How to Find Images and Videos?

Q: How do I find photos or tables for a PowerPoint?

A: Try looking in Wellcome Images or HEAL.


Q: How do I find a video of a physical exam?

A: Try Bates' Visual Guide to Physical Examination

Volumes 1 to 12

Volumes 13 to 18

or, for other medical videos:

Clinical medicine Videos from NEJM


Multimedia from JAMA


Q: How do I find an anatomy dissection?

A: Try anatomy@tv


Q: How do I find an image of skin diseases?

A: Try Dermnet


Q: How do I find an historic image?

A: Try looking in either Images from the History of Medicine or Wellcome Images.


Q: How do I find an x-ray or ct scan?

A: Try looking in MedPix - Medical Image Database


Q: How do I find a video or animation of an office procedure?

A: Use this link from First Consult and click on the Procedures tab


Q: How do I find a patient-oriented video on a common ailment?

A: Watch a video from Insidermedicine .


Q: Where can I find a video on Public Health topics?

A: Tune in to CDC-TV


This is just a sample of the image resources that the RWJ and Smith Libraries offer. For a more detailed list and description of these and other image resources, click here.