis (Musician/producer/educator – Solography of trombonist Jack Teagarden)

Christopher J. Wells (Graduate Instructor, Music and African/Afro-American Studies; Ph.D Candidate in Musicology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Interactions between jazz music and popular dance throughout the 20th century)

Reggie Workman (Musician/composer/educator - research on Collective Black Artists organization)


Rutgers Jazz Master’s Program Students:

Steven Beck (Development of Jazz Guitar, 1942-1957)

Alex Chilowicz (Arranger Eddie Sauter)

Melba Joyce (Jazz Widows)

Alan Simon (The Compositions of Herbie Hancock)

Chad Taylor (Composer/saxophonist Henry Threadgill)

Other Scholars:

Mark Cantor (Independent researcher, jazz film specialist - Jukebox Shorts of the 1940s)

Christopher Capizzi (Ph.D candidate, Dept. of Music, Univ. of Pittsburgh - Sacred and Liturgical Music of Mary Lou Williams)

Elaine M. Hayes (Freelance writer and jazz historian - Book project: Sarah Vaughan: To Bebop or To Be Pop)

Kenneth E. Prouty (Assistant Professor of Musicology and Jazz Studies, Michigan State University - Book project: A Critical History of Jazz Education)

Alan Stanbridge (Associate Professor, Visual and Performing Arts, University of Toronto - Book project: When Worlds Collide: The Meeting of Jazz and Classical Music)


Rutgers Jazz Master’s Program students:

Alexander Ariff (Jazz poetry: 1956-1966)

Sheila Pigford (Evolution of jazz and its connections with the Church)

Radam Schwartz (History of the jazz organ)

Alan Simon (Music of pianist/composer Herbie Hancock)

Other Scholars:

Patricia Bonnie Brett (Ph.D candidate, York U., Toronto – Ella Fitzgerald Songbook recordings)

Ryan Bruce (Ph.D candidate, York U. – Thelonious Monk’s aesthetic in the work of Charlie Rouse and Steve Lacy)

Jan Evensmo (independent scholar [Norway] – (Record research for his solography series)

Martin Guerpin (Independent scholar and teacher [Paris] - The Aesthetic Influence of Jazz on French Art Music, 1908-1927)

Michael Kahr (Senior lecturer University of Music and Performing Arts, in Graz/Austria – Music of Clare Fischer)

Jeffery S. McMillan (Consultant, Metropolitan Opera Archives - Biography of Billy Eckstine)


Rutgers Jazz Master’s Program students:

Vincent Gardner (history of jazz in Brooklyn)

Sean Lorre (guitarist Marc Ribot)Alan Simon (the compositions of Herbie Hancock)

Sean Gough (pianist Bill Evans’ work, 1978-1980)

Gretchen Michelson (Harry Connick, Jr.)

Bill Graham (trumpeter Ahmad Abdullah)

Other Scholars:

Paul de Barros, writer (biography of Marian McPartland)

Henry Ferrini, film-maker (film about saxophonistLester Young)


Rutgers Jazz Master’s Program students:

Paul Brady (guitarist Django Reinhardt)

Joseph J. McGuire (The Banjo in Jazz)

Jared Negley (guitarist Sonny Sharrock)

Alex Rodriguez (trombonist Jack Teagarden)


Rutgers Jazz Master’s Program students:

Brad Farberman (Jazz and the University of Massachusetts)

Hyland Harris (career of drummer Joe Harris)

David Perrott (development of Norwegian jazz)

Abbe Skinner (sociological development of jazz as represented in album cover art)


none awarded


Rutgers Jazz Master’s Program students:

Matthew Leskovic (saxophonist Charles Lloyd)

Mark Lomanno (Afro-Cuban Jazz in the U.S.)

Gershon Rivkin (book project: Complete Method for the Modern Jazz Trumpeter)

David Tenenholtz (growth and development of modern jazz in Sweden)

Other Scholars:

Benjamin Cawthra, Washington Univ. St Louis (jazz photography and American Culture, 1938-1964)

Anne Dvinge, University of Copenhagen (representations of jazz in American culture at the turn of the 21st Century)

Carl Hultberg (jazz writer/historian Rudi Blesh)


Rutgers Jazz Master’s Program students:

Eric Cochran (saxophonist Eric Dolphy)

David Cross (saxophonist Art Pepper)

Ryan Maloney (musician/producer Teo Macero)

