Tutorials in Health Sciences Research Skills

This online instruction includes lessons on health sciences-based research skills and tools available to health sciences learners. These can be easily embedded in courses in Canvas. Likewise, any of the tutorials below can be viewed by clicking on the specific module meeting your need. Click on the subject categories below to see the full listing of available topics: databases, research process, and more. We also provide access to online lessons in information literacy and critical thinking.

Evidence-based Practice
An interdisciplinary approach to patient care at the heart of training for many in the health fields, including medicine, nursing, and allied health.

Research Needs and Search Strategies
Introduce the strategies and techniques for locating reliable, accurate and current health information as a student and practitioner.

Understanding and Using Research Sources
Discuss the lifecycle of medical information, as well as research retrieval and organization.

Health Science Resources
How to best utilize the medical databases such as CINAHL and PubMed, as well as the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practices for positive health outcomes.

Glossary of Health Science Terms