Resource Sharing: Interlibrary and Rutgers Delivery Services

Office of the Associate University Librarian for Research and Instructional Services:
Public Services Policy Memo 4:
Resource Sharing: Interlibrary and Rutgers Delivery Services

The Rutgers University Libraries administer all resource sharing services in accordance with the American Library Association's Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States (rev 2001), and its Explanatory Supplement (2008), the U.S. Copyright Revision Act of 1976 (17 United States Code 101 et seq.) and its amendments, in conformance with resource sharing agreements with the RLG Partnership, PALCI, RapidILL, OCLC, the New Jersey Library Network, international libraries participating in the IFLA voucher scheme, and other appropriate special agreements.

Interlibrary Borrowing

Interlibrary loan borrowing provides Rutgers University faculty, students, and staff access to materials needed for research but unavailable in the collections of the Rutgers University Libraries.

Interlibrary loan borrowing requests are accepted through an online form. Users are notified by email about the status of their requests and the availability of materials.

Borrowers - Rutgers University Libraries primary borrowers, as defined in Public Services Policy Memo 1: Access to Library Resources and Services are eligible for this service.

Eligible Material - Interlibrary loan requests will be accepted from Rutgers borrowers for material:

  • Not owned by the Libraries
  • Listed in QuickSearch as "missing"
  • Already recalled by another person
  • Recalled and not returned within 15 days
  • Long overdue and billed for replacement
  • At the bindery

Ineligible Material - Interlibrary loan requests will not be accepted from Rutgers borrowers for:

  • Items on reserve or on reference on the same geographical campus: Camden, Newark, or New Brunswick/Piscataway (all libraries)
  • Items on order and in process that have been received at a Rutgers library or in central acquisitions
  • More than twice for the same title and same person within the same calendar year
  • Titles in non Roman alphabets without transliteration
  • Textbooks or other required course materials

Charges - The libraries will subsidize borrowing requests up to $25 each. Any fees imposed by lending libraries or commercial document suppliers above this maximum will be discussed with the borrower before the final request is placed.

Limits - In most cases, there are no restrictions on the number of requests that can be submitted.

Loan Periods - Loan periods are established by the lending library, with 28 days being the standard loan period. The lending library may also designate material for use only within the library, or impose other restrictions.

Renewals - Most interlibrary loan materials can be renewed once by borrowers in their "My Library Account". Materials that are designated "No Renewal" or that have been recalled by the lending institution cannot be renewed.

Recalls - Borrowed materials are subject to recall by the lending library. Interlibrary loan staff may contact the borrower directly to request return of the item and/or place a recall on the item. Borrowers are given seven days to return recalled ILL materials. Recall fines apply for interlibrary loan materials.

Loss - The borrower is responsible for all costs associated with lost materials. The average replacement and processing charge for lost ILL materials is $102 per item. The Libraries reserve the right to adjust this fee if it does not cover the lending library's cost of replacement. If the material is lost in transit after it has been returned to a Rutgers University library, Interlibrary Loan Services will reimburse the lending library.

Overdue Material - Borrowers who keep interlibrary loan material past the due date imposed by the lending library are responsible for the $102 per item replacement charge. Failure to respond to ILL overdue or recall notices will result in the loss of borrowing privileges at the Rutgers University Libraries.

Copyright - The Rutgers University Libraries comply with U.S. Copyright Law and regulation. To insure compliance, interlibrary loan forms contain a statement of borrower copyright responsibility. In cases where requests from an individual violate the copyright law, interlibrary loan staff will inform the borrower and provide alternatives for access to the information.

Interlibrary Lending

Interlibrary loan lending supplies other libraries with materials needed by their users. Rutgers University Libraries have an obligation to supply materials to other libraries as part of the reciprocal nature of interlibrary loan.

Borrowers - Any North American and all RLG Partnership SHARES libraries, including international SHARES libraries and international libraries participating in the IFLA voucher scheme, may borrow circulating material from the Rutgers University Libraries. Photocopies of material from the collections are also available, within copyright restrictions, to any library.

Transmissions of Requests - Requests for loan or copy are transmitted via the OCLC, ILLiad, JerseyCat, or RapidILL interlibrary systems; telephone; mail; or telefacsimile. In-person requests (persons carrying interlibrary loan forms) are not accepted.

Eligible Materials - The Libraries reserve the right to restrict the loan period of, or refuse to lend, any circulating material that is fragile, in demand, or that may otherwise need special restriction.

Requests will normally be filled for the following material:

  • Books in the circulating collections, including master's theses and doctoral dissertations.
  • Photocopies of any material that would not be damaged in the process or that are restricted by copyright regulation.
  • Bound periodicals, if the item to be photocopied is over 50 pages and permission is granted from appropriate library staff. Individual issues of periodicals circulate to SHARES libraries only.
  • Microfilm or microfiche, except for negatives. Up to 12 reels of microfilm may be loaned at one time for a single request and up to 50 duplicated microfiche for a single request.
  • In-process materials to SHARES libraries only
  • Art Library books to SHARES or academic libraries only.
  • DVD and tape from the Media collection to academic libraries in the United States and Canada only.

Ineligible Materials - Requests will normally not be filled for the following material, except on a case by case basis for libraries participating in the Research Libraries Group SHARES program:

  • Materials already on loan to Rutgers borrowers
  • Newspapers (except those on microfilm)
  • Non-circulating items (except at the discretion of the local unit reference librarian), including those items in reference collections and in Special Collections and University Archives.
  • A/V Media

Loan Period - Six weeks.