Philip Peters (guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli)

Katja von Schuttenbach (pianist Jutta Hipp)

Other Scholars:

Richard M. Sudhalter, musician/writer (biography of music publisher Ralph Sylvester Peer)

Allan Lowe, musician/writer (book project, The Lost Generation: Jazz of the 1950s)

Keith Winking, Prof. of Music, Texas State Univ. (research on the Marshall Brown Collection)


Rutgers Jazz Master’s Program students:

David Sager (cornet and trumpet styles in early jazz)

Bill McDonough (arrest of pianist Hampton Hawes)

Other Scholars

Vincent Cotro, Professor, Université Francois Rabelais, Tours, France (travaux sur le repertoire du jazz contemporain)

Ricardo Nino Futre Pinheiro, PhD candidate, Universidad Nova de Lisboa (ethnomusicology and jazz: study of the jam session)


Rutgers Jazz Master’s Program students:

April D. Grier (singer Cassandra Wilson)

Robert McMahon (composer/arranger Neal Hefti)

Todd Bryant Weeks (trumpeter Oran “Hot Lips” Page)

John Wriggle (lesser known jazz arrangers)

Other Scholars:

Carol Bash, filmmaker (film on Mary Lou Williams: Soul on Soul)

Mitchell Feldman, writer (book project: History of Jazz in Europe)

Janice Greenberg, librarian/writer (bibliography of jazz books)


Rutgers Jazz Master’s Program students::

Robert Bander (guitarist Joe Pass)

Leo Johnson (history of jazz clubs in Newark)

Edgar Jordan (trumpeter Roy Eldridge)

Jeffrey Lovell (saxophonist/composer Joe Henderson)

Christopher Meeder (pianist Cecil Taylor)

Rashida Phillips (Ellington’s Jump for Joy)

Julia Scott (Jazz at Lincoln Center)

Other Scholars:

Daniel Lewis, Columbia University (Preservation of the WKCR jazz archives)


Rutgers Jazz Master’s Program students:

Sam Miller (saxophonist/composer Hank Mobley)

Jason Sweet (bassist Ray Brown)

Other Scholars:

Molly Cort, Eastman School of Music (guitarist Mary Osbourne)

Michael Fitzgerald, educator/pianist/jazz researcher (book about saxophonist/composer Gigi Gryce)

Allen Lowe, independent writer/saxophonist (book project—jazz of the 1950s)


Rutgers Jazz Master’s Program students:

Cornell Fields (jazz and the church)

Javier Gonzalez (organist John Patton)

Victor Svornich (jazz-rock fusion)

Other Scholars:

John Howland, Doctoral candidate, Dept. of Music, Stanford Univ.(symphonic jazz)

Anne Legrand, Ph.D. candidate, the Sorbonne (the life and work of Charles Delaunay)

Luc Delannoy, independent writer (Latin musicians oral history project)

Danielle Robinson, Doctoral candidate, Dance Dept., Univ. of California-Riverside (American urban social dance practices, 1900-1930)


Rutgers Jazz Master’s Program students:

Dan Faulk (pianist/composer/educator Barry Harris)

Evan Spring (saxophonist/composer Julius Hemphill).

Gig Brown (saxophonist Cannonball Adderley)

David Blaise (the jazz repertoire)

Other Scholar:

Fabian Holt, post-graduate fellow in musicology at the University of Copenhagen (the “cool” tradition in jazz)


none awarded


Terry Monahan (UK researcher, book on the Savoy Ballroom)


Steven Block, Professor of Music, University of New Mexico (research for book, An Introduction to Free Jazz)

Todd F. Coolman, professional bassist and Ph.D candidate, New York University (research for dissertation on the Miles Davis Quintet of the mid 1960s)

Alona Sagee, Instructor and Ph.D candidate, Bar-Ilan University, Israel (research for dissertation: Outgrowths of Modal Jazz, 1960-80)


none awarded


Francis Davis (book on John Coltrane)

Gerhard Putschogle (aesthetics of African-American music)

Safford Chamberlain (book on Warne Marsh)


none awarded


Anthony Brown (Ellington’s percussionists)

Paul Lopes (dissertation on acceptance of modern jazz as an art form)

Carl Woidek (research for book on Charlie Parker)


William Bauer (dissertation on Betty Carter)

Bill Moody (jazz expatriates for book Jazz Exiles)

James Williams (pianist Phineas Newborn, Jr.)