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JSTOR is a platform for journals, books, and primary sources in a wide variety of subject areas in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences. On JSTOR, Rutgers has purchased a variety of ebooks and subscribes to an assortment of current journals. Rutgers has also purchased several journal archives collections, including:

  • Arts & Sciences I
  • Arts & Sciences II
  • Arts & Sciences III
  • Arts & Sciences IV
  • Arts & Sciences V
  • Arts & Sciences VI
  • Arts & Sciences VII
  • Arts & Sciences VIII
  • Arts & Sciences IX
  • Arts & Sciences X
  • Ecology & Botany I
  • Health & General Sciences

In each of these collections, Rutgers has access to historic journal issues but not the most recently published issues. Due to moving wall agreements with publishers, for journals in these collections, Rutgers gains access to an issue 0 -10 years after it is published. The year range varies per journal.

On JSTOR, there are many other journals and ebooks that Rutgers cannot access. For these, it is possible to view indexing, citations, abstracts, and tables of contents.

Dates covered

Varies per journal.

Type of coverage

Indexing, citations, and abstracts; many full-text books and journals.

Vendor/electronic presentation provider