Renewal - One renewal for a four-week period is allowed if no other request is pending for the material.

Recalls - All materials loaned are eligible for recall by Rutgers primary borrowers. The Interlibrary Services staff will place the recalls. Recalls will be transmitted to the borrowing library by the fastest method possible.

Delivery - Items are transported via United Parcel Service, Federal Express, first class mail, the Velocity delivery service (within New Jersey), the METRO delivery service (within the metropolitan area), or transmitted via Odyssey, Ariel or telefacsimile.

Loss/Replacement - Interlibrary loan services will issue bills for the replacement of lost books and the payment will be deposited into the replacement book fund account.

Fees - Invoices will be sent for books loaned or photocopies made to fill requests from libraries that are not members of the RLG Partnership SHARES program, the New Jersey Library Network, Rapid ILL, or OCLC's IFM program. Consult the "Interlibrary Loan Services: Lending - Borrowing Procedures and Fee Schedule for Libraries" web page for current fees.

Rutgers Delivery Service

The Rutgers Delivery Service (RDS) provides access to materials in all the collections of the Rutgers University Libraries to Rutgers faculty, students, staff, and administrators of Rutgers University and other primary borrowers, regardless of campus or off-site facility location.

RDS requests are accepted through online forms available in QuickSearch. Users are notified about the status of their requests and the availability of materials requested via email or by checking "My Library Account" on the Libraries web page. Known items not listed in QuickSearch such as government documents, may be requested using forms available at circulation desks and on the RUL web site at:

Eligibility - RDS privileges are extended to Rutgers University Libraries primary borrowers as defined in Public Services Policy Memo 1: Access to Library Resources and Services.

Eligible Material - Books in the circulating collections with the status IN LIBRARY and not owned at the pickup library or a library on the same campus as the pickup library may be requested.

Materials located at the Library Annex and materials listed in QuickSearch as ON-ORDER, IN-PROCESS, PENDING, or CHECKEDOUT may be requested for delivery to any pickup library/location.

Requests for electronic copies of journal articles or from the Libraries' non-circulating collections are accepted when a specific citation is given. Requests for electronic copies from circulating materials will not be accepted; the entire item will be delivered to the user's pickup library instead.

Non-circulating materials in Special Collections and University Archives (SC/UA) will be sent at the discretion of the SC/UA librarians for in-library use to libraries on the Camden and Newark campuses. Non-circulating materials in the Library Annex will be sent at the discretion of the Annex staff for in-library use to any Rutgers pickup library.

Borrowers may use the "Item Special Request" function in QuickSearch to obtain non-circulating materials, including microforms, entire bound journals and reference books. These items will be sent for five-days in-library use to libraries on the three geographic campuses (Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick/Piscataway). Requests may be denied if the item is deemed too rare, fragile, or in high demand. In libraries with fiche duplicating capabilities, a free microfiche copy will be provided.

Materials located at the Newark, and Camden law libraries and the Criminal Justice Collection are not listed in QuickSearch and must be requested through interlibrary loan.

Charges - There is no charge for electronic copies of journal articles and non-circulating material. Reproductions from materials in Special Collections and University Archives and other special collections may incur a charge.

Limits - There are no restrictions on the number of requests that can be submitted. Requests beyond ten per week, per patron, are filled as time permits.

Up to 30 pages per copy request will be filled. The entire journal issue or volume will be sent to or from the libraries in Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick/Piscataway if the request is for more than 30 pages. The user will be instructed to visit the owning library among the New Brunswick/Piscataway libraries if the request is for more than 30 pages. Copyright law precludes copying journal issues in their entirety.

SHARES - Interlibrary loan requests for RLG Partnership SHARES libraries that are filled through RDS receive special consideration for longer loan periods, length of article, and loan of such special materials as reference and non-circulating books. Each SHARES request must be evaluated and treated differently because of the SHARES agreement.

Delivery - Materials are transported among the New Brunswick/Piscataway libraries via the Libraries' delivery van and between the Camden or Newark and New Brunswick/Piscataway campuses by university delivery truck. Photocopies are transmitted electronically to and from the libraries with scanning equipment and ILLiad software. Libraries without scanning equipment send photocopies of requested articles to Imaging Services to be scanned.

Campuses and Libraries/Collections

Busch Campus

  • Library Annex (materials may be requested for pickup at any library)
  • Library of Science and Medicine
  • Mathematical Sciences and Physics Library

Camden Campus

  • Camden Law Library (use interlibrary loan form)
  • Robeson Library

College Avenue Campus

  • Alexander Library
  • Art Library (non-circulating)
  • East Asian Library
  • Special Collections & University Archives (non-circulating)

Cook Campus

  • Chang Science Library
  • School of Management and Labor Relations Library

Douglass Campus

  • Douglass Library
  • Performing Arts Library

Livingston Campus

  • Carr Library

Newark Campus

  • Dana Library
  • Criminal Justice Collection (use interlibrary loan form)
  • Institute of Jazz Studies Library (non-circulating)
  • Newark Law Library (use interlibrary loan form)

Appendix 1
National Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States

Approved by Public Services Council: August 31, 2000
Approved by Cabinet: February 20, 2001
Last Revised by the User Services Council in August 2010